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    HX Effects to H9

    Nope, it's worked since the beginning. If the cable is OK and you're sending the message on the same channel the H9 is configured to respond to, I don't know what else I can tell you, sorry.
  2. Inerzia

    HX Effects to H9

    I'm changing presets on my H9 and switching it on and off, but with a Helix, not an HX FX. I still may be able to help you, though. Just in case it's a simple matter of not sending the message correctly: My H9 is configured to answer to MIDI channel 2 (not that it matters) so that, for example, to change a preset, I program one instant midi command on the Helix to MIDI Ch 2, Bank C000 1, Bank CC32 1, Program 17 (to select P18 on the H9). Are you sending the right Bank C000 and CC32 values?
  3. Me too, I think they sound different now and, I haven't had the time to plug my HD500 in weeks and compare them, but I also think that most, if not all models sound better to me now. DI said that, due to running in an overall better machine (not his words) they can be expected to sound better. And I missed the growler too!! :D
  4. I would go even further and say legacy distortion models are all very similar in DSP load. I did some testing, adding and removing blocks to see if I there was any "lighter" legacy dirt. I add something and check if they're still available... add something else... yep, they're still there... another block... boom, they disappear, but all of them at once. I could try smaller increases, for a more precise measurement, but so far it's all I have
  5. Yeah, me too, both things... I'm very glad to have them, and I noticed that too, that they aren't as light on the DSP usage as I expected. I guess you can't have it all :D
  6. No, on Helix's screen it's replaced by the legacy icon
  7. On HX Edit, there's an indication of stereo capability for each legacy model. When you load a stereo legacy model, its name will be followed by a symbol similar to OO, if not stereo, there's no symbol, same as in HX models.
  8. Actually, I read about v2.5 having code/algo/DSP/whatever optimizations, that is: More juice! I think it was DI who said that, don't remember where, and I had totally forgotten until I loaded one of the patches I use with my A band, the band I'm using Helix with. It's a patch where I'd need different dirt options and I can't get them because I'm running low on dsp, so I try to load a different one than the one that's there and I notice that I now have like twice the HX drive options I had before but... the whole legacy bank of drives appears greyed out??? Do legacy drives actually require more dsp than the HX ones or have I just found a bug?
  9. I'm tinkering with it all now... what a FEAST!!! :wub: So far, loving the HX reverbs and legacy mods (still at the middle of the list...). I'll do a patch with the Double Tank, by the time it fades, everybody should have been able to download the update :D
  10. I'm rather new to that business of putting any kind of dirt before an already dirty amp, although I know it's been done for ages. I've always thought that if I didn't find the character and tone I was looking for in some amp, I'd be better off looking for it somewhere else. Since my first Pod (v1 bean), that "looking somewere else" has been easier, as easy as selecting a different model, but before that, I had to make do with what I had, and hopefully, EQ the hell out of it until I got there. Then came the Pod, with better, faster and easier results. My view hasn't changed that much, I mean, I look for the tone and character in the amp, but sometimes, an 808 (settings 1, 5, 8 for me) turns an "almost ok" into a "hell yeah". So I've been trying pretty much every dirt pedal (virtual and real) I have, in front of dirty amps to get a different twist, and that includes a metal zone. For me, the Sonic Distortion model in Helix, is more than enough in both gain and note definition to pair with a high gain amp and get a metal sound. As always, ymmv...
  11. Hey, THANKS!! I just noticed you left out the HX reverse and dual delays. Those are the ones I noticed so far. I was just reading it and when I didn't find the reverse delay, I thought "What?, haven't I used the reverse delay already on one or two presets?" So I went and checked :-)
  12. A metronome would be easy, I think, although I don't imagine myself needing to use one on the Helix, but drum sounds and/or loops require more memory and, honestly, I'd rather have that memory filled with more, let's say, "conventional" models and get those drum sounds elsewhere.
  13. That would have been a different kind of product, the kind that hasn't had my interest for years now. Not saying anything about the pricing though, just that I'm not attracted to "stale" digital processors in general. I get it, all that talk about you not owing us anything, I get it, really, but I've used an XT Live, then an HD500 (I still keep and use both) and part of what made me choose Helix is that it's supposed to grow over time in a similar way those other modelers did. This is what I expect of this kind of products, not only from you, but mainly because I've come to appreciate that kind of business model because of my experience with you, going back to '99 (OMG! I'm starting to feel weird about statements like this, where I hint at years and years of something) Facts: - I started using Helix with my band inmediately, and though I missed some models, I achieved similar (95% of the times much better) results than with the HD - If no update was to be expected, or at least no new models or features, I would be using the initial set and getting good results. - Some of the new stuff that you release makes their way into my presets because it improves them, and that, is an incentive for me. - I don't expect you to include any particular model of anything, it wouldn't be reasonable, as I have no guarantee I'll ever get it, but I do expect a product like this to cover most of the "general" sonic needs of its intended target customer base, and that... that was provided for, from the very start Since I probably got your attention now, let me take a second to tell you that, after hanging out a bit at TGP, I totally get why you spend more time there than here. I am surprised at how many times reading those pages becomes a pleasant and very fun experience. Also, I'm getting used to read every line you drop, no matter how tiny, or specially those tiny ones, like "We'll have more stuff for you later"
  14. The Vocoder is not included in this update, or at least it's not on the list that's been published. I want it too! There are two vocal filters on that list, the Voice Box and the V Tron, though they're different from a vocoder.
  15. I'm all for improvements, but I've used those legacy FX to create some tones that I still find very good, so I'm waiting for them eagerly. My favorites are the Dimension chorus, the Growler and the Jet Fuzz, but I know I'll use more thant that, specially from the filter and synth department.
  16. But you're not actually calling me names, are you? Not that I care anyway, just to know if I got it. And just in case, you are aware that I was actually supporting their decision of creating the legacy category, right? Once again, not being a native English speaker, I second guess myself, writing and understanding
  17. I don't know if it was a video or a pic, but I remember I saw Legacy under Mono and Stereo, as a third category which totally makes sense, because not only are they different architectures, but also, the channel configuration inside the legacy effects is not always what you would expect or want, depending on how your patch is organized. I wouldn't want to be skipping through legacy effects when I want to find some of the new and (IMO) better stuff, or viceversa, having to jump over greyed out HX names when my patch is so full that I just have juice enough for legacy stuff. Regarding the channel configurations of the legacy stuff: Maybe, in order to avoid constantly checking the list of stereo preserving effects, for next implementations, each legacy block could be accompanied by an icon that represented the channel configuration. Something like: -- Mono = Stereo >< for effects that collapse the signal to mono and have a stereo output -< mono input, stereo output Simple but effective, I think.
  18. Inerzia


