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  1. Midi Guitar 2 a great thing , I also prefer it to Tripleplay at times, and it is definitely a superior amp plugin host as well, and plays nicely with Native..the only major drawbacks are inability to do polyphonic pitch bends (solo bends are fine if you’ve matched bend ranges properly) and the lack of true monophonic channel assignments, but as used @amsdenj ‘ s style, can be an inspiration to play
  2. Fremen and MBritt hit my sweet spot.
  3. it is my contention that this same annoying,yet perversely entertaining yutz is currently trying out a new trolling scheme right now over the Fractal Forum under the the username One...(not a coincidence IMO) where it posted an audio clip of the G&R Sweet Child lick claiming it was played by the alleged One with an axefx Preset it created (I think it’s a played by Slash stem) and demanding accolades for for the awesome immediately smelled to me like the work of our ole buddy ItsSlash, the Guitarist ,, so I posted the now legendary Andy Summers vid as an inside joke /inference to the forumites over there who had as much fun/ frustration with its previous attempts at the MIAB threads over there as we did here.....but I had Not yet seen this newest thread. Til just now... my mild suspicions about one/IamtheOne seem confirmed..
  4. Option 2 is best for you, then just import your backed up user set lists back in, your IRs remain as they were..
  5. in the meantime , those of you who are jonesing for some new reverbs, if yer lucky enough (?) to be a Mac user, yesterdays Logic Pro update has several very juicy ones. some with awesome visuals..........
  6. Another nice BeyerDynamic choice is the Amiron...very comfy and accurate
  7. You can use your variax with Workbench thru the Helix connection
  8. My brand new iMac Pro crashes Logic every time I try to open Native in LPX,
  9. Not to my knowledge.....the IR management continues to get insufficient attention from the devs, IMHO
  10. Yes, it is almost unthinkable that this was implemented at all.
  11. I have not played on my Helix hardware as of yet, but my upgraded Native sounds better to me, with a lower noise floor....
  12. I am many miles away from my Helix, but have Native loaded on my MacBook and updated last night...I like it a lot , in addition to the new amp and FX, all of which seem to have some value, it appears to me that some under the hood work may have been done to clean up the noise floor a bit, but maybe that’s a little upgrade placebo effect.....but in general, seems a worthy effort .
  13. He has not come thru my region of USA with the new guy yet, but I may travel to Australia in February to catch some shows.. I saw this tour earlier this summer..and have gone to 35+ shows since he started this project in 2006, and was a promoter for a ZPZ concert a couple years ago...and got to hop on stage and sing background vocal on Cozmlk Debris! Lifelong dream sorta fulfilled (wish his dad was there....)
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