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  1. FR10 £549 incl VAT, $679 FR12 £599 incl VAT, $749
  2. Yep, fine on 4S :)
  3. In this day and age, does seem daft we cant revert! (iphone 4S, off after one second)
  4. I suspect he was recording out via headphone socket?
  5. I meant the list of 6000-7000 Custom Tones, and the new ones as they are added?
  6. Can we see the Tones database anywhere online (like other Effects Units) or only when Searching in-App?
  7. Agree ryhamilt. So much negativity from LIne 6 owners who don't want the product, haven't heard it and never want to! I know the build up caught people's attention, but If it doesn't fit your needs, move on. Line 6 now have 2 Tone products, one top quality (500X) and one with superb ease of use. With Yamaha's backing, I see both being developed and marketed further. I own a Variax JTV59 as well, and really enjoy both.
  8. Thanks Eddy, not likely to find that by chance! So it only works on a Saved-to Amp tone? Again, cant quote your post, no trouble on many other Forums! After pressing Quote button, shouldn't post be shown in Reply box? What am I doing wrong?
  9. Thanks Andy Paredes for your answers above. For some reason quoting your post is not working. Even Copy and Paste will not work for me in this forum! re 2) I cannot see how to assign FX knob in App. using iPhone. Holding say Decay within Reverb does nothing. Never see an icon for FX Control. Ah, have found FX knob in Mix for Analog Delay w/Mod. But it cannot be switched by holding any other parameter. It seems fixed to a certain parameter? re 3) how do you 'favourite' your preferred tone? Can Edit but see no other button. There is an empty Favourites Tab in App underneath My Tones on Home screen.
  10. I was intrigued by this amp but had fairly moderate expectations of its modelling and ability. I recently sold my Zoom multi-effects as I've developed an aversion to little screens and menus. Must be eyesight as get older :D I intended getting the Boss ME80 as most settings are refreshingly written and directly switched to, but a bit overkill for hobbyist bedroom playing. I took the App into PMT which they appreciated as they hadn't got round to setting anything up yet, and I had pre-DL Gary Moore and Hendrix tones as I didn't have much else stored on my phone. (Have now realised you don't need tracks to get tones! I and the salesman had wide grins as we realised how simple and effective the tone matching was. I had had no intention to buy now, just really wanted to discount Amplifi, but ended up walking away with the stocked Fi75. How good the tones are ultimately, I'm not sure, more important to me, is they sound better than most of the ones I spent ages trying to forge myself on 3 pedals and my multi-effects unit. Nice and simple, and song playback is a big plus compared with using a guitar amp lacking high frequencies. I also like to plug into Rocksmith on Xbox and play along, sound here is very good but is a 'Mono' sound unless headphones were plugged in .... or head was up against cab! I love my Variax JTV59 , but all of a sudden, it is so much more meaningful trying different guitars and settings to match the Amplifi's backing, merging into the track. Overall so far, well pleased. Few queries for those who have had it longer: When a tone is downloaded, is it best to have all amp dials at 12 o'clock? On some effects these alter things dramatically, and if say Drive was set at lowest setting before DL, you could only adjust upwards, or if it gets left full on, you could only adjust downwards. What I mean is, is downloaded tone meant to play correctly with Drive, FX, Reverb, Bass etc all set to 12 o'clock? Also, how do you know what effect the FX knob alters (sometimes it works, other times it doesn't do anything) I have saved DLs to My Tones. Cant find a use for Favourites or how to use it?
  11. AndrewH13


    Colonel, its not iTunes metadata it uses, but any standard metadata. I use dbpoweramp to convert CDs and embed artwork. MP3tag is a free way of doing it. I don't like iTunes method of having separate attached files, with cover art missing if you use the track elsewhere. Just as well its not iTunes related, otherwise Android Users (if it gets released) would struggle! Of course, you don't even need metadata of the track on your device, you can just search for tracks as I found out from here earlier.
  12. Not so much this non-valve amp 'not getting better with volume', but 'does it shine with less?' The DT25 has a low wattage mode, some Marshall practice amps have 1 or even 0.1 watt modes to ensure they are driven well. Also, would the 150 and 75 watt models be equal to each other at a certain low lounge/bedroom volume playing high gain tones? I take it the four pre-sets can be modified with your stored i/cloud tones? Despite being marketed as lounge/live use I really think this is predominantly aimed for home practice and such seems an interesting product. If it had a Variax connection, I would definitely get it to avoid buying another JTV battery!! Be my excuse anyway :)
  13. At 75 and 150 watts, will it get the great overdriven sounds at low volume? I know its not valve (my 5 watts Blackstar HT5 is too loud for bedroom use to be really extended) so being Solid State and using imported tones, is the wattage irrelevant?
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