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  1. Things are looking a bit different yes...but maybe not enough for some... I do believe these changes will have a positive effect on everyone involved... And for the record, Ideascale seems a little dead from the admin POV. Ideas already implemented still exist there. Most other ideas are "Under Review". Again, not too convincing for me personally. But I'm keeping the faith. Both in Line 6 and in my choices. :).
  2. This is something I see very often on this forum. Somebody speaks their mind (albeit in a not too positive manner) and a bunch of forumers gang up to correct/ silence him. Everyone is entitled to their opinion guys and girls! So you are happy with the way things are going with the Helix? Fine. Say your bit. Keep being happy. We live in a day/ age where products/ services/ platforms need to continuously improve to retain their customer base. As someone rightly pointed out earlier, Fractal and Kemper are doing this. Line 6 does not: 1. Share their plans for the future 2. Beta test their firmware updates 3. Release regular, timely upgrades All of which is doing them some harm IMHO. What line 6 has is a much bigger customer base, and a very active forum. Why not use these to get input/ feedback, directly from your customers and try things out with them? The few posts about lack of regular updates are likely the ones being read by prospective buyers and given undue consideration. So far it looks like the same old Line 6 story. One major update a year into release. And the next one, a minor update 9 months down the line? Not very encouraging for those of us who have put their trust in Line 6 (and continue to do so). What I hope we all want, is to be using the world's best modeler, with the best features, and not something that just "works" for a lot of people (with a lot of tweaking :)). Should Line 6 release their plans and timelines towards achieving this, this would then put pressure on them to meet the expectations they define. Which I believe they should be capable of coping with. I hope we can all work to making this a forum where every form of opinion is encouraged. Criticism, appreciation etc., and where Line6 finally opens up to the gold mine on their hands :). Peace!
  3. Updated with Troll's tone (thanks!), minus the compressor. Sounds a little too distant to me... What do you guys think? Again, need more time with these :).
  4. Using the PV Panama Amp.... Just listened to it and realize the tone needs quite a bit of work. This particular sound however, was achieved in about 5 minutes, copying Troll1337's signal chain, hence not bad :).. Need more time with these but awesome work JR.
  5. Here's my attempt: Pretty much copies Troll1337's setting coz I liked his tone :). Results are not too bad (scooooped). Could be better with some work I think....
  6. All the samples on here sound awesome so far... Great work Jim.. Will try to post something myself when time allows...
  7. Yup, just went there, asked a question, first answer was by Mr. CB "My premium Helix group blah blah blah..." I was like...WTH? Also, does anyone know preset settings to get the sound from the first minute or so of the demo above?
  8. Thanks! Got booted off the FB group myself by someone called Chad Boston for criticizing his self promotion.
  9. Zzz123


    Issue just started. Static on any part of the Helix. Can't touch the guitar input cable, can't play the guitar when connected to the cable. Speakers and Helix are on the same power source. Why is this happening and how do I solve it?
  10. Zzz123

    Noise from USB

    Do you have any additional audio outs connected from you're laptop to the speakers? RCA or 1/8 or something like that? I had a huge amount of USB buzz with my unit and got rid of most of it by disconnecting my 1/8" wire from the laptop output (which was connected to the same speakers I'm monitoring the Helix through).... Good luck. Do write to support. They're a bit slow, but helpful!
  11. Please vote on my ideas for some improvements to the Helix editor, including IR auditioning, built in looper, tuner and DSP indication.
  12. Great! Edited the idea accordingly. Please vote! Also, can you tell me how to do this?
  13. Hey Guys , Posted an idea with some suggestions to improve the Helix editor today. I would like to be able to: 1. Assign parameters to footswitches via the helix editor. 2. Audition IRs before loading them onto the Helix. Want to be able to quickly scroll through a bunch of IRs before picking one to load onto the Helix. 3. Have a dedicated looper with controls in the Editor. Instant looping without having to assign an effect and turn it on. Will make creating tones much easier in my opinion (if you don't want to go the DI route). 4. Tune my guitar from the editor screen itself. 5. See exactly how much DSP I'm taking up. I'm not sure if this has been covered earlier or not. If it hasn't, please vote!
  14. Working fine for me on windows 10 man...
  15. Has anyone tried the Fat Lazy Cabs pack on the Helix? Demos sound pretty good. http://fatlazycabs.b...t/fat-lazy-cabs I'm looking for good metal tone and considering: 1. Ownhammer 2. Redwirez 3. Fat Lazy cabs 4. Rosen Digital 5. 3 Sigma. What do you guys think?
  16. Is there another thread to discuss all impulses ?I missed it...
  17. To just play along with backing tracks, you could: 1. Use your mixer as an audio interface to playback the music from your pc. 2. Connect Helix to mixer via: a) XLR outs (2 cables) to XLR ins on mixer - pan one to L and one to R b) 1 x 1/4 out (mono only to 1 x 1/4 in on mixer) c) 2 x 1/4 out (mono only to 2 x 1/4 in on mixer) - pan one to L and one to R I think. You could of course take the suggestions above and leave the mixer out...unless you want to use it for something else as well?
  18. Has anyone tried the Fat Lazy Cabs pack on the Helix? Demos sound pretty good. I'm looking for good metal tone and considering: 1. Ownhammer 2. Redwirez 3. Fat Lazy cabs 4. Rosen Digital 5. 3 Sigma. What do you guys think?
  19. Can you clarify what you mean by " mix audio files with my Helix and play " Do you want to play along with a backing track or...? Also, which mixer do you have?
  20. Yes...had forgotten about all that. In general though, do cabs go above 10kHz or below 100Hz?
  21. Hey Duncan , I thought it was an issue with Windows where you couldn't assign different ins/ outs for different tracks. Read online this has something to do with the ASIO driver. Not true? If not, are you on Windows, which DAW do you use?
  22. Has anyone tried using the Helix's SPDIF output to their audio interface for recording? Would be glad to know the results. Also Q.1 How would reamping work like this? Q.2 Most cost effective setup to enable reamping in Windows ?(I can't seem to make this work through the USB interface of the Helix as I cannot set different Ins and Outs for different tracks).
  23. Hmmm...Notice I didn't ask to eliminate the Global EQ. Only that the default setting be set to mimic cab frequencies. Wouldn't this be useful?
  24. Simply put, Q defines how selective the frequency filter is. As you can see here, a high Q means a steep filter, with fewer frequencies (around the center frequency) getting attenuated or amplified. A low Q means a more gradual filter, with more frequencies getting attenuated or amplified. Hope this helps! Image courtesy:
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