    I wouldn't expect it to be able to load presets from any other Helix, in fact, I don't think the current models can exchange presets either, can they? Having different I/O and all...
  19. I'm gonna use this thread for that same purpose: Thanks in advance! I missed the Dimension, it was my favourite chorus on the HD. I've been using most of the choruses in Helix, and they're good, but still, there was something on that model. It probably isn't as accurate and realistic an imitation as current HX models, but, who cares? Sounds good to me. I hope it will sound even better now since it's inside a better machine. The Jet Fuzz... with HD I used that one on just one preset, for a certain song... and when I got Helix I had to use the industrial fuzz and the script mod phase combined to get a similar result. I've been more than satisfied with the result, so I'll most probably keep the preset as it is now, but it's good to have it back. There's room for all things that go fuzz in my music (or projects I'm involved with). And the Growler!! There's been nothing like that so far in Helix, so that particular one is veeeeery welcome! And aside from others, that did evolve into their HX versions (or were reborn altogether) I've also used the L6 Drive, the Colordrive, both octave fuzzes, the Boost Comp, the Frequency Shift and... well, pretty much all synth and filter stuff so... color me very, very happy, and thankful. Now (if I may say it without sounding like an ungrateful piece of sh't) I'm just missing the Vocoder... But the lack of a Vocoder was the perfect excuse for me to get the Boss VO-1, which is a LOVELY pedal, BTW Anyway, it would be both simpler and more flexible for me if I had the Vocoder inside Helix, and not as a separate pedal which I (because I'm already using the loops for other stuff) have to place before Helix. Also, because (as most HX stuff does) it would come in both, mono and stereo, perfect for me to use with the GR-55. ...Oh, and the Mid Focus Eq, which I preferred to use as a two way filter that I could sweep "inwards" or "outwards", if you know what I mean :D (Though I succesfully replaced that one with the UK Wah followed by the Low and High Cut from the EQ section) Also, placing all those (including the reverbs we're currently using) under those "Legacy" folders is, IMO, a very smart move. Those HX reverbs and delay will be very welcome, and the amps... everyone is raving about them so I guess they'll be good too (I'm not familiar with the originals) Bottom line (literally): Thanks!!!!
  20. Inerzia


    The link is not working, it takes you many pages before the actual post, but I knew which one you were talking about so, I'm gonna try with a different approach:
  21. Yup, among the best sounding presets (+guitar+fingers+everything else) I've heard so far. On par with Marco "Fantastico" :D
  22. I'm also expecting those on current Helix, man ;-) Am I too optimistic perhaps?
  23. I was about to say the same :D Eventually, I think we'll get that one
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