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  1. thanks I was looking all over for this and wondering which FX were taken from the 500X series. Now I am curious which ones were left out since it says there are only 25 and to me the delays and mods are looking like that is where they cut HD FX out. Or is it that the 25 HD FX are the full extent and the 500X was using just these with the older FX as fill ins?
  2. If you like Trower then you will probably like another major Hendrix sounding and influenced player I saw recently. I finally got to see the ex scorpion guitarist Uli Lon Roth. He is on tour with some other greats. I saw him with Andy Timmons and Jennifer Batten in Dallas. Those tones he got on the album Earthquake were some of the best I have ever heard recorded.
  3. sounds great would like to be able to learn that song its so cool sounding.
  4. Crap so then you do not get extra abilities to have 6 controllers.
  5. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FS6 this is the fs6 https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FS7 this is the fs7 I only need one for the gp10 and I have them both. Perhaps when I decide to grab the helix these can help me out. Thanks for the good news on the rack units. what appeals to me is getting the rack and then the separate controller since you can use the external 3 controllers on the foot controller plus the 3 on the helix rack and that makes6 usable controllers so that opens the door for some interesting strategies mixing tones, various guitars using a GP10 and a variax and all the FX in the units and even from additional pedals and units you hook up in the 4 effects loops. I will be interested in the vst version first to evaluate it but even if it is weak in a single area I figure it might have enough to warrant buying the rack and controller since you can then use it as a hub for all your rack effects and that plus the variax interaction will make it a must.
  6. I notice the rack has 3 of these plus an input for a pedal switch as well. Then you add on the control it has another 3 inputs. Is this then giving me the ability to use these as controllers. Also I have some old Roland dual switch controllers are these inputs able to be used to act with switches like an fs6 or fs7?
  7. Sorry but I meant to say I liked it and just stole it. LOL
  8. I think its a blessing as it means I can cancel my order now after finding out that there is a lot of stuff wrong with this version of helix. I wonder if it is planned obsolesence a la hd500 to hd500x were they added more chip power to make more complex presets to use more FX? The spillover problem is one I am upset about and the slow preset switching is as well. I think I am just going to cancel my order and get an axe fx or kemper instead probably the axe.
  9. I use to own a cheap 40 watt pignose tube amp just to give my other modelers that treatment glad to know this can work to help that out. I was planning on getting an eventide h9 to solve the spillover problems and this may help enhance the sound as well for just $50 its worth a try to see what you get out of it in terms of tonal variety. To me the tube sound is really about the power amp section tubes and that is why I am thinking of getting an L6 tube amp if they can enhance how the helix works with that they may have me sold on using them as well. Doesn't Bogner have something to do with these amps?
  10. adding an eventide h9 is something I plan to do so that I can add in some more FX and that would solve the problem right?
  11. so then if that is the situation, then for someone with $$$ I could just get the axe fx now and not wait or need to worry about this issue.
  12. okay guys thought of something how about when you have 2 patches that you need to be quickly switched between you pack both patches into the signal chain so that you have 1 path taking on patch1 then another path for patch 2 and switch between them with another switch or in the case of super small usage if a momentary switch could be more usefaul is that possible.
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