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  1. Thanks guys for the tips. once i get things up and running, i'll give it a try.
  2. Will i be able to install my Pod Farm 2 and Line 6 Monkey on my new PC build ? I do recordings using my UX2 interface, and as long as it's working, i would still like to use it on my new PC. What do i need to do ? I will build it this coming weekend, so i'm preparing myself for all the programs that need reinstalling. Same OS.. Win 10 if that matters. Thank you.
  3. If you open Control panel, look for Line 6 Audio - Midi devices, open. select inputs and recording tab, and choose your mic input, 1, 2 or both, or instrument if needed. this is a bypass option to not having to open Pod Farm.. I would also recommend you test out Reaper for recording, it's easy and it's free, awesome program. Cubase is nice, but i had many problems with it.
  4. OK you got your mic plugin to channel 1, assuming your only using 1 mic. since you had another mic working, make sure your cable is working, open your Pod Farm program, and go to Mixer View, just right of the Line 6 logo. select proper input for mic, depending on what channel you have the mic plugged into. once you have selected the mic input see if your getting a signal on your UX2 meter, make adjustments to channel inputs in PF, make sure the line is not muted, if the mic requires phantom power, make sure that is on. you can monitor the sound from your headphone jack on the UX2.
  5. I was wondering if your able to bind a hot key to enable or disable an effect in Pod Farm 2 from your keyboard.? it would be nice, and so much easier while tracking live voice overs instead on using the mouse.
  6. In my attempts at using a headphone out to get a signal, 100% always results in failure, sometimes damaging equipment, due to the low voltage coming from the HP jack. Best results you can get is putting a Mic in front of the speaker, and running that to your sound card, or audio interface. As for L6 gear, i could not say 100% that it's safe using the HP / Direct out jack, you could use a voltage meter and see if it's reading anything coming out before you use it.
  7. This happened to me last week, it just shut off, I unplugged it from the outlet, and the next day it started working again. you will have this issue all the time, once it starts, it will happen again and again until it's fixed. this is caused by outsourcing the work, and having no quality control. this problem should have been resolved with the 1st batch of amps. but as long as the amp last past it's warranty, they don't care.
  8. Well a $40 charge to find the problem, the labor is $80 per hour, plus cost of the part. something minor will cost me a minimum $120, i can find these amps in the pawn shops for about the same cost. I'll just take that money, and put it towards something that will last a bit longer.
  9. Bought it new in 2013, it's not old by amp standards, my 79 Marshall JMP 50 has never let me down, only replace tubes about every 10 years...lol and I called the service here in my city, they want $40 just to look at it, I think they need to extend their warranty a bit longer on their amps, or the option to buy an extended warranty. For novice players, they might put 40 hours on the amp in a year, that's hardly a good break in...lol
  10. 4 months to the day that i made my 1st post about the amp problems it died.
  11. My Spider IV 75 amp starting doing this about 6 months ago, does not make a difference if i use the shortboard or not. Today, the amp went off and has not come back on, the amp sounds good when it works, but I will not get another Line 6 product, they are not built with quality parts, cheap china lollipop to keep the cost down. My warranty has expired, and the amp is designed to last about the same as the warranty, now you have a $300 paperweight. The amp has never left my house, has never been mistreated, it is in mint condition, minus the thing not working. If they are going to make a disposable amp, they need to drop the price down a bit more. And yes, i'm a little more than pissed at this moment.... Sorry for the rant.
  12. That could be a possibility, as it's just plugged into the wall outlet. I should test it out with a spike strip, or conditioner and see what happens. Thanks for the idea. Also check out my link at the bottom, got a new song, using the Spider lV 75 on both guitar and bass...lol
  13. Temp seems not to matter, it will go a week without shutting down, then it will do it 3 or 4 times within a 1/2 hour, it's not consistent, nor can i recreate the malfunction, it's all quite random.
  14. Hate to say this, but my Spider lV 75 just started having the off and on issues. I have done the factory resets, disconnected my shortboard, checked for updates, but nothing helps. what is causing this problem.? i know many have had this issue, and what needs to be fixed.? I can't have this going on while i'm recording.
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