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  1. I try it and there is no sound at all, just like when i connect it to the Line Level Input of the back... i don't know what it could be wrong, there is a chance that connecting a unbalance output to a line level balance input without a D.I Box in the middle (i don't have one) there is no sound at all? or there is something wrong with my pod...
  2. Hello people, i have a Nord Lead 3 synth wich has 4 mono outputs, so that means that if i want to use it in stereo i should connect 2 mono 1/4 jacks to the destination, in this case i want to connect it to a POD XT Pro wich i saw that some artist do and it's possible, but i can't figure out how can i get a stereo connection by connecting them because the front Input of the POD is a Guitar In, so is a Mono input, So my questions goes to how can i connect my Nord Lead 3 to my POD XT Pro in Stereo? what inputs should i use? Thank you in advance!.
  3. Hello people!, i need your help about this. I connect my piano into the input of the pod xt pro, and use some fx's of it and then i connect the headphones to hear it mixed, AND at the same time i want to connect the pure signal of my piano from the Unprocessed Guitar Out of the pod directly to a selfpowered monitor cab that i have, but there is no audio at all... what i'm doing wrong?. i thought that connected that way i could ear my piano just Dry without effects into the cab. Do i need something else between the unprocessed guitar out of the pod and the input of my selfpowered monitor cab?... I would appreciate any help about this since i want to hear the Dry signal from one Out and the Mix signal with all the effects thru the normal output of my pod or the headphones out like i use to do it. PS: I use normal 1/4 guitar mono cable to make all the connections from ins and outs Thank you!
  4. Hello people! I have a POD XT PRO rack, and i want to know if its possible to mix a clean signal with a pedal distortion of the unit, with this i mean that i want to hear the clean signal of my instrument and at the same time i want to hear the pedal distortion effect engage so the result will be my guitar in clean but with the distortion of that clean signal happening at the same time i play, like blend it, is that possible? and if so, how can i do it?
  5. Hello people, i just wonder if the Input of the POD XT PRO rack is a balanced or a unbalanced input, i'm asking this because i have an electric grand piano wich has outputs like a guitar does (1/4 plug) and besides XLR outputs too, but i always use the 1/4 plug output with a normal guitar cable (wich is TS ) to connect it to the front input of the POD XT PRO but i can hear the Radio Station when i do, and i was wondering if instead i can use a 1/4 TRS cable in both ends wich goes from the output of my piano to the front input of the POD, or maybe a XLR from the output of the piano to the input of the POD using a TRS male on this end. Thank you!
  6. Hello people! I want to buy a POD Rack, and i'am between the POD X3 PRO Rack and the POD XT PRO Rack In short terms, i want to know if is it true that the POD X3 PRO Rack has the same things (amps, stompbox, etc) that the POD XT PRO Rack has but with even more things. For be clear, it is a POD XT PRO but with more things in hardware and software?. Thanks! and i wait for your answer.
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