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  1. Does this pack offer anything newer than previous Pink Floyd offerings - it says 81 songs that seems to be more than before - thanks Buddy
  2. Safe to assume this wont mean anything to Helix Native right ?
  3. Are you talking about controlling a vst - volume wah - preset change etc. yes all kinds of things works great with Helix Native - amplitube - bias etc. Just got one and luv it - works great in studio one - you can also assign controller assignments to studio one gui also
  4. Thanks uninstalled it - seems asoi4all doesnt play well with sonarworks 4 - if you are not aware of this program its great not cheap but I think it was a great purchase - if your a headphone user as much has I am it makes adjustments to your specific headphones - pretty amazing difference - My sennheiser hd650's sound really nice now They have a 21 day demo I bought it in 2 mins - 99$ - give it a try pretty nice stuff
  5. Restarted pc opened studio one can here youtube with studio one opened but only have dry guitar - helix native is not working and thinking if I play with asio4all driver I can get helix native to work again but then loose youtube again like to jam to backing tracks with youtube in the background
  6. Your going to kill me I cant hear youtube now with asio4all driver any thoughts on how to get that working again ? thanks Also noticing driver shuts off and come back on again periodically something strange going on here
  7. Sorry to hijack your post my friend - happy to report asio4all did the trick - seems much better now :) yeah
  8. I am going to try asio4all tonight - tried in past but will revisit it - I've been reading line6 driver is way better but that doesnt seem to be the case
  9. Thanks Guys good info I will play with buffer settings etc. some more I could use 256 or 512 cant remember exactly with Helix LT but now I am at 1024 in Studio one settings - just wondering why its different now
  10. There is no clock setting in the Pod Go interface actually not a lot of settings compared to a Helix
  11. Can you tell me about the clock what do I check ? Are you talking about 44hz vs 48hz in unit and windows - daw settings being the same ? thanks - build a pc with my eyes closed suc at this stuff
  12. Thanks much - didnt notice any pops when I had helix lt floor so not sure whats going on - I am computer savvy so tweaked the heck out of my win10 laptop to eliminate that as an issue pretty much - pops started after I sold LT Floor - same laptop being used with Pod Go That said I would want a powered interface for sure - a usb powered interface wont cut it - had to pay some bills so my custom $6000 pc build had to go so going low budget at the moment My Z06 corvette takes priority - $80,000 but 2 years left its mine lol
  13. Quick question have noticed a few pops with pod go as an interface and wondering if the 8i6 is really that much better - mostly wondering about the sound compared to the helix sound as an interface does it sound different - better worse ? thanks much Appreciate any feedback you may have dont want to ditch Pod Go and find out Focusrite doesnt sound as good Other than a bit of latency the sound is great in my daw using helix native and Pod Go
  14. Thanks not on my home pc now - have to play with it - assume you save a preset with usb 3 as output lets say in pod go edit ?
  15. line6 specialist very cool can you help me with this post please :) thanks much
  16. What would be best settings to use Pod Go to use as an interface only as I am running Helix Native Found out that as an interface it works (sounds) better than just your usual interface so will keep it for that purpose only Any thoughts on the best global settings for this purpose and would assume you just load a new blank preset and turn all effects off ? I think its just wet signal to daw out of the box correct ? Seem to have it working as such but want to be sure - thanks guys
  17. Make sure you're not also monitoring your hardware inputs At 5:30 this might help i'm not a reaper power user
  18. Russ let me know if your around please few questions - thanks
  19. I just sold my LT going cheaper road put a lot of money into a bass boat so the bills were plying up - see what I can do with the midi commander some more - works good for positive - amplitude etc. but part of the problem is native is not standalone which is a pia
  20. Thansk Pal have to look into that software need a front end program for sure I got rigkontrol 3 to work before with helix native but thats also a audio interface and dont want to go that route going to use the pod for that - seems rock solid no pops and noises
  21. Thank you much Phil I really suc at this midi crap - all I want to do is change snapshot have a wah and volume in helix native in daw - cant believe its this hard pod is useless to me other than it is a great interface
  22. debating that thanks a lot involved with that one to get it working doesnt come with software not really in the mood for that - Ill figure it out - pod manual says it does midi on page 38 / 39 so not sure why they even proposed it in manual
  23. Well thats not good - bought a middi commander but thats not quite working out pretty limited any suggestions for a usb midi device that would work ? thanks much
  24. Due to Native not being standalone like the rest is very difficult to get it working - also have melaudio midi commander - daw sees that but cant assign anything in native
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