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  1. I just rolled back, and I'm gonna stay on 1.9 for some time. No matter how many times I succesfully (so the monkey says) apply 2.0 firmware, the volume and tone differences between strings are still there, on the same models. It sounds as if they were strings from different guitars. Pity, I'm gonna miss some of the HD models... I hope the next update works for everyone, not just for some.
  2. I also have an Axon AX50, which is the simplest expression of what you're looking for, but... I can't recommend it. It used to track better than it does now, I don't know what's wrong with it. I tried different versions of the firmware since I started noticing, but I can't get it right again. That's one of the reasons why I ended up buying the GR. As someone pointed out, the GR is not the best thing if you want to trigger external sounds, but it isn't so bad either. I'm using GK3 pickups anyway, and your piezo equipped Godin tracks better than the GKs, so I wouldn't worry too much about the tracking on either device, be it the Axon or the GR. Let us know when you get your hands on one.
  3. I was going to do just that when I saw this last post :D Pictures will come, BTW, it's just that I haven't set it all up together for more than a week. Most of the times I just play "regular" guitar sounds, and for that I don't need anything else other than the HD500. About the GR55: You have to do a profile of your guitar on the unit. It can store up to six, if I remember correctly. Both of my variaxes, a 700 and a JTV89, have a GK3 installed, positioned very similarly, and still there are differences. Not only you have to calibrate the volume of each string, you have to actually measure the distance in millimeters between each string's saddle and it's correspondent mini-humbucker on the GK3. This is very important. It's set and forget, though. If you switch midi guitars during a performance you have to switch the profile on the GR as well, or it won't respond as expected. The unit also knows different types of pickups, and will respond accordingly. I think it defaults to GK3, but it wouldn't harm to check. Adjusting yourself to the GR? not so much as adjusting the GR to you. I recommend to look for different demos on youtube, things like Or I can assure that these videos are not made by martians. I get similar results (only I'm not that good) If some people are not getting accurate tracking with their units it's most likely their fault. You have to create the profile for your guitar and you have to play clean, that's all. Hitting a string that shouldn't sound is more noticeable with synth sounds than it is with guitar sounds, because you're not so used to it. Any unwanted noise or scratching that would just be noise on a guitar sound becomes a wrong note on a synth sound, but all of that can be avoided with a clean technique and a well adjusted GR. Fishman demos are very promising too, and I'm sure it plays very well, but for me, the GR is much more convenient: Form factor, reliability of the GR vs any computer, space, price, connectivity...
  4. No, not really a big fan of it. I mean, it takes a time that I'd rather spend on other things. Anyway, I can give you all the details you want, and even take a picture of the setup.
  5. If L6 markets a product with certain present features and the promise of updates to come, it's just common sense that we, users, expect the present features to work and the updates to come. Those updates may or may not contain anything considered an upgrade (that's up to the company) but are supposed to address lesser problems (big problems shouldn't exist in the first place, because that's what beta testing and QC are for). Listening to our demands and valuing our opinions (% in Eq, separate output modes, etc)? They're not bound to do so. Though L6 has, for a long time, prided itself on doing so. "You asked for it" were we recently told... Providing free upgrades? They're not bound to do so either, and they never said they would. Although what one would expect after seeing past lines of products evolve over time is that they would want to keep that kind of product/customer care going, and, in time, provide added value to our products. But those expectations were never backed by any official statement that I know of. Let's not mix up our expectations (wild, wilder or reasonable) with their obligations.
