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  1. I'm ashamed to say NO :blink: :blink: :blink: How in h.... could I miss that? jeez what an easy answer haha.... It's been bugging me for weeks thank you very much ;)
  2. As I wrote before it was turned OFF but it still doesnt make sense to me. With the FX Loop turned OFF on the FHFX then I should be hearing the Vetta itself right?
  3. because you can overwrite all the presets .... 3 banks ie 12 patches... plus all the presets hould suffice or you are doing something wrong :)
  4. The Vetta II connects to a computer through MIDI--->USB cables. Doesn't Vetta I have MIDI in/out? I connect my Vetta II with a "M Audio midisport UNO" https://en.audiofanzine.com/midi-interface/m-audio/Midisport-Uno/medias/pictures/a.play,m.424929.html
  5. thanks man I've been going nuts about that stuff too. The feeling of this forum having slipped into a coma is just getting greater by the minute regards old and daft
  6. When using the 4CM I don't get the sound from my original amp (which in my case is a Line6 vetta II combo) Only from the FH. When I turn the FX Loop off on the Firehawk there is no sound at all from the amp. Why could that be? Surely if I tunr FX Loop off on the FH then I should be hearing the sound of the Vetta by itself right? Furthermore no matter where I place the FX Loop I do not here the playback music (that you play through the FH and can jam to). There must be something wrong with my setup but I cannot for my life figure out what.
  7. thanks DarrellM5 Just to make sure I got this right, I will run the FX loop in front of the amp modules in FH and turn all amps and cabs off? Or should I leave them on and turn off all amp modules on the Vetta? (still a bit confusing to me) //N ps. it's just a "FX Loop" block that you can move around in the chain
  8. Hi Darrell and thanks for taking time to explain this to me :) Nope it wasnt turned on (I am so stupid haha sorry)... I now have sound but I am puzzled as to where I move the FX Loop in the signal chain on the FH. I've read "in front of the amp..." but get a very low signal. It's probably not written in stone so I will laborate with it unless there is a sure way to put it. The other thing you asked me is really interesting since I am using normal guitar cables but I get sound (although low output) But do you mean I should get "Guitar cables" with mono on one end (for the FH) and stereo for the Vetta end? Or does it work with 1/4 stereo cables in the FH too and if so what does that accomplish (haha sorry for asking all these questions) //Nick ps. I have't played guitar for a long time and sort of forgotten just about everything I learned about the vetta back in 09 when I bought it
  9. Can it be a setting in the Vetta itself that I am missing? Some changes I have to do in the Output settings to make this work? I am soo lost here folks :huh:
  10. Hi I think I am loosing it, sorry for being so incredibly stupid but I am trying to connect my new FHFX into my Line6 Vetta Combo. Is that even possible to do with 4 cable method? It's the only AMP I have. I want to test the FHFX tones etc on a clean setting on my VETTA. How do I connect the FH into the VETTA? This is what I have tried: Guitar cable in the Firehawks "Guitar in" 1 cable from FH's "FX return left/mono" into Vetta's "Stereo effects loop SEND" 1 cable from the FH's "FX send left/mono" into Vetta's "Guitar in" 1 cable From the FH's "1/4 OUT left/mono" into Vetta's "Stereo effects loop RETURN" I get no sound whatsoever. I've watch and read how other ppl hook up their Firehawk to their amps but somehow the Vetta combo does not respond to this idea at all. What can be the problem? Please help me try to troubleshoot this. It would be deeply appriciated. I'm not sure if you even can use the vetta combo like this. To disconnect the preamp and all the modelling and run it with the firehawk ;( regards /Nick
  11. "Nearest shop" that will even consider touching the line6 vetta is 300 miles (500 kilometers) away.... #bummerforme ;(
  12. zn8ke

    Vetta users

    Nothing beats the Vetta II plus the FBV Longboard.!! Sadly my battery has started to act up on the ol' Vetta now so whenever I turn the amp off and the back on it defaults to the "preset patch" 1A Twin ...something and a few other things that it drops. The freshly made patch however is still saved somehow... (hmm) Anyway line6 tells me I need to change battery but since I'm not a "soldering guy" I bought a FHFX pedal instead and when it arrives I'll be doing some testing with that instead. #missmyvetta (sob sob)
  13. People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day

