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  1. Ownhammer - quality stuff. Not a very distinct character (for me), but fit well in a mix or playing on your own. 3Sigma - avoid (for me). Dull and Boring. Fat Lazy Cabs - Interesting, lots of character. Few options so easy to work with. Cabir.Eu - Very natural sounding. Orange IR. If you have the $, I would recommend Ownhammer, FLC and Cabir.EU. If you can or want to try just the one for now, I've heard nothing but good things about the Ownhammer Cailfornia Duo. Gods Cab is free and also highly recommended by some. Also, do watch John Browne (monuments) video - if you like that kind of tone, he shows how it can be done without any IRs.
  2. I would like to have it all ! :D Meaning yea, an editor that works independently sounds good....
  3. Heard this. Looking for a heavier sound...:)
  4. Anyone use these IRs for Metal? Lets hear some clips!
  5. Please vote for this idea on multiple splits per path. If you think it'd be useful of course :).
  6. Once again, no compulsion to join... If you're happy with things the way they are, kudos to you. Tc and Hf.
  7. I like the cleans with 3Sigma as well. Particularly the Vox AC15. Ownhammer's free sample seems to be good enough for High Gain stuff. Crunch - still unsure...:)
  8. There has been more than one negative experience on the current FB user group. As stated earlier, I want to avoid this. No compulsion to join man. Enjoy the Helix. Like your vids and looking forward to a lot more!
  9. Agree with both of you. But there is currently only admin on the group (as far as I know). Hoping to make this the real deal (with your support!)
  10. Fat Lazy Cabs also has a sale on. Not affiliated with them anyway..Have heard good things though...
  11. Has any tried Fat Lazy Cabs?
  12. Try the presets by Ritchie from Blue Oyster Cult. You might need a few IRs as well.... Good luck!
  13. +1 for the Archon. Kudos line 6... What are MIDIpants though?
  14. Agree with Peter here, doesn't clean up enough but feels and sounds good!
  15. What I would like have with this group is 0 negative experiences. Join us and help us get there :).
  16. Thought about this...Not everyone's on this forum. Whereas, almost everyone is on Facebook. We will have a bunch of neutral admins yes to keep things well...neutral... :)
  17. Join this group and help us get there ! :)
  18. My experience was the exact opposite Scotty. Came in, asked a question, first response "Join my Premium Group". Things got nasty after that :).
  19. Well, they're not all quite lollipops. People like Fremen and John Browne (Monuments) have created some awesome tone packs. What I do not like is where one asks a question and gets a response that goes "Join My Premium group". Lets use this group to help everyone!
  20. Hi Guys , After being frustrated with being asked to pay for help/ advice on other Helix Facebook groups, I've decided to start one for all of us! The goal here is to create a positive atmosphere where people are genuinely helpful to each other, and not hoping to make money off of "helping" others. As usual, the things I'm hoping will get done on this group are: 1. Preset sharing and improvement 2. Free IR sharing 3. Links to really great/ the best tone packs/ IRs (as voted on by members) 4. General help and advice 5. Troubleshooting Please join and share the word. Let's make this a success...:)
  21. Thanks for your response. Was totally unaware that non-Line 6 Beta testers existed. Thanks for that tidbit. I guess I should have said "public" Beta testing. Also, what is the release cycle for Helix updates? How is it regular?
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