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  1. Just for my own morbid curiosity, which holiday(s) are we talking about? I can destroy a set of non-coated strings in less than a week.... can't wait till Christmas to change 'em out. ;)
  2. Somebody just finished reading "How To Win Friends and Influence People"...
  3. I have no idea what "getting asked for a token" means... but what I do know is that nobody who might be able to answer your question will see this in here. Post it in the Amplifi forum.
  4. You could preview stuff until you're blue in the face, and there's still absolutely zero guarantee that it would sound anything like what you heard when you actually get your hands on it... for precisely the reasons listed above. There are simply too many variables. And having only one common denominator (the patch) is woefully insufficient to yield anything that approaches tonal continuity from one user to the next. With my first modeler, I downloaded hundreds of patches from Customtone in a futile attempt to find anything useful. Never ended up using a single one of them. No amount of "previewing" would have changed that outcome, no matter how glorious they might have sounded in someone else's posted sound clip. Customtone is a nice concept, but in the end it is nothing more than a marketing gimmick, and almost entirely useless in real-world applications.
  5. Two words: $hitty platform.
  6. Stay with me, because this one is a bit of a curve ball...but if you want a Marshall sound, I'd start with one of the Marshall amp models. ;)
  7. It's obviously a hardware problem, so it's unlikely that there's anything you'll be able to do about it yourself. If there are no qualified repair places for you to take it, then I'm afraid you're going shopping....
  8. Only that it's an 12-ish year old product at this point, for which there have been no updates of any significance since 2014 or so. Stand by for someone to chime in with "there have been more recent updates than that!"... and while technically true, they've only been minor bug fixes, and the addressing of compatibility issues with Workbench for the Standards, which were introduced later. In terms of modeled sounds or functionality, there's been nothing genuinely new in Variax Land for nearly 8 years (an eternity in today's techno-world), so the current versions are clearly no longer being developed. Smart money says that the next iteration, whatever it may be, is probably not far off... exactly when is anybody's guess, of course.
  9. It's like buying headphones... you'll either love or hate whatever you get... unless you can try them first, you kinda have to cross your fingers and hope for the best. Just make sure that the wire is replaceable... that'll be what eventually craps out. The earpieces themselves should last forever as long as you don't knock them around too much.
  10. You can't find it because it doesn't exist... you asked for a way to make the same change(s) to a whole bunch of existing patches... making the same change to everything simultaneously would be the definition a "global edit". But unfortunately there is no way to do what you're asking. It is what it is...
  11. Nope... can't make the same global edit across multiple existing patches simultaneously.
  12. They could issue a green one for St. Patty's Day, and call it the Gaelix...
  13. You'll have to be a bit more specific... what exactly happens? "It blocks itself" doesn't convey much...
  14. Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on being the first user in modeling history for whom this has proven to be true by default, without actually having to make it happen. For proof I refer you to any of the other 7381 "Why isn't the volume the same on all my patches?!?!?!??!?!" threads that have been polluting this forum (and likely others) for years on end. Don't know how you did it, and perhaps it was just dumb luck...but whether by accident or design, it deserves a tip of the hat. ;) Can't argue with that...
  15. How bout the Line 6 "Awesome"? I can see the brochure already, lol...;)
  16. I sympathize with your plight, but don't be surprised when there isn't a stampede of folks volunteering to crack open their devices for a photo shoot. If I were you, I'd bite the bullet and open a service ticket before it ends up more f*cked up than it already is...
  17. It'll "work good" with any quality output device(s)... headphones, studio, monitors, PA, etc etc. The magic bullet is not what you choose to monitor your sound with, but understanding what a modeler is and isn't, and learning how to use one properly, no matter who makes it.. A word to the wise, however... don't expect instant "plug and play" gratification. That's not gonna happen no matter what you buy.
  18. Simply put, no. There is no audio device on earth "that good". Do battle with the Fletcher-Munson curve and the realities of the human perception of sound if you must, but you will loose 100% of the time.
  19. There's really no magic formula that'll work equally well for everybody. Much of whether or not you'll take to the whole Variax thing, particularly with regard to success with the acoustic models, boils down to your mechanics... the dynamics (or lack thereof) in your playing, and how much you tend to "dig in" to the strings. I find that the acoustic models need a much lighter touch to be convincing. All of this is directly related to your comfort level with how the guitar is set up, which of course involves your personal preference for string gauge. I don't know about you, but when I pick up a guitar that isn't set up well, or even one that is properly set up, but with a string gauge that's out of my comfort zone, I can't play for sh*t. The action, proper intonation, neck relief, etc are all critical...more so when using piezo pickups than traditional mags. Proper intonation is especially important, as this will affect how well the alt tunings algorithms work. Action and relief, with an eye towards minimal to no string buzz is a close second.
  20. Preheat oven to 350° and bake for 20 minutes, turning every 3-5 minutes, or until the fire department shows up...;)
  21. Even if there is, it'll be easier to find a pearl in a pig's ear, than to get an official endorsement from the powers that be to do so...
  22. Official recommendations notwithstanding, I seriously doubt you'll have issues with 9's. While 10's are usually touted as the most commonly used gauge, 9's are a very close second. So it's a virtual certainty that there are plenty of Variaxers out there using them... and if it were really causing widespread mechanical problems, believe me, we'd know by now... because legions of unhappy "9-ers" would have been screaming about it from the rooftops for years, especially around here. We'd be drowning in "I can't believe I spent $1K on a guitar that I can't put 9's on!" threads... but I digress. If you've been playing 9's forever and that's your comfort zone, it's far more likely that you'll have difficulty playing on a heavier gauge, than you are to have a problem with the function of the guitar. Maybe you'd get used to it, and maybe you wouldn't. Going down a gauge is easy... up, not so much, unless you've got young fingers. By the time I was 20, I was playing on 11's exclusively. Now with (nearly) 50 year old hands, bending on 11's ain't as easy as it used to be, so I'm back to 10's...c'est la vie. Bottom line is, use what's comfortable... either way, you have nothing to lose but 6 bucks on a set of strings... and that's if you actually experience a problem with 9's. Go back to 10's if you find it necessary, but there will be no permanent damage to the guitar.
  23. I love a good old fashioned righteous indignation rage fit, don't you? ;) Especially on stage... it's good for knocking a few points of the diastolic. Of course, unless he's a platinum selling artist he most likely will not be invited back to play at Walt's Trout Hut again, but that's show business. Destroy on, friend! Lmao...
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