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  1. Yes, it can, but only those effects that include an LFO. Can you imagine being able to control delay parameters with LFO and/or envelope filter? For example, the feedback, what if you could control it with the dynamics of your playing, so that softer notes had less repetitions than louder ones. What about a flanger and a phaser, for example, that are toggled by an LFO, synced to half notes, so that, in a 4/4 time signature, the flanger is on (active) during the first half of every measure and the phaser is active during the second half? Those are just examples that I just came up with. The possibilities are so vast...
  2. I'm gonna try to explain what they both are: -LFO, Low frequency oscillator: That would be a section of a circuit that is designed to produce a variable (or oscillating) output. Oscillators intended for musical uses are normally adjustable in different ways, like frequency, amplitude or waveform. (if you need clarification of what those are, I think this video can help you) Modern implementations of LFOs are BPM syncable. -Envelope filter: Basically, they sense the strength of the incoming signal (e.g. your guitar) and use that value to interact with the other usual parameters of an envelope filter, which are Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release (ADSR). I think this video provides almost all the info you need about how they work Now imagine, instead of applying those modifiers to a filter (a wha, for example, like autowhas do), you could control any parameter of any block on the Helix with the strength of your picking. What would you do with it?
  3. I was at institute of noise too. It was far better, and infinitely more helpful than anything L6 officially did back then. I remember Teleplayer and his first variax transplants, and there was this guy that was always coming with crazy ideas... named "monkey with a wang bar" maybe?
  4. Both, really, same as you. I use it for my own stuff, which varies, depending on the band. In one of them (electronic rock, to put some name to it) I use a lot of fx, routing tricks, real time control... external GR-55 into a stereo return... extensive use of Helix's flexibility. Helix becomes a source of inspiration, not only in creating my parts, and (heavily) influencing the sound of the band, but also in the very process of creating the patches. It's like I'm always challenged to try new things. Another band (indie something) requires simpler sounds and a much more conventional use of fx. ...And then there's the band with which I gig the most, a professional cover band where I play "second" guitar and lead vocals. We cover a lot of ground from soul to metal, but I'm not interested in nailing the tones of the songs we cover. I could. I used to, but not anymore. Now I prefer to just find something appropriate, some tone that makes me/us sound better, something that I enjoy playing. It's ok if it resembles the original (or nails it) and it's also ok if it doesn't. Preferable, even, in some cases. I create my own patches for every band. It's fun, quick, exciting, and rather easy.
  5. First of all, I don't want to hurt anybody's way to make (or help to make) a living. With that out of the way: There's something that's been bugging me for some time now, and maybe I just don't really understand why some people want to pay for 3rd party patches that they're gonna have to tweak to taste anyway, and, no matter how similar the gear used (to that used in making the patch), they're never gonna sound the same, so I ask myself, what's the point? In the past, I've used custom tone to get samples of what others think sounds like a given song or artist, only to find that, even though there were some good patches, some others (even from the same authors as some good ones) weren't even in the ballpark of what they were trying to get. I can understand that there can be some reasons to buy other guy's patches, like lazyness, lack of ability, lack of perspective (maybe being helix proficient but not knowing how to get that certain sound), and maybe the most important of them, lack of time, but I'm curious about your reasons, really. It's just that, I just want to know what you all think about that matter. And ...doesn't it harm the sense of community? I mean, why should anybody (specially people whose patches may be just as good as "commercial" ones) share patches on customtone when there are others that don't share theirs? Any thoughts?
  6. Hehehehe, feeling pretty dumb right now! Thanks man!!
  7. I haven't been able to access the Helix forum for days. Turns out I just needed to clean the cache :-)
  8. Everytime I try to access, I end up at instead. Any ideas?
  9. I love the concept Zooey, I use the 10 stomp mode, and have to switch back to preset mode whenever I want to change a snapshot so, for now, I don't think I'll use both "modes" (snapshot and stomp) on the same song. Your idea would be perfect for me, and I'd be willing to pay for it, if they decided to do it as an option some users could choose to have while others wouldn't bother with such a thing. You should post it on Ideascale and see how it goes. Maybe in one or two years... No offense (to L6) intended, I'm just stating that such a thing would take a lot of time to implement and it wouldn't probably be on the top ten most wanted features. Really, I love it. Thanks
  10. I thought that was obvious, but a fuzz is not an overdrive, nor is it a distortion, or a booster. There are many kinds of fuzzes, but fuzz is fuzz. The fuzzes in Helix sound as they should, and that is very similar, if not the same as their counterparts. Those fuzzes they have modeled, with their ugliness, their farting, gating, glitching and artifacts, are, at the very least, in the ballpark of the most used and most recognizable fuzz sounds in rock (and other styles) history. I'm all for new models, specially fuzzes, no, really, give me wamplers, earthquakers, catalinbreads, blackarts, malekkos, keeley, death by audio!, there are WONDERFUL pedals out there, some clones, some almost clones, and some that look for innovation... I want all of them, in fact, more of everything!! but people... be serious, it is not coherent to underestimate a Rectifier because it can't sound like a Twin Reverb, for fuzz's sake!
