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  1. Yup - working fine now in the beta version I have. Controlling from Helix withut problems
  2. Hey, I connected Helix via USB+camera connection kit to my ipad and the Quantiloop (ver 2) looper app. When doing that, the buffer size parameter on quantiloop is stuck at buffer size 128 (not a problem to change to 256, 512, 1024 while not connected to helix). When I record a track in quantiloop like this, I can send the midi commands from helix to the app on the ipad without any problems, but I get the recorded sound back with clicks/pops... and I think it has to do with the buffer size... This is annoying, but except for that quantiloop looks like a cool app! (BTW - no problem when using Loopy HD in a similar way...)
  3. Anyone saw a manual for this thing? No manual on the line 6 page...
  4. It may be a mono vs. stereo thing. I have to check that. Right now I'm using the 1/4'' output to a single amp, and so there might be a problem there. I don't know of a way to mix between looper sounds of only the playback vs. whatever you play over it by using 2 paths - I would love learning how to do that :)
  5. As I said, the looper playback is at 0.0dB which is the maximum....
  6. Hi, I noticed that when I record a loop (single layer), the volume of its playback drops quite a lot compared with anything I play on it (even not overdubbing another loop on it), or compared to the volume when I recorded it. I think it was like that also in the HD500, but not this bad. This happens when in the looper (mono looper) settings I have "playback" and "overdub" at 0 dB, and the low/high cuts are at 20Hz/20kHz. Is there any way to increase the volume of the playback (and not the volume of what I play over it....)? Thanks!
  7. When is the next editor update expected then?
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