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  1. Okay, got it working. Had to adjust level under Applications > Utilities > Audio Devices.
  2. Hello and happy 2016 everybody! I have used my HD500x for USB recording for a year now but always in mono. So today I switched to stereo and noticed that the right channel is always much louder than left channel. This applies to all patches, including those which shipped with the product. But if I listen with headphones from device's headphone jack, everything is in balance. Any idea of why I'm having the issue with USB to DAW? Thanks in advance! PS: I'm on El Capitan, latest drivers and firmwares
  3. Same here. My HD500X now works with 10.11.1 Beta (15B38b). Although I had to re-install audio drivers via Monkey.
  4. Hi, exactly the same initial question drives my mad as well. (I think I understand the POST and PRE differences quite well). What happens is: - I record a loop in POST mode. - When I go and swich patches, the looper stays on POST mode but the loop volume changes. It shouldn't. - This happens only when my DT25 is on normal volume mode and does not occur when the amp is set to low volume mode.
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