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  1. I agree, 3.0 has more punch, it's like one of those sticky anthem hooks.
  2. I recently bought an H9 max and soon after opened a thread just to give L6 a thumbs up on their pitch shifting. Polyphonic shifting: H9 wins Pitch related effects: H9 wins, some by far, some not so much but there are two specific pitch areas where I was surprised: -One is straight harmonizing. Helix does it, H9 does it, I wouldn't dare to say which does it better. -The other is whammy stuff. Helix wins, in fact, I don't think I'll use H9 for that, probably ever. Helix sounds like a real Whammy pedal, H9 sounds... maybe not bad, but different. My 2 cts. Just sayin' I'm quite happy with the pitch shifting on the Helix as it is, not that there isn't room for improvement.
  3. And the vocoder... I do use it... for real :D
  4. I'm not planning to control much more than program changes on the H9, but good to know anyway. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Back in the old days, it was popular knowledge that you shouldn't run long daisy chains to prevent loss of data, decreased speed, saturation of the first devices in the chain... anyway, I don't think my setup would be drastically affected if I daisychained it, the thing is, the H9 and the GR-55, which will both be commanded by Helix, are sitting in opposite sides of it, so I prefer to use a splitter.
  6. I haven't tried yet, so far I'm selecting manually, which is not a big deal, because I use one preset per song (routing options, switching, parameters controlled by pedals...) Anyway, the idea is to change H9's presets and parameter values from Helix, but I'm waiting for a midi splitter to arrive, as the Helix is already controlling a GR-55, and I don't really like daisy chaining. Helix is able to send program changes, and H9 responds to them, so I bet it'll work
  7. It's been two weeks since I got an H9 max. Not much to say that you can't guess or you don't already know. It's superb. ...but, I must say... as famed as Eventide's pitch shifting algorithms are, the whammy on Helix sounds waaaaay better to me than its H9 "equivalent", the Pitchflex, which is sounding grainy, not as fluid as the one on Helix. Also, I can't tell that H9 does a better job than Helix at harmonizing. Congrats, L6. Other than its "whammability", the H9 is brilliant, and it's going to be a perfect complement for the Helix, for those moments where my patch needs that extra cpu intensive block and the Helix is already breaking a sweat. Compact size, which I welcome, as I'm already taking up nearly as much stage space as our keyboardist. Stereo, perfect for one of the stereo loops in Helix, that I can put wherever I want in the chain. I don't want to go into all the "oranges and apples" arguments, I know they're not the same kind of beast, I'm just SO HAPPY that I have both and how they fit together.
  8. I'm guessing (or have I read it somewhere?) that the IRs will still be truncated to the same sizes as in the hardware version of Helix, so that every patch is 100% portable back and forth
  9. On the video, at 6:48: "Now here's something that's really cool... it's on L6 Helix and it's called pedal edit mode, but let me brag about it for one minute, as if we had invented it or something" Not what he says, though :-D
  10. I think I'm gonna throw up... That Headrush guy trying to take the credit for the ideas they ripped off Helix. Seriously, it makes me sick
  11. Why wouldn't you? That's the thing with plugins, you can load as many instances as your computer will allow. Limiting it to just one instance would be absurd. I've never seen that, but I guess it can be done, though.
  12. Funny thing... for me it's the other way round. Live to studio is the tricky part. As I don't want to record my delays and reverbs, I'm currently (recording and) replicating most space related fx inside Cubase. See, my patches are fine tuned for live use, and I'm using lots of whatever resources the Helix has on tap to make the transitions between tones as smooth and/or fluid as I possibly can, so, at the studio, I must automate all those changes, use several tracks, etc. I could also do whole songs in one take, but that takes more time than I normally have. This is, as D.I. said, the logical step, and a very welcome one. THIS is the L6 I learned to respect, and they're now at the top of their game. Keep going!!
  13. That's great news, both of my bass guitars are rejoicing already :-P Also, tempo sync is VERY welcome, and the swell, and... everything... Thanks!
  14. Not strictly techno, but my favorite project among those I'm currently involved in, is... well, we are calling it "electronic rock", just to let people get the idea. I'm squeezing Helix real tight and I still feel it has lots and lots more I haven't still got around to use. Alongside the Helix, I'm using a Roland GR-55, a GK3 equipped Variax (and a "regular" guitar too), an E-Bow, and I'll be soon adding an H-9 (for those kinds of things at which Eventide excels). The thing is, by itself, with the "normal" guitar, I get pretty synthy sounds out of Helix, if I want. In fact, I'm only using the Roland in about 30% of the songs. Oddly, I still haven't found any use for the 3OSC synth model. It doesn't give me anything I can't do better on the Roland (well, the GR-55 is 3/4 guitar synth, after all). I got more usable tones out of the Growler model of the HD generation, and some other synth models in the XT. I used to get a good synth bass tone out of one of the models I had in my XT Live, it was perfect for Hancock's Chameleon.
