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  1. I could not play the last concert on two guitars to Helix. Preset for the electric guitar had Return1 input and output XLR Panorama Left. Used only the upper trail. For acoustic guitar had return2 input and output XLR Panorama is right. Also the upper trail. I had to use the input Return1 and return2 to be able to use Guitar Tuner for both instruments. Electric guitar work. Acoustic guitar did not work. Were mentioned three wires to the output XLR right and nothing helped. I had to finally use the second preamp. This morning Helix plugged into my sound card and everything is fine. The signals are separated and everything works well. Unplugging cables in a different order, shut down and switched on the Helix. Everything still ok. What could be the reason that the right channel XLR only send noise and very low signal?
  2. I would use Helix as a preamp for Electric and acoustic guitars. I would like to signal the instruments were separated for a sound engineer at the front. It would be good if the electric guitar signal directed to the XLR left and acoustic guitar to the XLR right. Mono signals, of course. Electric guitar is connected to a "guitar in". Acoustic Godin I connect to the "Input Return 2" because the "Aux In" level and tone changes. Unfortunately I can not share such signals as I wrote above. What solution do you recommend?
  3. Orzel

    Carrying case or bag

    I have a case for my Helix. I would recommend such a solution. Indestructible :-)
  4. Thanks for the link :-) soon check in concert :-) Someone tried to use other IR Helix with acoustic guitar? I mean banjo, sitar, mandolin, etc.?
  5. Very interesting topic. I have a question: How do you build the Impulse Response of your acoustic instrument? Somewhere you can buy good-quality prepared IR? I have to explore on how to do it. I would like to have my IR Martin. I think I'm going to manual Helix.
  6. Thank you for the information. Before buying, if I decided, I will try to check the serial number of the speaker to make sure that the device has an improved cooling system. I am very curious if I can accept this kind of listening for the electric guitar. Ear monitor works very well in the concert. After six years of using I appreciate this solution. I know, however, that many guitarists have a problem with that. Experienced guitarists know what's going on. Yet another matter is when you listen to the electric guitar in the monitor stage. It is a different feeling from listening to a guitar amp :-)
  7. Hey. The topic is quite old. I read everything, and I'm curious if further there is a problem with these speakers? I am a guitarist. I used the HD500, HD500X and recently bought Helix. I connected it always directly to the PA. I decided to try to develop my system simulation to play live without ear monitors. I need a good monitor stage for rehearsals and small club gigs. Interested in this topic for some time and I am looking for information about such equipment. Buying L2T would be a good option for me because of the Line 6 Link system, the weight of the speaker and Speaker Mode. Is described fault L2T in this topic are further? I'm going to see soon the speaker and of course check whether it had this trouble with resonance and rattle at low sounds. It can, however, recommend another solution? I should focus on Friedman ASM-12 Active Monitor?
  8. We already know something about when we can expect the release of the editor?
  9. I agree. T-model and Lester Spank v1.9 sounds better. In my opinion, acoustic instruments are also better. After updating to v2.1 acoustic guitars are very dark, droning in the low band. Through a very bad mix it with other instruments such as drums, bass and piano. I think the firmware v2.1 is much worse than v1.9. This is of course my opinion.
  10. Hi. I am here for the first time. My name is Tom and I'm a guitar player from Poland. I spent some time today and I recorded my JTV69 sample. Samples difference v2.1 and v1.9 sound. Image shows the amplifier and the setting for electric guitars samples. Acoustic instruments recorded without effects and amp simulation. http://youtu.be/xs8b9SYj8Z4
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