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  1. Monkey version 1.67 seems to have fixed the problem! Flash Memory update successfully and now I have access to my patches via the Edit. I guess it is soved!
  2. Thats too bad! I`m really really disappointed! I contacted via email my local line6 support center and let's see what happens.
  3. Unfortunately the edit gives me errors that he cant receives patches ... is there another way ?
  4. Is there a way how to backup your own patches manually or something so that I can try to factory reset this piece of sh**t ? Thanks.
  5. Just tried on a laptop, same issue!
  6. I did it, same error message pops up...
  7. Ok, can you please explain to me how to upgrade manually without monkey ?
  8. I`ve tried to install it manually (the file downloaded was P25.phf) but the device still needs to be connected ... if its a connection issue it does not make any sense, does it ? Only the device was connected on a fresh install of Windows 7, no other programs open and running...
  9. That could be but ... my HD500X is not even 6 months old and when I get that error message was the second time I was trying to upgrade it ... I am indeed disappointed as that thing costs almost 500 bucks! I agree that nothing last forever but 6 months come on! Anyway I will check with my local line6 service center. Thanks.
  10. Thank you for your reply. Beside the error, the device works just fine, how is that possible that it needs to be repaired ? I simply can`t upgrade the flash memory ..
  11. All, I have seen that there is no a real solution for this error, I`ve tried everything, different USB cable and USB port, reset, different OS, manual installation of the flash memory NOTHING is working so far! Still get the following error : POD HD500X update failed. (code 80007211) Firmware update timed out waiting for response from the device. Try the update again, making sure the cables are still connected. My specs: Win7 32 bit, i5 processor with 8GB RAM, Monkey 1.66, Drivers, USB Firmware 1.01 As anyone from the technical support a solution yet for this failure ? I am quite disappointed! Thank you fr2632
  12. Same problem here! Tried your 8 steps still did not work! I always get the following (the file downloaded is P25.phf) : POD HD500X update failed. (code 80007211) Firmware update timed out waiting for response from the device. Try the update again, making sure the cables are still connected. N.B.: Tried different USB ports and windows (7 - 32bit) recognize the device. Thank you fr2632
  13. Hey guys, Question: what is the different between the jacks and XLR cable ? I have a mixer connected to the PC but I was wondering the difference between those two connections. Has XLR better quality or something ? Can I connect my HD500X to the mixer with those cables ? Thank you in advance. fr2632
  14. Hi Tim, I have got the same problem but in my case Monkey installed automatically the latest firmware. Make sure that your multieffect is recognised by the virtual machine and do not use usb hubs.
  15. Thats great! I will try both, thank you very much! fr2632
  16. Thanks :) I use audacity as recording software (audio only) and windows movie maker (video and audio).
  17. Thank you guys! My PC is a i5 core processor with 8 GB RAM without a soundcard, I use the jacks integrated in the motherboard. As OS I have win7 and linux in partitions. Well, I have heard that the HD500X is indeed a great audio interface on its own, I connected it to my PC with USB, selected HD500X as input interface and tried to record with movie maker (so video and audio at the same time)... but the sound is way different than when connected to the amp and its very noisy... Btw, what means DAW ? I`m sorry but I am a beginner :) Thanks! fr2632
  18. Ehy Guys, What is the best PC soundcard to use with the HD500X ? Or what is really needed to get a good and nice sound when you connect it to the PC? Thank you all in advance! fr2632
  19. Hey guys, How can I assign a patch to a foot switch ? For example: I want the 'Wham Me' patch (located in FX HEAVY set lists, number 8C) on the FS1 and when I press the FS1, wherever I am in the configuration, or whatever I am doing, I want to use the "Wham Me" effect, how can I do that ? This should be possible in order to quickly switch patches. I watched the video tutorial but it wasn't helpful. Thank you in advance!
  20. Hey Kellaway, I am a linux user too and I can confirm that if you install windows 7 on a virtual machine (virtualbox for example) it works! You can even upgrade the firmware/flash of your Line 6 HD300! I did it with my HD500x and I guess it should work with the HD300 aswell! Good luck ;)
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