  11. Someone around here is pissed because he didn't get what he wanted for christmas, and is slowly entering the area where tiresome becomes rude. Nice job, Phil, BTW, and nice fuzz sound.
  12. "Hi, I'm Andy, with Pro Guitar Shop... " and that's the way the most GASsing videos ever begin. What a pedal can sound like in the hands of Andy should not be considered as evidence of what the rest of us can do with it. It's simply dishonest :D I've heard him do well with a DS-1... I wonder what he might be able to do with a Metal Zone!
  13. I like the fuzzes in Helix, specially the last one they added (I have the real thing, stock, not modded, and I love it), so I'm all for new fuzzes, as long as the ones already there remain as they are. I use my FZ-2 (the one you refer to as being only noise) on mode 1 (in Helix "mode 0") with the gain at mínimum position. Mine has been set that way since I got it.
  14. I'm currently using it with a Roland GR-55 going into return 3+4 (and GR's guitar output into Helix's aux input) In that setup, I'm more than covered for rotary sounds, but there's this other gig for which I might want to use the Korg G4.
  15. Selling pedals? Over my dead body! :D I've been thinking about bringing a separate pedalboard, with my Korg G4 and some others, but that would be for a very specific gig which I might or might not land. As many, if anything, I'm inclined to buy more pedals, out of those modeled in Helix. The Klon and the Timmy are an example. I love the models, so I figure I'd love the originals even more. The modded FZ-2 was a nice addition for me, BTW. I love my (stock) FZ-2 and considered bringing it along, but never got to it. I still might, because the model doesn't sound exactly like mine; different, very good, but obviously not the same. Hell, I might just bring a separate pedalboard filled with fuzz options!! :D I still miss the Boss DC-2 though. It was my go to chorus on the HD500 (which I'll keep too), and that... again... makes me want the real thing (if it wasn't so expensive)
  16. Not my case, I was using the right software. If something was wrong on my part, it might have been using a front usb port. That particular computer has three on the front, one is part of the card reader and two are directly connected to the mainboard. Those two should work ok, but they fail sometimes (losing connection to the hardware), unlike the ones in the back, so next time I know where to connect to.
  17. I'm one of the people who had problems with this update, and a big one, so what can I tell you? I'd tell you to update it inmediately, before you even create your first patch, because, as someone told above, we, who had problems, are just a few cases, but... what if it happens to you too? Wouldn't you feel angry and frustrated? Wouldn't you think about returning it to the store? So, my recommendation is for you to use whatever firmware version comes with it, and, when you get to love it (and you most probably will) you will have the motivation to update it, and keep it, no matter what. I'm that happy with my Helix.
  18. I'm SO glad! Now enjoy it as much as I'm doing! :D
  20. Hey people! Here's an update: I tried to reflash the unit with 2.0 and 1.12 several times and it did not work, then I tried 1.01.2 and it completed the flashing, but didn't want to boot, permanently stuck on the patch rebuilding stage, no matter what boot option I tried, until it did work. Tried again with the 5 + 6 option and, where it always got stuck, this time didn't. So now I'm one of the amazed... I haven't even tried all the new models or the snapshots... I've been playing for two hours with the Mark IV lead, and I think I'll skip dinner. Oh my, oh my :wub:
  21. Mine doesn't want to start anyway
  22. Mine doesn't start either, and the app doesn't let me install 2.0 or the previous one
  23. When it tries to power up it shows the Helix animation, but the name on the screen alternates between Helix and Helix Rack
  24. HELP!!! Something failed (or I did something wrong) and not only the update didn't work, but it doesn't even start :huh: What can I do? I'm trying to do a reset holding different combinations of switches while I power up and nothing works! Aaaaaaaarrrgggggggg!!!!!
  25. Long or double click for preset dial, to improve navigation. As it is, the preset dial can browse through presets or lists, and, on the list menu, it can select where to go... "forward", but not backwards. How about a long click to be able to go back from browsing presets to browsing lists ? double click maybe? Feel free to add new approaches to this idea
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