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  1. Just the fact that I was able to demo the DT, whereas I couldn't find anywhere near me with the L2 or 3, and really liked it even as a standalone amp, with no pod or Variax.
  2. Absolutely right :) I bought my JTV-59 in August, then started to find out about the Dream Rig, them GAS kicked in, got my 500x in January and now have a DT25 as well :)
  3. Possibly, I've got my desktop at 16xx X 1050 I think.
  4. No help, I know, but it's all working as it should for me on Win 8.1
  5. Thanks Radatats and The RealZap, some useful info there. I knew some effects work better before and some after but I can never remember which is which :)
  6. You're in good company, I'm a complete novice at it too, still trying to get my head around it all. I don't think it matters which side of the the amp you put the effects, although some sound better before it and others after it, experiment and see what sounds good. You can even have two different amps, one on the top bit and one on the bottom and switch between them. It really is an incredible bit of kit, the amp sounds brilliant on it's own too. The Brown Sugar patch is great isn't it? :)
  7. Just completed the Dream Rig myself, so it's all pretty new to me too. I'm using an AES/EBU cable, cost me around £10 on eBay, seems to be working fine. I think the thing to do with patches is make sure you're using the pre-amp model on the HD500, then from what I can gather, the amp does the rest.
  8. Thanks Metalchef, that's exactly what I was asking.
  9. Just got a DT25 yesterday and was playing around with it on it's own before hooking up my HD500X. I was just wondering, is there an equivalent of each of the four DT25 voices on the HD500X? Or if not what would be the closest to them? Or is it just a case of just plugging direct into the DT25 if you want to just use those four models?
  10. :) May as well try and get hold if the M-Audio then, sounds like an extra $35 is a small price to pay for the lack of frustration, remembering just how frustrating updating my Variax was !
  11. What sort of budget am I looking at for something decent that'll work?
  12. Maybe I'll give it a go then :) Do I just need a midi-USB cable?
  13. Just got a DT25 myself yesterday, reading all these FW upgrade problems everyone is having, and knowing how much fun I had trying to upgrade my Variax when I got it, I don't think I'll bother upgrading :) I already have an HD500X, so an upgrade won't give me any additional benefits anyway, will it?
  14. Thanks Wicket_Man, that's good to know. I don't think I'll bother updating then, as I'm unlikely to ever need to use the DT25 without the pod.
  15. Thanks. Still not sure if it gives me anything I don't already have with the HD500 though :) So am I right in thinking a Midi-USB cable would be all I need to do the update?
  16. So I finally completed the Dream Rig today, which started with a JTV 59 last August, then a 500x in January and finally a DT25 eaier today. I see that there is a firmware update available for the DT25, my question is, do I need it if I'm using the HD500? If so what do I need to do the actual update? I've got the little box thing that came with the JTV to connect to the PC can I use that or do I need something else? Thanks
  17. When I first hooked my JTV59 to my 500X I definitely thought it sounded better with a normal guitar cable than the VDI too. Being a complete novice at this I put it down to not having the pod set up properly for the Variax. I've got used to it now with the VDI, I'll have to try it again with a normal cable and see how it sounds.
  18. I don't think HD edit showed up in the list on Monkey at first when I did mine a few weeks back. I think I had to update some other stuff in Monkey first (maybe USB drivers or something, can't remember now) but once I'd update everything else, I'm pretty sure HD edit appeared as an update option.
  19. I suppose that's it at the end of the day, right way or wrong way, it's what sounds best to you is all that matters, however you get there. Just so long as I can't blow anything up sticking the wrong lead in the wrong hole, I'll have a play about at the weekend when I've got more time and see what works best :)
  20. Thanks for that. Good to hear of a fellow HT5 users experience. I'll do a bit more experimentation just going through the front. Output set to front combo or whatever it is, I take it?
  21. Thanks. After doing some more reading, I think I'm starting to get my head around it. Add a loop to any patch, then if I want to use the Blackstar, I switch the loop on and the amp models off. If I want to use the pod amp models, I turn the loop off and just use the Blackstar as a speaker, if you like. Or the other way around! Still get them mixed up, but I think that's the general idea, isn't it?
  22. I've got a Blackstst Ht5 which was away for repair for a month, while it was gone I got myself an HD500X, which with no amp, I was playing through headphones and it sounded great. The Blackstar is now back and in full working order, so now I want to use the HD500 through the HT5. What's the best way of doing it? I've currently got it all set up using the 4CM, cable-wise at any rate. In the pod settings do I need to set the output to Combo Power Amp, Combo Front or something else? Are there any other settings I need to change? I've been watching 4CM videos on Youtube and only succeeded in confusing myself even more :D In one of them, I saw that you have to put the effects loop into the patch, I assume this is necessary so you're actually using the loop, otherwise why use the 4CM in the first place? Should I be using the amp and or cab models from the pod or just using the effects? I mainly use a Variax JT59 but occasionally plug in other guitars too, which leads me onto another question, if I connect the Variax with a VDI cable it sounds different to if I connected it with a normal guitar cable, can't decide if either is better or worse than the other, but definitely different. Is there an input setting I should be changing? As I said all this is totally confusing me, so please feel free to explain it to me like I'm an idiot :lol: Thanks
  23. Thanks guys. I knew it wouldn't charge it, but wasn't sure if it'd still be using the battery if it was in there.
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