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  1. biggreydog

    Stomp Mode and Midi Notes

    Thanks. I found it. I was barking up the wrong menu button. I was trying to do it within stomp mode itself which seemed like the intuitive way to do it to me.
  2. biggreydog

    Stomp Mode and Midi Notes

    Ok that was what I wanted to know. But I am not sure and couldn't find where and how to change the footswitch assignment change in footstomp mode. I have read through the Helix instruction PDF and don't see where they explain that.
  3. biggreydog

    Stomp Mode and Midi Notes

    I have a sample that I am triggering with my Helix in stomp mode. However, I am playing a guitar patch at the same time. When I am in stomp mode all the buttons for the guitar patch are occupied and are unavailable. I don't need to alter any of the guitar settings in stomp mode. How can I free up one of the lower row of buttons so that it does not affect my guitar patch when triggering the sample? I guess the question boil down to how does the helix decide which buttons get assigned where in stomp mode and how do you reassign it?
  4. biggreydog

    Using Helix live with a loud band.

    using QSC K12... works perfect
  5. biggreydog

    Carrying case or bag

    I got this one from Mono and really like it. Great build quality. http://monocreators.com/pedalboard-tour/
  6. biggreydog

    Helix editor?! When?! Now

    I also saw it at NAMM. Didn't ask when it would be available though.
  7. biggreydog

    Preset banks

    Is there a way to toggle between the user banks and the Line 6 factory sound banks without having to user the preset knob. I would prefer to do this with footswitches if possible.
  8. biggreydog

    Helix Bug Reports

    I have this same issue. Closing and reopening the file also corrects it very temporarily.
  9. biggreydog

    Carrying case or bag

    I just purchased this one and it fits perfectly. Construction is excellent and is on sale. http://monocreators.com/pedalboard-tour/
  10. biggreydog

    Helix : can it stream USB audio to Line6 Link?

    Thanks! That worked.
  11. biggreydog

    Backing Tracks in HELIX

    I am trying to use my laptop to play audio to the helix via USB connection. Sounds like this is possible but I can't see how to get this to work
  12. biggreydog

    Helix : can it stream USB audio to Line6 Link?

    I am using a mac and connected to the Helix and play iTunes. No music from what I can tell. Any other ideas?
  13. biggreydog

    Helix Auxillary In

    I would like to use the auxillary input on the Helix to plug in my iPod. The default is for the axillary input to apply whatever effects are played in the patch. I can change the input so that the guitar input is the only one that has effects applied to it but I don't see a way to apply this to global settings. Otherwise, overtime I make a patch change, the auxillary input has effects applied to it. Is there a way to globally apply this?
  14. biggreydog

    Aux Input for music

    I see where/how to create a parallel path, but I can only see how to do this for a single patch. If I need to change patches while I play a difference song, do I have to do this for every patch or is there a global command?
  15. biggreydog

    Aux Input for music

    not sure how to do that and as the documentation is well.. somewhat lacking. I see how to set the individual audio path for a patch but beyond that I'm a bit lost.