  14. I know this is an old thread but it's sort of part of pvnishers Q&A so rather thatn staring a new let me just ask: How many times can you "overdub" in the loop? And is it right that the loop lasts for 20 sec? ( I think I've read it here somewhere) Cheers /z
  15. WOW haha... I didnt even know there was a battery in there :) I have had my vetta ii since 2009. Haven't played for 4 years but want to start again. My vetta resets to patch 1A factiry setting every time I switch it off and the back on (just like you RJSIMO) Can somebody explain where the battery is situated= many thanks //znake
  16. Well if you like me have your Vetta stacked with all the sounds you've made through the years you prolly wanna try it. I find it tiresome dialing in stuff in LPX that I allready have elsewhere. With this, my troubles are gone :)
  17. Darrell I really don't know how to thank you. IT WORKS. I tried the middle suggestion and went (with an ordinare guitar cable) from the "left/mono out" straight into the Guitarport I plugged the GP into the Mac through USB and left my guitar in the normal jack on the VETTA and ... voila! sound from Vetta straight into the Logic Pro with no loss of the sound that I've worked on for a very long time (as you know one does if one has a Vetta :) ) I never thought of connecting it this way. Wonderful. Although I agree with you that if it should be truly pro I'd buy a new Audio interface (Looked at Zoom TAC 2 - a crazy expensive but brilliant audio converter) But before I do any of that I need to learn more about recording in general and mixing in particular. Again, Thanks - You really really made it worth coming back home from holiday! :rolleyes: :D ps link to the Audio Interface Tac 2 It's thunderbolt (and lighning fast...ie no latancy at all!)
  18. Thanks a million Darrell The old GuitarPort hehe... Found it in the attic after an excrutiating search through alot of garbage up there :) Haven't used it in ... oh..maybe 8 years. The serial no on it (I think it's 1252) tells you just about how bloody old it is. It works well but makes me forced to use Logics amps and cabs. Well I think I'll try your suggestions in reverse order over the weekend. I knew about buying an interface but I'm also interested in how things work so I am on a "trail and error" mission. Essentially I need to "fool" my Mac so that it uses its 3,5mm input (which is Audio out/mic in) as a LINE IN (ie e 3 pole not a 2 pole 3,5mm) so I bought a video cable 3,5mm - RCA just to see if I could go via S/PDIF on VETTA II and straight into the mac to use MacBooks audio interface. I will post all my outcomings here once I get back home (on holiday now) May I just ask which output is the 1/4 one? I am not too versed on the techno lingo (sorry) Again thanks for helping me Nik
  19. Hello good morning :) Excuse me, I am completely new to the daunting experience of recording my own stuff. This means that my question (s) might come across as completely naïve but please bare with me. I have a Vetta II that I am familiar with. A macbook pro, retina (2014). A GuitarPort (very old but works fine) and M-Audio USB MIDI interface (Uno). I have just bought Logic Pro X because I wanted to start recording stuff (GB is not my cup of tea) so... To my question: How do I set up my Vetta II to run the sound to my Mac direct? As it is now the sound comes out of the speakers and the mic in my mac picks the sound up. That is not how I want it. I want the sound from Vetta that I have dialed in to be sent digitally straight into the DAW. Bearing in mind what I have and how little I know, can somebody please tell me how this should be done? I am extremely greatful for any help in the matter //z
  20. Correction: you can save and upload your new sounds in line6 edit even after the armin upgrade but you cannot use the edit bit But if you play with different cabs now I suggest you buy this and try it out N
  21. Well that makes it even more silly to get it All that does (apart from showing you what You can read from the manual) is rendering Line6 edit useless. You cannot tweak your settings from a computer after the mod is installed I say leave it (just my two cents mate)
  22. I have been reading and doing some research on the Mod and it looks to me that "Armins 2.5 mod package" only changes the sounds in the cab settings. I wonder why anyone should pay $70 just to get 40 odd new settings on that? It's only EQ settings anyway. I mean; the package doesn't add anything to the vetta. It's like you're paying someone money to find you your sound, right? If you play live and use "no cab" settings it wont do you any good at all in other words. If you use the vetta in your bedroom I suggest you tweak it yourself, it's the only way to learn. Start with what (ie who) you want to sound like and use only line6 original amp models plus the loudness "on". When you think you're close then use 4band EQ to finetune Good luck N
  23. Sorry to "bump" this but it is very interesting for me too. I can get the "right" tone in my vetta ii. I have of course tried everything :) It was fine a couple of years ago but now my taste in music has changed so now I have bought a tele on top of my lp and esp and need to get som serious "keith" sounding growl. I would love to hear from any "armin fans" out there, if they still exist (sorry wolf for stealing your thread...) Nik
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