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    POD X3 Pro Rack question

    Hello people! I want to buy a POD Rack, and i'am between the POD X3 PRO Rack and the POD XT PRO Rack In short terms, i want to know if is it true that the POD X3 PRO Rack has the same things (amps, stompbox, etc) that the POD XT PRO Rack has but with even more things. For be clear, it is a POD XT PRO but with more things in hardware and software?. Thanks! and i wait for your answer.
  2. Hello People. I just want to know if the Pod HD500 (i have this one) has the same stompbox found in a Pod XT Pro rack... of if there are difference between them. Let me tell you that i am in a Keane tribute band where the piano player use Pod XT Pro racks to recreate the sounds of their songs in live situations. I try to recreate the sounds of the live shows of some of their songs like Is It Any Wonder in my Pod HD500 but i couldn't, so i was wondering if the reason of that is because there are different stompbox pedals between them so in that case i will need to buy the same rack that he use (Pod XT Pro) or i just didn't notice that both of them (The POD HD and the XT Pro) has the same pedals included on them... Thanks and i wait for your answers!