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  1. You will need to first flash the G10 back to the old firmware (while your amp can still "see" the G10). In the second step, then reflash the amp to 2.00. If you don't do this then even if you flash the amp back to 2.00 it won't charge the G10.
  2. May I ask youu for a PM of this as well please?
  3. I would also appreciate if you could please PM me. Also had no overheating issues with prior firmware, but now face max 1.5 hours of battery life before the G10 dies, since the upgrade in firmware.
  4. Thanks Grtman for the response. Some more questions from me please due to my lack of experience with real amp and cabs :-) If I understand you correctly in the Classic mode, all I am doing is changing the "Head" by choosing different modeling amps, but my "Cab" which is the 10' speaker built into the Spider V 60 is the static "Cab"? The ability to change the cab like I could do with a real head/cab combo is not possible with the Spider V (in classic mode)? I also believe a real life 2 or 4 speaker Cabinet has no tweeter? Guitar typically fills the miid-range? I understand what you mean with Full range mode, that both the amp model and cabinet model are engaged, but don't quite understand how the sound of a recorded (aka miked up) amp/cab combo (which is what you mention is being emulated) differs in sound compared to if you were standing in front of a combo in a room and playing? Simply don't have that experience. Finally why is the tweeter included on the Spider V? It was not on the Spider IV. Simply to make the backing tracks sound better? You mention emulating sound going through a PA speaker with a tweeter. Does a real guitar amp even produce sounds “high/trebly” enough to send anything through the tweeter? Excuse what are probably many Noob type questions, but only started digging into this side of playing recently and is a science unto itself..... Thanks
  5. Was checking it with my guitar teacher. He also noticed no difference. However when one changed from classic to Full range, then one hears a difference when you change cabs and/or microphone placement etc. Is this the way it’s intended to be?
  6. Hi. I have finally installed the Spider remote on my PC and been spending extensive time try to play with settings on my Spider V 60. Running the MKII firmware. i.e. Choosing different amps/cabs/pedals etc. Great improvement over doing it via an app! Something that I clearly hear a difference with is if I change from amp to amp or engage a distortion pedal or change between classic or full range mode or turn up drive/bass/mids etc. Where I hear absolutely no difference is if I stay with one Amp type, and then scroll through the different cabs. Whether through the amp's speaker or through headphones I simply cannot determine any change in sound. I will for example strum a chord and then flip through 4 or 5 cabs or change a cab and then restrum the chord, but hear no difference. Am I doing something wrong? Or are the differences between cabs so subtle that you "don't" hear a difference. Thanks.
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