  6. Al mío no le pasa nada que tenga pinta de ser de hardware, pero a veces, usando el editor parece ser que lo he saturado de información o algo, y se ha reiniciado. Por suerte no pasa casi nunca. Me ha pasado con varias versiones del editori (creo que con todas) Eso parece de software ¿no? Menos mal que ahora la distribución la lleva Adagio, colega, si llegan a tenerla todavía los de Music Manía, ibas a flipar :D
  7. Vas a tener que cambiarlo. Si todavía está en garantía, lo cambiará el servicio técnico, si no, puedes comprar la pieza y cambiarla tú o alguien con unas mínimas habilidades en electrónica (con que sepa soldar, vale)
  8. No idea, Silverhead, I know I read it, though. It was something they released when the 500X came out. Maybe a FAQ? Or, as Zap says, something on FB, I just know I read it :)
  9. If some FW versions can be installed without problems for anybody and this one is giving so many people so many problems, I would say it is something inherent in the firmware. Or are you saying that my guitar, that didn't show signs of any hardware issue so far and has so far accepted every new firmware version is now flawed? Or maybe the update process(es) that I've succesfully followed before is(are) now flawed? Sometimes the most obvious answer is not the right answer, but most of the times it is. It's the firmware. As I said, I don't need to hear how some of you are "having the time of your lives and you owe it all to Line6" Go ahead and throw a party. If this firmware fails to install correctly on so many, otherwise, working JTVs, it's not our fault, and nobody in their right mind should blame us or our guitars or computers for it. Should I try to install the 2.0 FW for the n-th time? Maybe. Should I keep my hopes up and expect it to be ok this time? Maybe But it's still a firmware problem.
  10. Change or no change in those conflictive models for the next update, there's something that HAS TO change, and it's NOT a matter of taste: The string to string volume balance. The 2.0 strat, for example, sounds like the first two strings were coming from another guitar, not just less volume, but also a different character. Well, if you don't have this issue, or it doesn't bother you, lucky you, I don't need to hear about it, and I don't need to be questioned in terms of taste or hearing sensitivity, or previous experience with certain gear. I do have this issue, and many others do.
  11. Well, Chimp, L6 has officially stated that there will be updates, and they will affect pre-X models. Will they release any update? As of now we only have their word. It's up to us if we decide to trust it. It wouldn't be the first time they promise something that they never deliver (some old Vetta issues come to mind) but the number of fulfilled promises/user-demands is bigger
  12. I wasn't gigging with my EX1 that much when it broke... :D I just stomped on it a bit too hard. Maybe for the price you paid, a plastic pedal is OK, but I paid almost 80 euros for mine, and that changes radically the perception of the product's quality. Anyway, yes, adding a secondary pedal makes a huge difference if, like me, you're into real-time control.
  13. The more I read, the more convinced I am that I must be an alien... The day they arrived I unboxed my HD500 and my JTV89, plugged, tuned, installed the drivers, the editor... and simply started to create beautiful, detailed and lively tones... single path, dual path, clean, crunch, hi gain, fx-heavy, basic go-to patches... everything!! Three or four hours later I had HD versions of all my main XT tones, and they were all better than the originals (except for those depending on the autowha) because the ingredients were so much better. At first I thought I would miss the variety of amps, and I found that having less but much better amp models to choose from was actually liberating, and it speeded things up. Whenever I think I miss one of the older models, I plug into the XTL and... well, I end up wishing they would make an HD version of that model, because XT models sound so poor in comparison with the HD stuff. I do miss the bass amps though Anyway, I've always been happy with the sounds I got out of every Line6 product I've owned, so, all I just said doesn't mean older products are crap or that I hate how they now sound to me, I'm just saying that technology does evolve, and getting a good tone with the HD is faster and easier, and the resulting tone is better... For me
  14. I had the same need, I wanted to have a tube drive and a delay assigned to the same FS but also be able to switch the drive alone from another FS. I ended up using two different slots for tube drive, one gets switched independently, and the other is paired with a delay. If I feel naughty I can use both :-P
  15. Alexis, la que planteas es una buena manera de conseguir que el HD "no te corte la cola" :D pero, aunque poner el envío a 0 es una manera de hacerlo, no hace falta. La opción "trails" de la primera página del menu setup del HD500, cuando está activada, permite que las colas de efectos permanezcan aunque el loop se haya apagado. De esta manera, al conmutar el loop, lo que se conmuta es el envío, mientras que si la opción "trails" está desactivada, se conmutan tanto el envío como el retorno.
