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  1. These guys measure it for you...nice article. I'm not affiliated btw :) but I might get one!
  2. Hi, I use an EVH Mk3 50 watt head and have not noticed any tone suck. I just use it for FX live. I can midi the fxloop on and off and have AB'd it with nothing noticeable in a live setting. Only thing you need to mess with a bit it the volume out of the Helix, mine tends to sit at about 2pm.
  3. Power over midi usually means the midi cable has two extra pins, 7 instead of 5.
  4. I've currently got a Standard and a 300 and have had a couple of the Tylers but build quality on both Tys led me to move them on. I'd say the 300 sounds are better than the new Standard and I wish we could put 1.9 on it! The digital sounds for Tele and Strat I find too dark (Not as good as the 300 as well). I also feel that when the volume knob is turned down all the sounds have a hint of Banjo to them (or the unaltered Piezo sound is being mixed in).
  5. Thanks for this. I think I'll try the swap as well :)
  6. Quick update to say thanks Glenn, protector arrived a couple of days ago (to the UK) and is now in place :).
  7. Running mine with a Mesa Mk5:25 at the moment and no issues at all. Running 4 cable. Pitch shift in the front for detune plus phaser, wah then delays/chorus and flanger etc in the loop. Also use it for channel changing. Not using amp sims for no other reason that I use the Mesa all the time :)
  8. Just ordered mine - let's see how long it takes to get to the UK :)
  9. Can confirm it powers and makes noise fine :) Used it in a couple of gigs like this with my 300 (used for a couple of songs in alternate open tunings).
  10. If you use a mono cable and put it partially in (feel for the first click) to the Helix you can then control the channel but not the graphic. I've been using it this way as I always have the graphic on my 5:25 on anyway. Once I'd worked it out I put a bit of electrical tape on the shaft (!) of the connector to stop me from pushing it in all the way (in the Helix).
  11. thesumpter

    tip for 4CM

    I'm using 4CM with a Mesa Mk 5:25 head and not had to adjust eq anywhere but I'm not using amp models, just fx. Very quiet. Just using the Planet Waves cheaper range of cables with no issues.
  12. Typically as near the initial guitar input as possible as it will want to do it's calculations on as clean a signal as possible with no distortion/modulation/delay etc getting in the way.
  13. This is how I've done it - there's more than one way! Starting with a new patch use your top line in the display for pre and set the output (circle at the end of the line) to one of the sends. Next on the line below set the input (left circle) to the return that matches your send and then this is your post line and make sure the output (circle at the end of this line) is set to the main output. So then (sorry if you already know this - it may help others)... Cable 1: From your guitar to the guitar input on the Helix. Cable 2: Your send from the Helix (you nominated 1/2 or 3/4 for the first line, so put the cable in 1 or 3) goes to the guitar input of your amp. Cable 3: From the effects loop send of your amp put that in to return 1 or 3 on the Helix. Cable 4: From the output (left/mono) of the Helix in to the effects loop return of your amp. This saves using two blocks for send/return and is a nice way to reference everything when in the heat of a gig :)
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