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  1. dbgrant

    Hd500 Firmware Broken?

    Also, the last post by sidysm on this old thread has the following advice... After this, I got nothing.
  2. dbgrant

    Hd500 Firmware Broken?

    You've probably tried this, but it's worth a go. Have you considered using a different USB cable? They do fail. If not, connect a new cable and try again. You may have to repeat some of the steps suggested above. Also try reinstalling Line6 Monkey just in case the drivers have thrown a wobbly... Good luck!
  3. This is exactly what I use and it works very well, so good to see it confirmed. The advice about keeping the tone controls at 0 on the amp is spot on, although I run into the effects return on my Marshall AS50D, mainly because it's louder that way. I have the same response as mark2711 from people who can't believe the huge sound they hear. I'm not sure if it'd be loud enough for a thunderous drummer: I don't have one of those. I haven't had to set the master volume at more than 12 o'clock. Yet.
  4. I've been using VirtualBox, Windows 7 guest in Ubuntu 12.10 host with no problems. I posted the method and one or two workarounds (similar to frmat's here) in this thread... http://line6.com/support/message/390334 Long live the penguin. Cheers! db
  5. dbgrant

    Pod Hd500 - Drive Knob Issue

    I have encountered this problem too. I believe it's called 'knob jitter'... Almost every time I used a footswitch or even looked at my unit the wrong way, the settings on the amp would change, usually the treble and/or drive knobs in my case. The recommended solution is to set all knobs to zero. It works on my HD500. After I save my preferred settings, I zero all the knobs, click out of that patch then back in again. Rock steady. It's possibly a hardware problem, so a warranty replacement might be a good idea. One forum post I read claimed it could be resolved at the software level by changing the tolerance to physical knob movements caused by slight bumps. All the best!