  16. Exactamente, al cambiar de preset las colas desaparecen. Lo que sí puedes hacer es preparar en el mismo preset un "modo solo", asignando, por ejemplo un boost y un delay al mismo pulsador, de manera que se enciendan y se apaguen los dos a la vez. En ese caso, al seguir en el mismo preset, si apagas el "modo solo" la cola del delay sí que se mantiene, hasta que, naturalmente, dependiendo de cómo hayas ajustado los parámetros del delay, se extingue. Si no me he explicado con suficiente claridad o te queda alguna duda, dimelo. Incluso podría enviarte uno de mis presets.
  17. Almost the same as mine, only mine is black. I use it with a GR55 (outputs routed into HD500's loop return and guitar out into HD500's guitar input) The tracking is superb. No problem at all. Also, the pedalboard format is, by far, the most convenient and practical for live use, IMO. I'm using the HD's midi out to control patch change and certain parameters on the GR. All in all, an awful lot of power in a small space. A very small amount of the PCM sounds (no more than ten out of 900+), though, seem to track worse than the rest. Weird. Luckily there's plenty to choose from. I wish L6 would also make GK ready variax models for the next generation (or even the present one), for those of us who like that stuff, or, at least, as an option, replicate the output of the piezos to allow the user to install a GK daughterboard piggybacked to the variax part. An extra connection socket on the variax motherboard and some kind of multiplexer IC (plus some other stuff), maybe... As I said, I'm very happy with the tracking, but most people say piezos track even better and we wouldn't need to install such an ugly-cheesy-notcoolretro thing (GK pickup) on top of our guitars.
  18. Tú te das cuenta de que aquí hay muy pocos usuarios que hablemos Español ¿verdad? Lo más normal es que no te contesten... no te entienden :-) A mí no se me ocurre qué puede ser lo que le pasa a tu POD, pero por lo que cuentas, es problema suyo, no del ordenador. Hay algo que he oido mencionar a veces por aquí, algo que llaman hard reset, y podría ser la solución a tu problema, aunque yo no sé decirte cómo se hace. Tendrás que contactar con el servicio técnico de la marca: Abres un support ticket y esperas que te contesten, si es que tienen a alguien en plantilla que pueda entender y hablar Español.
  19. BTW, thanks Zap. As soon as I hit the "more reply options" button I remembered having used it before, but... well... I failed to see it this time :D
  20. Well, the thing is... I posted it... but that doesn't necessarily mean I agree with everything in it :D I did this same test a while ago, but I didn't want to rely on my memory so I just went and did it again, to verify that: The FX Loop does preserve the stereo.
  21. If somebody provides a better way to show the required info, I'll delete my previous post
  22. Me too, I skipped X3 generation and went straight from a fully expanded XTL to an HD500. Much less models, but much more quality in each of them. XTL is fine, it always has been fine for me, and I still use it and will continue to do so, because there's patches there that I love and can't dial with the HD (anytime I try to do so I come up with good things, but they don't sound the same, that's the idea anyway, isn't it?). There's also the bigger offer in bass amp models on the XTL, so, whenever I grab the bass I end up using the XTL. It has more effects, some are new for you, some are the same, some are similar but sound different, and If you like the autowha on the XTL, you're going to miss having it on the HD, because there's no such thing. There are similar things, some supposedly better, but... just supposedly. If you feel it's time for an improvement and, for whatever reason, want to stick with what L6 offers, an HD500(x) will do it for you.
  23. One good morning, fresh from playing (late night hours are usual for me), I opened L6 forums, and read the long-awaited news that the HD upgrade had arrived. I opened the monkey, updated my JTV, I played for a few minutes and found that spank 2 position sounded really far from what I needed and I didn't have time to deal with it at that moment, so I rolled back and continued to tour the rest of the week with pre-HD version. Days later, when I finally came home, I gave another chance to the HD version, and this time, after comparing several times between the two versions, the HD stayed.
  24. I know that, Silverhead, and I don't mean that, I mean actually soldering things to the board, getting your hands dirty, assuming you have the knowledge. There was a time when people used to repair electronic stuff, instead of throwing it away when it broke.
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