  15. Hola Pablo ¿Puede ser que nunca antes hayas actualizado un producto de L6? Lo digo porque el procedimiento lleva siendo parecido durante un tiempo. Antes estaba el monkey, pero igualmente lo podías hacer desde la página. Bueno, que no es por ser tocapelotas ni mucho menos... vamos al lío. -Lo primero es que vayas a , selecciones tu producto, sea el Helix o el Helix Rack. Como no sé el que tienes, en vez de preguntarte y esperar a que contestes, voy a asumir que es el Helix "normal", el de formato pedalera, vaya. Después de seleccionar el producto, tienes que seleccionar el tipo de software que necesitas en el siguiente menú desplegable. Como no hay mucha variedad, yo lo dejo siempre como está, en "all software", y tiro millas... total, vas a tener que bajarte, al menos uno de cada tipo de descarga que hay... Seleccionas también tu sistema operativo, y le das al botón "GO" que tienes a la derecha de los tres menús desplegables. Necesitas (si no los tienes ya) los drivers (v 1.84) y la última versión de "Line 6 updater" (v 1.10) -Hasta aquí todo es válido tengas la versión de firmware que tengas actualmente en tu Helix, pero lo siguiente depende qué versión tengas: Si ya has editado algunos programas, así como si has cargado IRs, necesitas una versión del editor para hacer una copia de seguridad de tus datos. La versión del editor que necesitas depende de la versión de firmware que tengas. Si no te apañas para averiguarlo solo, me lo comentas, y te ayudo a escoger. Una vez que tengas el editor correspondiente, haces una copia de seguridad. Para todo esto, obviamente, asumo que en este punto ya tienes los drivers instalados y funcionando. Te recomiendo que, si tienes algún programa que use las IRs 127 o 128, lo salves con otros IR cualquiera. Bueno, no es exactamente una recomendación, es que lo tienes que hacer por pelotas :D salvo que quieras que esos programas queden completamente inservibles, como me pasó a mí en varias ocasiones, hasta que descubrieron dónde estaba el fallo. -Cuando tengas todo salvado, arrancas el "Line 6 updater" y dejas que detecte tu Helix. Cuando lo veas, lo seleccionas y te abrirá una lista de versiones de firmware disponibles. Seleccionas la última (v. 2.11) y dejas que se actualice. Lo de siempre, que no lo apagues hasta que se complete el proceso y tal. Se tira un rato rehaciendo los programas. Todo este tiempo estoy utilizando la palabra "programa" para decir "preset" porque siempre intento usar las palabras de nuestro idioma, cuando las hay. -Después, tienes que restaurar los valores de fábrica y los programas. Muy importante, no te lo saltes, que trae problemas. Para hacer esto, tienes que apagar el Helix y, manteniendo pulsados los conmutadores 9 y 10, los dos de en medio de la fila de abajo, lo enciendes, y los mantienes presionados hasta que aparezca el mensaje “Will reset Globals and restore stock Presets, Setlists and IRs…â€. Cuando veas ese mensaje, sueltas los botones, y ya lo hace. -Por último, necesitas la última versión del editor (v 2.11) para restaurar tus programas salvados. Esto sería todo, pero si algo no te ha quedado claro, aquí sigo. Hasta el día 2 voy a estar bastante liado, así que no te puedo prometer que vaya a contestar. Espero que te sirva todo esto. Ya me dirás si te funcionó. Suerte ;-)
  16. Yes, the rest of the presets are alright. I'm not sure which steps I may or may not have skipped in the past. What I do remember though, is that, at least on one past update I did the reset, but those presets got damaged anyway, so I decided to not do the global resets anymore, until now, when I thought best to strictly adhere to the rules. I'm more inclined towards the hypothesis of having (at some point) had incompatible/mismatched versions of firmware and editor, as Silverhead hinted above. That would be unusual though, as I tend to be up to date, on all flashable gear, the only exception being the previous (2.01) version of Helix, which I didn't install to avoid or delay this problem until a worthy update arrived. That will have to wait until the next update. I just finished rebuilding them like 20m ago... you know... not really in the mood :D I'll open a ticket, maybe tomorrow, and see what they tell me. I'd much rather it was solved here, though, my (2 closed, 1 pending) interactions with tech service have been both slow and unsatisfactory, so far.
