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  1. any more news on this???? also does anyone know why pod farm 1 has stopped working ????
  2. I second that!!!!!I'm waiting for my free Helix also!! Yes what kind of compensation do you plan on giving the loyal customer base who believed in your product. I'm dying to find out. Just did another lesson with my student who purchased the Amplifi 150 - (four tone amp) and I feel so angry and disappointed that I recommended this $500.00 Bluetooth speaker to him. He is supposed to excited right now learning how to play with badass tones that he can't get because you guys were not diligent enough to invest in a developer to get this app to work with iOS9. How much faith should we all have when iOS10 comes out? Gentlemen I don't like being this way but, this is no way to treat your customers, Do you think this is fair???? I think you should ask through an email to your customers ( all of them ) hell even your employees if they think this is okay that you let this go on this long without a proper working app. You've known about this OS for some time. Line 6 endorsed it to be used with an Apple product. It would be a very sad state of affairs if you intend to let this product become a four toned lemon. Losing Faith Rapidly
  3. I Just don't understand .... No daily statements, no progress updates, nothing to give us hope. I cant change but 4 tones & spent $499.00 for a Bluetooth speaker at zZounds and can't use the amp the way it was designed. Do you think this was a design flaw to make the functionality around the iOS with out thinking about critical changes with Apples programming or have a plan to keep up with? I feel duped. It's surprising to see the lack of empathy you show for the customer. I work for a company as a RMA coordinator and would never leave a customer feel like no one cared about the product they spent money on without receiving some sort of resolve or work around. Dude this is wrong! X
  4. So would all of you agree that line 6 owes us a VBF Shortboard for all the trouble they put us through ? I really feel that might be the redeeming thing to do for all the investment we put into you! You should put all that investment back into us don't you think? In fact I believe this is probably the right thing to do if you want to keep your hard earning musicians to continue to purchase your product. I could sure use one to continue working with my Amplifi 150 . Dose any one agree???? Line 6, you have my user name and email, you know how many registered products I own. Make this right again. Do the right thing by all of these disenchanted CUSTOMERS who loved your product in the beginning. Thank you Yours truley I want to believe again
  5. This is so lame. only had my Amplifi 150 for 2 weeks and now the app will not work. Even told one of my students about the rig and he purchased the same amp for $500.00 now he cant even use it. Dude no work around? just a canned statement about check back ferquently for news updates. Can you mabey make a statement on when it will be fixed?... even a workaround .... Damm! This is not like you guys!!! Yours truely Very Disenchanted..
  6. I just downloaded IOS9 and wasted about 1 hour trying to figure out whats up and no I read this. Apple is letting everyone download IOS9 and Amplify AP just crashes every time I turn it on.... anyone figure out a work around ??? this sucks i have a gig next week. This is the reason I got this thing to learn songs.. $500.00 tool I now can't use.
  7. dude this blows. I have gig next week and this is the only way I learn songs at a quiet volume. Has line 6 come up with something ?? I really like this amp but the bugs and the waiting makes this amp suck..
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