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  1. I got drop outs when using Win7 x64 - switched to x86 and no problems. Do you use wireless? That could distrub the card.
  2. Tried it all but no go. Switched to x86 and no stutter so I guess it has todo with the x64-bit.
  3. First off - im swedish so my spelling migh be a bit poor. I got myself an UX2. Worked fine in windows XP but now I use win7 x64. Problem is that is seems to fight with my graphic card. Only when using UX2 - the onboard card seems to handle every thing good. No stutter no choped sounds. The stutters and choped sound are not gliches or such casued by to much ASIO overload. The stutter leaves "big gaps" in the sound. I dont really know whats the problem - or if anyone else has these. Should I go back using x86 or?
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