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  1. I meant no offence to silverhead. Yes he is a great help on this forum..however...I was looking for a representative with Line6 to give us a little shimmer of hope. I'm not just looking for new presets..I'm looking for some issues that have been brought up with the system to be addressed. Many people have reported various glitches and I have experienced the same...freezing up..etc.
  2. Silverhead..If you are going to quote so properly. I never said we were promised updates...This,as far as I am aware, is the soul purpose of a dedicated site for posting your ideas for upcoming releases. My question for Line6....not someone with the designation of Line 6 expert because you have posted nearly 12 000 times to this we get a little bit of hope that some of these ideas that are under review..will be implemented in an upcoming update...
  3. Ya know...I am very happy with my Line6 system. I still brag about it...and I USE to encourage others to purchase this system. The soul purpose of the product feedback page is for us "the users" to submit ideas that we would like to see in the next update/new products. What is the point? There have been no updates, news, products in the Stagescape system. Disappointed is an understatement. I see "under review." What does this mean to us..if nothing is implemented. The least I would expect is something from Line6 saying that...we're working on an update...give us all a little have our of the reasons I purchased the system was the fact that there would be new and exciting updates to the M20d. I've seen one..back in 2013!!! I have money to spend on LIne6 products..but the lack of updates is very discouraging to say the least. Come on Line6..or Yamaha..or whoever owns this company now...
  4. In my 25+ years experience..I've had equipment fail..several times. Never had an issue getting a loaner from the local retailer where I spend ALL of my money. lol. Don is right on this..would be much more efficient for the dealer to help you out as they would most likely have a "replacement" in stock..rather than waiting for the manufacturer to ship one..
  5. Sadly had to bring unit in for service (luckily still under warranty.) Record function does not work on the M20d but will work when triggered from the ipad! Hopefully get it fixed soon....
  6. I thought I seen somewhere on here awhile ago about a stuck pin and was fixed using a toothpick...not sure if this is related or not... *** was in the reference that Octo777 listed above***
  7. That is pretty much why I asked the question. We don't really know the actual statistics. Not everyone that owns these are on this forum but the ones that are and have the issue are complaining (and rightfully so). We're not seeing the big picture here. If we are looking at say a 0.5 percent rate of return...that's not bad...if it is over 5 percent..then I can see this being an issue. Any product is susceptible to issues..especially this early in the game for them. I am a new supporter of Line 6 and will continue to be. Maybe someone from Line 6 can shed some light on these numbers?
  8. I would like to know the number of units sold vs the number of complaints of this issue. Is everyone that is experiencing this problem finding the issue at the same frequency?
  9. I think the "right" thing for Line6 to do in this situation is to upgrade everyone with the issue to an L3. It's a bigger beast but at least you will have usable equipment. I was preparing to purchase 3 L2M's to complete my system but I will wait until this issue is resolved...
  10. Thanks Larry...but it's the hardware button on the left side..haven't had a chance to try it since...
  11. Right you are...will try later and report back...thanks
  12. There was a file there at our previous rehearsal and never had an issue. I guess I will have to format the card on the pc and try again...
  13. Ok...this just happened to me yesterday. I have not had a chance to test again but I'm wondering if anyone has had this. When I press the Record function on the left hand does Removed and reinserted the SD Card..rebooted...tried everything. Button wouldn't light up or go into the Record Mode...Am I an idiot or is there something weird happening?
  14. I am using and Apple Airport Express with the Apple branded ethernet adapter. Never had a problem with disconnects until v1.2 upgrade. Is this a known issue with the update or should I reset my router and try again?
  15. I think it's great to see videos like this. Unfortunately the audio quality is only as good as the mic on the camera. I don't think this video was meant as a representation of the quality of sound..but the quality of musicians using the gear! ;)
  16. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from here in Canada! I was hoping for an M20d update for Christmas...I guess Santa didn't get my list..hahah...
  17. I agree gordwait. As long as Line6 keeps it's engeneering and software development remains the same we should be ok. I hope.
  18. Hi...I did test last night with different scenes/setups but with the same result. If I turn it dead works half decent but not like it should...I think it may be time for another call...They tell me that it is designed to only work at a certain rate of speed so that users will not accidentally turn it to max. I just don't recall it ever doing that before the update...
  19. Yes..that's what I will be doing this evening as well...gonna try it with different setups/scenes, etc.
  20. got off the phone with the fine folks at The US support team. Apparently this is NOT a hardware issue. The encoder is designed this only operates at a fixed rate of speed. If you spin the wheel too will act erratically. Must try it at a slower speed when I get home to see if it works as it should. I thought it started happening after I did the update but I guess I only just noticed it at that time...(Still think something funky is
  21. Have to agree with TheRealZap on this one as well. I too am an IT specialist by trade and have been working in the field for 20+ years...I would have the same mindset as bassforlife2013..but..The M20d is a different animal than your typical PC.
  22. Yes...the same thing is happening to me since updating...just haven't had time to reload the firmware...hopefully this will cure it..
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