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  1. Good reading... Once again, I wonder why the global EQ is not set as default to mimic Cab frequencies. Wouldn't this be ideal?
  2. To start off with, I'd like to suggest the John Browne tone pack for the Helix. Works great for progressive metal/ djent. In my experience this works well with guitars with active pickups. Not sure what exactly you need to make it work with passives. Contains cleans, classic and modern high gain tones. Uses in built cabs and is available at: EQ to taste Sound sample available at
  3. Hi There , I'd like to open up this thread as a repository for great metal tones to use with the Helix. I would also like some important criteria to be indicated when sharing presets. 1. Mix ready or stage ready 2. Suggested Pickup configuration 3. Sub-Genre (Progressive/ Death/ Djent etc.) 4. Suggested IRs (possibly direct share if free) 5. General tips/ improvements 6. Link to tone/ preset (possibly direct share if free) 7. Sound Sample if possible. There are of course in no particular order. Please upvote the tones you like as well.
  4. There are no Line 6 Helixes readily available where I'm located. Some kind of threat? Lol - how is any part of this thread meant to be a threat? If you don't have anything meaningful to contribute, please stay off this thread...
  5. My Helix doesn't sound good through ATH M50x's. Any idea why this is happening?
  6. Hey man, Something at which I'm ok with for now.
  7. Still no feedback on the tone....? And Hello Mr. Igloo...
  8. John Browne Presets. Absolutely nothing tweaked. Beautiful in a mix I think And on it's own What do you guys think? Decision made for me - I'm keeping the Helix! And to answer a previous question - I wrote to the seller of the Helix and informed them that I will return it if I can't sell it. My local classifieds just so happened to have an AD for someone who wanted to buy a Helix...crazy right?
  9. Hmmm....Most people recommend keeping the Helix and working on it... For me, tweaking is taking away a lot of time which I don't really have... I have horrid fizz (the bad kind) coming out of my hi-gain patches. Here's a typical signal chain: 1. 808 OD 2. Amp - PV panama 3. Noise gate 4. IR - 3 Sigma Mesa OS 4x12 V30 (SM57 mic normally). 5. EQ What's wrong? Btw...Potential buyer lined up...
  10. Amp for 1st tone - PV Panama, with 3 Sigma MESA oversized IR. 2nd Tone - I believe it's a mark 4, used as a preamp and Ola's custom IR. Btw, Just for kicks - took the Helix test today:
  11. Thanks for the compliment ! The general feeling now is that it's much easier to get a good tone out of the AX8. The second clip was in fact made with Ola Englund's preset from the blind comparison series (MKiiC emulation). The tone I'm looking for is something along the lines of Periphery, Monuments (I know John Browne demoed the Helix, but it isn't his main sound source), Gojira, etc. Here's what I consider a good example: A few hours left to decide!
  12. Another attempt
  13. FYI..I am using 3rd party IRs. Clip is double tracked.
  14. be clear...I have never used anything from Fractal opinions on their stuff are based entirely on what I've read and heard online... However, there was a big gap (for line 6) where Fractal took over the market for modelers and has continued improving their algorithms. Now, I basically need to know if the Helix can actually get me where the Hi-gain tones I want (think Gojira, Periphery etc.) or not... Looking for ways to improve my tone (as per the clip) and get there...or not...
  15. Today, I have to decide whether I return my Line 6 helix or keep it and keep tweaking. I've satisfied with the clean sounds I'm getting out of the helix but am not quite convinced about the hi-gain stuff. Below is a sample of the sound I've been able to get out the helix. What do you think is missing? My other consideration would be the Fractal AX8 of course which has the following pros (based on what I've heard/ read online): 1. Better sounds (amps, cabs and effects) - sounds also seem more organic! 2. Regular firmware updates and improvements to (digital) models 3. Better presets But, this would be significantly more expensive for me as I'd have to invest in an expression pedal and an audio interface. The pros I see in favor of the helix are: 1. Works as a USB audio interface 2. Built in expression pedal 3. Dynamic DSP and no limitation on how many instances of a particular block can be used (I believe the AX8 can support only one instance of each effect/ amp block) 4. Routing options (not 100% sure I'd use all these though!) 5. Easier to repair/ service (if the need should arise). 6. Better support than previous Line 6 products, including free updates with new amps etc. What do you guys think? Keep the helix or return it? P.S. Excuse the poor playing...I'm a bit rusty.. :)
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