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  1. I have the Helix hooked up to a L2m and a Yamaha DXR12. The Yamaha DXR12 sounds better to my ears.
  2. I would like to see a small desktop unit (2 inches thick front side, and 4 inches thick on the back side) iPad size, with a touch screen, where you can use the touch screen in several modes, like normal editing mode, and "stomp box" mode, where you can touch effects on and off.
  3. Julee Cruise - Falling The Twin Peaks theme by Angelo Badalamenti.
  4. I use a Line 6 L2m and a Yamaha DXR12 as monitors, and I like the DXR12 much more. I'm thinking about selling the L2m to get another DXR12.
  5. Laura Branigan - Self control The great 80ies.
  6. You have some free ones here. http://line6.com/support/topic/16054-where-to-get-acoustic-irs/
  7. Too bad they will most likely bypass the iPad for editing. The Helix should have had Bluetooth. Just for editing in one patch, or make a new patch while traveling, and testing it when back home. Maybe it's hidden inside the unit, to be activated in a future firmware update......not ! Bluetooth 4.0 has a max speed of 25 mbps, with about 20kb per patch, that could be 1250 patches per second. I wouldn't even mind to wait 1 minute to sync my whole patch list. Plus I'm more interested in editing just one patch, not to sync my whole patch list. But its a great unit nevertheless.
  8. One acoustic guitar amp, like the Fishman Artist.
  9. I'm sure it will be possible. Maybe ask this guy Glenn DeLaune, he made an awesome Hammond Organ patch. Listen to this :
  10. Glenn Delaune his patches are pretty good. Also you can copy the DG patch from his tutorial for free, if you want to program it yourself (which I recommand, to learn more about the Helix). No problem paying for them, but once you get the hang of programming some difficult patches yourself, it becomes pretty easy.
  11. Thanks for the quick response Phil. I used the hard panning, which works, as you mentioned, but I do not understand why it is not working when allocating Amp A or B to a certain amp. Maybe a software issue, or there is a logic explanation why it doesn't work. Also, as I mentioned before, it would be nice to be able to select different output settings for the different amps (hopefully in a future firmware upgrade). The L2m sounds best with the studio/direct setting, and the DT25 sounds best with the output set to Combo power amp.
  12. Hello everyone, I ran into a problem yesterday. This is my gear setup : Pod HD 500x, L6 into DT25, from DT25 L6 into L2m. I have some effects connected in the effects loop. Newest firmware. If I have a dual amp patch in the Pod, I want amp A (Pre with no cab) to go thru the DT25 only, and amp B (full amp sim with cab) to the L2m only. If I do that in the setup page 9, all the effects blocks after the amps (before and after the mixer) don't work anymore. The effects work when selecting Left or Right in the setup page, but not when selecting Amp A or B. Am I doing something wrong (probably) ? Also it would be nice if I could select a different output (page 4 in setup) to the DT25 (Combo power amp), and the L2m (studio direct). Greets Alex
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