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  1. Any other PC with Win7 to try it on? Just to make sure there's no issue with the POD... I'd say go ahead and update the firmware on your POD anyways, the driver issue might get fixed as a result. Hope that helps.
  2. I used POD HD SPDIF with my Avid M-Box Pro 3 earlier and at the time I didn't know about the POD HD internal sample rate converter so I didn't check how it works under SPDIF connection. Can you please check how your converter indicator behaves under SPDIF when you set it to 48kHz on the POD and choose 48kHz as your DAW project sample rate? BTW, I guess you should also be able to select in the TotalMix application the clock source (POD or RME) and based on that the clock master device would be determined and the rate you set on the master device would be the one the slave device would be operating on (but only if supported).
  3. Hi guys! I read this in the manual (page 9-3 - 9-4): "Sample Rate Converter Active: You’ll see this indicator light up whenever the device is operating at a sample rate other than its native 48kHz rate. In addition to 48kHz, POD HD supports 44.1kHz, 88.2kHz and 96kHz rates by utilizing an internal sample rate converter. Please check your specific software’s documentation for details on configuring its audio sample rate." I checked the indicator when running my POD HD as an audio interface in Pro Tools 11 and Reaper DAWs on my MacBook Pro (OSX Yosemite). All the most recent POD HD updates applied. What I expected to see is the indicator would be off when I set up my DAW projects at 48kHz but that wasn't the case. The indicator stays always on when Pro Tools is running and with Reaper it turns off whenever I switch from Reaper to another app - e.g. switch to the "Line 6 Audio-MIDI Settings" window but that's probably only because Reaper is set to release audio driver in the background (only guessing here). All the same with 44.1 and 48 kHz project settings. Any idea why this is happening? I guess if I run POD HD as an audio interface at 48kHz the sample rate converter should not be on - if I understand the manual properly.
  4. POD HD desktop converts the analog signal it receives at the guitar input into digital by utilizing the A/D converter onboard - I very much doubt the unit has 2 separate A/D converters for USB and SPDIF. For a DAW/computer to record the guitar signal (no matter dry or processed) the signal has to be digitized at some point, hence no way to avoid A/D conversion. Hence, it is not correct to call an A/D converted guitar signal "not truly dry". It is truly dry - the only difference is that one is "analog dry", the other is "digital dry", and both are "truly dry". That's the A/D conversion referred to in the post with the "truly dry / not truly dry" discussions (the digital signal is converted back to analog to be routed to the L/R outs and headphones out only). Both USB and SPDIF carry the digital signal so I guess the actual difference between the "dry over SPDIF" and "dry via L or R channel path over USB" is that the first is like as direct as possible in the POD HD and the second is passing through the amp sim / FX processing chain with all FX set to "no FX" or ie "bypassed", which may or may not affect the original quality of the already digitized dry guitar signal and also maybe affected by a potential crosstalk from the other channel path that has amp sim and FX turned ON. I don't know how significant or negligible this crosstalk is, or wether it is there or not but it may be there, potentially. Hope that helps clarify things, and definitely please feel free to correct me if I made a mistake anywhere in here :)
  5. No problem man :) I have this issue on mac only, I've got my paths set up properly on my PC laptop running Win7 too. I do hope Line6 support will help me with this.
  6. Hi Mike. Thank you for your reply. I always install to default folders, I never change the suggested default location during installations. Do you know by any chance what the path to this 64-bit VST folder is on a mac (I run OS X10.8.2)?
  7. POD Farm 2.55 VST plugin offers only x86 version, while AU is 64-bit in Reaper (64-bit) on Mac. Do I have to add a path to some other folder to have VST 64-bit version showing?
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