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  1. If you are just using it for home, I'd look for a used HD500. You will probably be able to get one for $250. I bought a used POD HD500 from my local music store a few months back for $289...Canadian which means if you are in the states you should be able to find one for around $250. I got a three month warrantee which is better than Kijiji or eBay!
  2. I don't miss the power switch at all although I thought it was weird when I first took it out of the box and hooked it up. I always plug expensive electronics into a quality powerbar as an added level of protection for them. Luckly, the only time the power button on the bar gets turned off accidentally is when I am home practicing...somehow my cat had figured that if she steps on the button the awful racket magically cat is more of a smooth Jazz fan than a blues fan!
  3. I don't think the prices of the packs are too bad. Amplitube sells individual amp models for as much as 30 bucks each with an extra 5 for the matched cab. Of course most Amplitube models are licensed from the actual manufacturer. I am glad to see the inclusion of some original Line 6 amps because for the most part I have loved the sounds of them in the past. I suspect that being HD models I will love them even more! Would I rather get the amps for free...well of course I would. My hope is Line 6 will continue to add amp models and effects in the hopes that my POD HD500 will continue to be supported for a few more years.
  4. I rarely buy extended warrantees, I consider this instrument an exception because brand new my Variax was $1300 (Canadian Dollars...price will vary) and the $40 is a small price to pay for peace of mind.
  5. I love my JTV-69S and would definitely use it as a regular Strat if the electronics ever died. For the record, I purchased an extended warrantee from the store I bought it. It only cost $40 and I can buy a new years warrantee for every year I own the guitar. Before I considered purchasing my Variax I put the unmodeled Strat through its paces because I wasn't sure I would love the modeling. I played for a half hour before I started trying all the different models built in to the guitar. After playing it without the modeling on, I was about 75% sure I wanted to buy it. Mine felt and played like a good American Strat...except for the neck which is a little thick for a Strat. I was pleasantly surprised by the sounds of the builtin models and was sold. The bottom line is I would still play the guitar even if the modeling wasn't working however I think I will keep buying the extended warrantee for as long as I own this guitar!
  6. I am not expert but I am pretty sure that the method you describe to mod an acoustic guitar likely won't work. Your best bet might be to track down a Variax Acoustic guitar. My understanding of how the Variax system works is it uses the actual vibrations of the strings in the modding process so the Variax systm would need to be installed in the acoustic guitar.
  7. It looks like a bad flash. That sometimes happens. Try flashing it again. Occasionally the flashes don't take the first time. If this one fails, try one more time for good measure. If this fails you might need to contact support directly. Wish I could be of more help.
  8. This is probably a stupid question but is it possible to plug the builtin speaker into the B section and adding a second speaker cab? My gut says yes but sadly my gut has a history of being wrong so I figured I would ask. Thank you for the help!
  9. OK thats what I figured...thanks for the help!
  10. Hello All, I picked up a used Spider Valve MK1 112 to tide me over until i can get a DT25. I am really impressed with the built in amps, effects and patches in general. My only problem is whenever I change amp models or patches, the volume seems to increase. I can always correct it to a more neighbour friendly level but its a bit of a pain. My question is this, is their a setting I need to be aware of to correct this? Thank you for your help! Peter
  11. Hello DJ, I am not a Variax guru by any stretch of the imagination but I do understand your pain. The first thing I would suggest would be to connect the guitar to your computer and to reset the internal memory of the guitar. The procedures for that are here: You should have received a USB cable, a cable that looks like a standard computer cable with one of the ends in a round mic style connector and a USB interface. This procedure will return the guitar to its factory state. After this is done we can start troubleshooting your problems. Hope this helps! Peter
  12. I am the proud owner of an Amplifi FX100, Pod HD400 and a JTV-69S guitar. Love all the products but I am thinking of either purchasing a Pod HD500X or Firehawk HD. I am well aware of the power of the Pod HD500x and the Variax, being able to change the type of guitar based on the patch and such. My question is will this functionality be built into the Firehawk HD? Thank you.
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