  17. Yes, I'll wait for some more people to chime in and then "we're off to see the Wizard"
  18. I'm just using it at home, with either a MosValve MV-982 or a Peavey Classic 50/50. The Helix sounds great with both poweramps, but they're part of different rigs: one is paired with a Digitech 2120 Artist, and the other with a TriAxis. Usually, the Helix gets used with two floor wedge monitors, but every now and then I go to that "with poweramp" setlist and program some new patches; nothing serious, so far. I can't really help you with the hi-gain tones because I'm still exploring. Anyway, for whatever reason, I keep returning to the Mesa models. It's also brilliant as a controller and/or mothership for those tube rack units I mentioned. I figure I'll integrate them at some point, or at least, Helix + TriAxis The cab I'm using is the one I have at home, a Marshall stereo 4x12 cab that is currently loaded with just two 8ohm speakers, a G12T-75 and a V30. So... I think it sounds great, and it can eventually get gigged in that setup, but I guess I'm not that impressed by the results so far, at least not enough to make me park the tube preamps. (Edit: Actually, there's two Greenbacks on the cab as well, but they're not wired)
  19. But sadly, it doesn't :( I just tried to rebuild the preset from scratch in a different memory location (using the screenshots), then exporting it and then importing it back to its original place (and to another setlist too), but it still wipes the first dsp clean
  20. No, actually, the IRs came through the rabbit hole, everytime. This time, having decided to go by the book, I let Helix clear them (as recommended), so I had to rebuild the list (using screenshots). I don't think this issue is related to IRs, but thanks anyway. I've tried to (internally) save the working patch to different memory locations, and it does work, but even from those new slots, I seem to be unable to succesfully export those patches with the editor. Anyway, I'll try the approach you're suggesting, just to see if that works. If it did... what kind of problem would we be talking about? memory corruption? damaged physical memory addresses? :huh:
  21. I've been having this problem since I bought the Helix, and blaming myself for it ("oh, maybe I skipped that step..." kind of thinking) but last night I followed every single step and yes, 2.10 is now running --- Intermission --- Let me just take a few seconds to thank and congratulate the team. I'm loving the new models, and I'll surely put the new expression pedal functionality to good use --- Back to program --- 2.10 is now running, smoothly. The thing is, what's failing is the update process. There are certain patches (six of them) that fail to rebuild or import (or export, I'm not sure). Helix doesn't rebuild them properly. One half of the DSP is missing, in some cases it's the first half (what would correspond to paths 1 and 2), and sometimes it's the second half (3 and 4). The first time I was annoyed, but I was still getting acquainted with the machine, so I didn't care too much. I went for my backed up patches (both as a bundle and separate playlists) and tried to restore them, but they were as corrupt as what Helix itself had turned the originals to. "Not a big deal, my patches are still in diapers" I thought. Next update. Same problem. Then 2.0, same problem. By then, it was the third time I had to rebuild those patches. I skipped 2.01 because I didn't want to go through it again, and I didn't really feel the need to update. So last night I went and made screenshots of everything in those patches, to be able to restore them later. Different USB cables, different computers (3 or 4 so far, I'm not sure) and different versions of the editor, drivers, firmware... everything. Any idea before I submit a ticket? Attached are screenshots of before and after
  22. That's no excuse, sir. Last night I was reflashing my Helix at 5 a.m. :D
  23. I've watched some of your videos Marco, even before I opened this thread. YOU sound amazing, with YOUR presets, YOUR guitars... maybe you would like how I sound with my Helix too (maybe not)... and maybe both of us would sound horrible through each other's gear. Anyway, I think it's a nice touch to be available for support and modifications, it definitely adds value to what you're doing I see your point about guitar lessons. I don't fully agree, but they're similar enough. I see what you mean.
  24. Maybe it's a topic you have come across far too often. I haven't. So I was curious and I asked. If you think this is laughable, go on, laugh. I'm glad I made you laugh. You're welcome. It's free, don't worry. So this is laughable, I'm probably a freeloader, and a non productive sour grape... but you have said your piece and will not respond or even read replies. Fantastic. Hit and run. I don't approve or disapprove, because it's not my business, as you all keep saying. I just don't see the point, and I wanted to know what you all think about. Your oppinion is also useful for me. Thanks. So... sorry I asked, you two, may I burn in the flames of hell for my transgression. I just wanted to see what other people thought. It is interesting for me, and nice to see people politely contrast their oppinions. I'll tell you to do what others are telling me to do about patches: Don't want them? then don't buy them ---> Don't like this topic? ...well, you know what to do
  25. 1- Exactly, and I want to have (what you call) a philosophical debate about Helix patches (if it only was just that) May I? Please? :) 2- That's actually funny. I ride my bike everyday, sometimes through a forest. Are you sure you're not spying on me or something?
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