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  1. klarkkentster

    Presets via PC??

    Very frustrated to see the new 1.8 version with no additional support for switching presets via MIDI. Here's my work around in Ableton. I have two channels for the guitar. One clean and one dirty. Load Native in each one and set accordingly. Turn one of the channels off then map a foot switch to the channel arm button on each. So...when you hit the button it lights one up and shuts the other off. Archaic - but it works. If you run backing tracks you can also automate if needed.
  2. All, Needing some assistance mapping a moog EP3 expression pedal to control volume. I've tried everything and still can't get it to work. Anyone know what channel to set the input ? I'm using Ableton
  3. klarkkentster

    Finally Control of Expression/Wah working :)

    Was it as easy as mapping it? Wondering if it's as easy in Ableton. I'll be trying mine when I get home this weekend.
  4. klarkkentster

    Still can't switch presets with MIDI

    I'm bummed as well. I currently have a couple instances of HN open on different channels in Ableton. Then use Automation to turn one off and the other on to use different patches. I'm also still not 100% sure I can map an external volume pedal to Helix Native,
  5. klarkkentster


    Your awesome....that did it. VST was unchecked. I checked it and VST3 and we are good to go. Thank you. Now back to seeing if I can map a volume pedal to the HN. :)
  6. klarkkentster


    On my Mac I do not get the option to select. If I enable the customer folder in Ableton's presence and I can see Line 6 Native in the VST3 folder... But it still isn't visible when I look in Ableton
  7. klarkkentster


    I didn't see where it gave me the option to install VST3? Is that for Mac?
  8. klarkkentster


    When I first upgraded from 1.5 I received the error attached. I now can only see 1.6 as a AU and not a VST. I'm using Ableton 9 on an apple
  9. klarkkentster


    Anyone having any issues installing ?
  10. klarkkentster

    Native update anytime soon?

    Hoping we see MIDI control in the next few weeks. Not sure if that is too soon....but really need it.
  11. klarkkentster

    Midi support when

    Midi mapping couldn't come soon enough. Need to map a volume pedal in Ableton.... had to come up with a workaround in Ableton to be able to do swells.
  12. klarkkentster

    Helix Native Snapshots Midi

    Anyone hear about updates to MIDI map a volume pedal in HXN ? Or patch changes Program Codes ?
  13. klarkkentster

    Assign expression pedal question

    I run mine though an interface taking my MAC out of the equation.
  14. klarkkentster

    Assign expression pedal question

    So I grabbed the pack you recommended as well as the add on pack and acoustic dealio. Curious why his presets are so quiet. How do I get them the same volume as others to match input? I have plenty of input on my mixer...but if I raise the input in the plug in I get noise. Any thoughts ?
  15. klarkkentster

    In case Snapshot isn't saving your changes... (bug report?)

    After I posted, I played around with it and discovered (lol) the save part. I believe that fixed me up. Thank you