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  1. Yes why ? Also noticed in midi-ox that snapshot mode doesnt send midi - out of snapshot mode it does Well if one was to try and change a snapshot in helix native in daw you would hit a button and it would turn on an effect in pod go - going to try it with studio one in a bit but thinking its going to be pretty involved to get pod go to change my snapshots in daw - only want it to do that an expression pedals :( Going to ask Line6 support also
  2. Hi Guys: Going crazy here cant get Pod to assign any switches or expression pedal in daw (cakewalk bandlab) to control snapshots and volume in helix native - looked everywhere for help but no luck Downloaded midi-ox buttons showed they were working but not expression pedal - now midi-ox shows nothing working - not very good at this stuff any help would be much appreciated - thanks
  3. rsvette12

    Midi question

    Well I like you Guys better :)
  4. rsvette12

    Midi question

    Thanks Guys yes here in the North East it was late - appreciate your help By the way ordered one yesterday and didnt think to look into midi capabilities as I need a decent interface for helix native and didnt think of controlling snapshots and wah - volume pedal with the unit until after ordered
  5. rsvette12

    Midi question

    Hmm guess not many Pod Go's being sold pretty dead around here
  6. rsvette12

    Midi question

    Does it send and receive midi commands so I can change snapshots and use wah and volume pedal in a daw using helix native ? thanks guys
  7. I think I only need new drivers for guitar interface I have on the way - makes it simple so windows doesnt go crazy lol Soundog hope all is well Brother
  8. Your going to kill me can unload all the drivers not sure if I should to run native - thanks
  9. Thanks Buddy appreciate it
  10. Hi Buddy: Sold my Helix LT so I think I dont need it anymore correct ? just running native now - thanks much
  11. I would assume I can unload HX Edit if I am only running Native correct ? thanks
  12. Good point I think that keyboard over ride may have been added later I dont remember it being there but its been a year since using Native
  13. Hope this helps someone you need to click keyboard in helix native - found something on web stating that - didnt even notice it
  14. Hi heres one for you never saw this before I cant input screen name and password in helix native password sign in screen - if I type a letter daw (cakewalk bandlab) performs the shortcut key command to do a function - its like the native sign in screen is not there What I have to do to get around it is copy and paste info from a text file - strange one any ideas folks ? thanks
  15. Posted on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/203016763296?ul_noapp=true
  16. Ah line6 folks got right back to me no un-registration needed its will get re-registered with new owner when they register it under their line6 account
  17. Hi Guys: Looking to sell my LT - going to use native for now - how do I unregister it to sell it not seeing it in account but it was registered Also mint condition less than a year old comes with black raven protector and mooer foot switch toppers 950$ shipped in USA lower 48 all original packaging etc. if interested before I ebay it Thanks for looking
  18. You may have to reload the line6 drivers some times when you update windows 10 you have to reinstall some drivers seen that before Oops helps to read you reinstalled helix drivers - try another usb port as rd2rk mentions you prob all ready did also check the usb chord in the back of helix its a pos its doesnt engage well
  19. Doesnt answer your question but download cakewalk by bandlab its free and awesome - could look a bit better but it works great and I've used most of them
  20. Under all software menu (top in the middle) native is there and then pick your operating system and hit go https://line6.com/software/index.html
  21. Easiest update ever - launch Helix Edit bam - doesnt get easier
  22. Would it be as simple as recording wet track from floor then applying native vst on track then changing the preset to something else in with native ?
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