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  1. Thanks try it asap - appreciate it
  2. Guys you are the best - Silver you nailed it - I was using asio in daw not helix - much better now - thanks so much :)
  3. Thanks Buddy PC - OS win10 - Studio one - helix connected usb right to computer - Headphone out cable to amps - headphones plugged into amps - 1 preamp little dot iii and an emotiva main amp It records just not the same quality I am hearing real time in headphones
  4. Hi Guys: Just using headphones on a PC with a backing track in a daw - if I play the helix tone sounds great but after I record it the sound of helix track doesnt sound good (the same as what I am hearing) - like a lot of the effects are missing - I just want to do wet recording Any ideas what might be the issue ? thanks much
  5. Great will do - should not be a big deal Just beware dont over crank the preamp - noticed streaming youtube backing tracks get a little strange like a bit of lag may be my pc keeping up - its an average laptop
  6. Im at work I have studio one not seeing this issue speak of - check what audio device is being used in studio one should be helix i would assume - I dont know until 7 hours from now - I will check it out for you - apo can be tricky but worth it - you like it otherwise ?
  7. Be careful blow your ears out :) Doesnt boost a usb signal - it boost the loudness of your sound card - never heard of anything boosting a usb signal
  8. Yes if your using a pc - this is free its amazing apo 1.2.1 and you can add peace program after to compliment it - both have a preamp - you must have apo first
  9. Thanks much - to much fuss - rather spend time playing :)
  10. Hi Guys: Can I control Helix native with LT floorboard and record - wah - snapshots & preset changing - thanks much
  11. No disrespect - I know the difference before and after adding a quality headphone amp its night and day - to each his own - good luck with whatever you decide
  12. I have a little dot III as preamp and a Emotiva A-100 Amp - if I want it warmer I turn up the tube amp - more digital Emotiva would get turned up - basically just keep it on the warm side Emotiva is very hard to find and you probably dont want to spend as much has I did I use Sennheiser HD 650 - 300ohm Headphones If I were you I would spring for a little dot III - nothing older - just do your homework on the ohms of your headphones as mine is 300 and yours is 80 You will be blown away when you use a quality amp Amp gets routed cables from helix out into amp - headphones plug into amp Good luck money well spent like be there especially with 2 amps - its crazy good - tons of head room - really loud which is good to have great quality without cranking it FYI - I bought cheap amp - waste of money better spent on a quality unit
  13. Been very slow - also signing in every 5 mins is getting really old, maybe why most are going to that other site
  14. Yup thought you say that - good luck
  15. I wondered what this was all about also - check out Jasons video on subject
  16. Those presets were definitely loaded by someone other than line6 - it was used bye someone else before you - no biggie unit is probably fine and you have free payware presets
  17. Try this preset think you will like it :) https://line6.com/customtone/tone/4848253/
  18. Marco from youtube says it can be used in front of a helix - maybe ebay :)
  19. Pretty cool would it work in front of a helix ? thanks
  20. Sounds great - good luck - have fun :)
  21. Good luck - why are you selling all your gear getting out of it or switching to another modeler ? thanks
  22. Sell native software in Native forum - better chance of selling it
  23. rsvette12

    Volume Question

    Found this big difference - You have to set the volume pedal to "logarithmic" thanks to Jlondon for that Putting volume pedal on cab or channel or amp etc. without a volume block still stands what are you Guys doing thanks much
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