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  1. Thanks very good detailed response!
  2. Take note as mentioned in the release notes that as you are updating from such a low version - the software will appear to update twice. This is normal and I had the same as also updated directly from 2.3. But the software is good at guiding you through the process.
  3. Go to the cab settings and there is a slider that you can move left or right to move between classic and „full“ mode.
  4. This is how I have always set it up. So using it purely to regulate the “master volume”. Will try experiment with your suggestions. I wish that some of these possibilities had been explained in more detail in a manual... Not having played traditional tubes/analog amps could you briefly explain what impact the pre-amp and power amp have on the overall tone. I realize this is a science onto itself, but high level would be helpful. Thanks
  5. Has anybody has the chance to compare the side by side?
  6. I agree with everything Beacher has said. Re the comment about the volume pedal before or after the “amp block”, that’s an interesting thought. Never thought of it that way before. Does it indeed change the tone or is that just a hunch you have?
  7. This is a thread for the Spider V, so I think that may be part of the confusion.
  8. I tend to agree with the previous post. ie that the master volume has zero effect on the tone but just regulates the overall volume. Ie I turn this down at night when needing to play at lower volumes and it doesn’t affect distortion or any of the other parameters. I use channel volume to try to level the volume between presets and the different amps I use in different presets. I don’t think this is modeled as I haven’t noticed a change in distortion etc when changing this. Changing drive for example on the modeled amps however does have an impact on the sound.
  9. Should I chance buying it a second time then in the hope that the one I just returned was defective?
  10. Did you update the firmware of your G10S to version 1.01? If not then you are still running the true original receiver. I updated the firmware of my G10 receiver to 1.01 due to the whole update warning from Line 6 and wondering if this was still affecting the charging of the newer G10TII as well.
  11. Who knows - will be interesting to see what the results are as more people test it out. Unfortunately terrible result for me as per my prior posts.
  12. Charged fully with the receiver as well instead of charging it with the amp. Exactly the same issue. The receiver has the newest firmware and the transmitter as well. After 2.5 hours - battery dead. Have now sent it back. There are better things to spend 100€ on.....
  13. I changed the region to United States on the Line 6 website and now it shows the XPS kit as “out of stock”. But as mentioned for Europe it only shows 1 product. The XPS kit doesn’t show up. Will have to see in the future if it becomes available in Europe as well.
  14. I think we are not on the same page. The PX-2 power adapter (aka power supply in some regions) is available. However this is used to power the Variax XPS “box/kit”. Says as much in the link to Line6Tony posted above. Musicstore also lists the PX-2 as being used to power the XPS box. The large music stores are however saying the XPS kit is discontinued and not the power adapter. Re the line 6 link, not sure if different products show up in different regions, but for EU only 1 product shows up for the Variax and that is the USB interface kit. Hope it’s clear what I mean?
  15. Would really appreciate if when they are available again you could let us know in the forum. As I called Musicstore/Thomann etc. about a year ago and they (rightly or wrongly) told me they can no longer order the power kit as it has been discontinued. https://www.musicstore.de/en_DE/EUR/Line-6-Variax-Cabled-Power-Kit/art-GIT0036165-000
  16. The only product on the line 6 website is what I mentioned above, the USB interface Kit. I already have this, but this is to connect to the HD workbench software not for powering it while playing. My conclusion still remains (and believe others have written it as well) there is no power option anymore.....unless you are prepared to spend approx 400-500€ on hardware like a POD that has a VDI interface. This is crazy if I just want to connect to my spider amp.
  17. Don’t understand the link from the second to last post. https://shop.line6.com/accessories/guitar-accessories/?_ga=2.25316413.1283601388.1621075881-883773111.1620765254 it says to check online for VDI cables and power kit. When I click on the link all I can see it a $99 VDI USB interface kit which one uses for Workbench but no power kit. Also unfortunately as others seem to have mentioned the only hardware with an option to power the Variax is 100s of €. No cheap option.
  18. I have now done that and charged it fully with the original receiver (which also had a firmware upgrade....because of the fire warning). Will see if it makes any difference.
  19. So will be sending the G10IIT back. Have charged and tested twice....same result in both cases. Not more than 2.5 hours of playing time. I took the Transmitter out of the guitar when not playing. Hardly any difference between this and my G10T after the advised firmware “upgrade” which effectively killed it. Really disappointing as the original G10T worked without problem for hours before this whole firmware debacle!
  20. Thank you. Very informative and clear. Also noticed on closer inspection a “backup” button in the remote software when in the amp tab. So one can backup all the presets in one go to the PC HDD as well. For the My Tones to work I need to first fix the internet access issue. Will look for the post again showing how to do that.
  21. Been experimenting with the acoustic tones recently and am really enjoying the 2 12 string models. As mentioned above in one of the replies, need to turn on both the speaker and tweeter in my spider V in order to properly appreciate the acoustic tones. And of course select the correct “amp type”. Not gonna sound good if taking an electric amp model and trying to play an acoustic model through it!
  22. Thank you for the response and warnings! Clear that that is not a solution. In the manual it only mentions that one can power the guitar if plugged into the VDI digital Input of certain equipped hardware eg POD HD 500X. But seems a bit much to spend €400-500 on a device just to power the guitar. My problem is I bought two brand new batteries and am lucky to get 3 hours from each before having to re-charge again hence wanting to have another power option. Which line 6 hardware other than the POD has a VDI Input that could power the Variax Standard? There also used to be a cabled power kit, but from various other threads, I see this has been discontinued. thanks.
  23. Hi, since it is no longer possible to buy a power supply cable kit for the Variax standard I was wondering about other options other than the battery. My FBV3 pedal is powered via RJ45 cable from the Spider V. So I tried to plug the Variax into the Spider V instead with this RJ45 cable and it worked. Can this damage the guitar? Ie too much or too little power supplied to the guitar? Assuming this won’t damage the guitar the Second question is can I somehow plug in/power both the FBV3 and Variax at the same time? Is there a RJ45 cable with one Jack on one side and two jacks on the other side or any other cable I could use? thanks.
  24. Maybe I misunderstood your post. With the spider remote app on the PC I can overwrite all the slots/banks in the Spider V with my own tones if I want to, but obviously then lose the presets that it came with. 32 banks each with 4 slots. I thought from your post that I could keep all the presets on the amp because the FBV3 also has 32 banks available to which one can save presets? So thought 256 in total. The only software I see though is FBV control.
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