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  1. My guess is Line 6 has a pretty good idea who their customers are. I would highly doubt they will publish that info in a public forum as they would prefer their competitors got their own data. For the record, I am in my 40's.
  2. I run mine into the preamp section of my Spider Valve Mk1 and it works like a charm and sounds very tubey...if thats a work...if not...dibbs!
  3. It depends on what type of music you want to play. I play the blues so I usually stick to patches with the Fender style amp or my favourite amp in the POD...The Dr Z Route 66. As for the Variax, I like the Semi-Hollows.
  4. I have used a variety of Multi-Effect pedals and every one of them have suffered from this to a certain degree. It is a side effect of attempting to reproduce the amps faithfully. The same thing is true with the Variax. Some pickups are louder than others. Both the POD HD500x and the Variax need some effort to get them working exactly the way you want them to...but the effort is rewarded.
  5. RIP Mr King. You earned your rest! Your legacy lives on in each and every guitar player who ever heard you and felt the need to pick up a guitar. The Thrill is Gone is the first real blues song after reading an interview with Mick Jaggar where he talks about how much The Rolling Stones were influenced by American Blues Music.
  6. Thanks for your impressions! Sounds like you are finding some great tones from your new device! Good luck and keep us posted.
  7. I haven't purchased them yet but its my understanding that they are HD amps which puts them on par with whats on the POD already.
  8. I have an Uncle Richard...he loves introducing himself as D-I-C-K to see the reaction he gets.
  9. Ok, try the following things: Make sure your POD HD500x is plugged into the computer directly. It might not be detected if its plugged into a USB hub. Even a USB extension cable could prevent the detection. Have you tried a different USB cable from the one you are using? Try a different USB port than the one you are using. If nothing works you might need to contact Line 6 support. The good news about doing the above list is support will ask you to do them so you will already have done them. Good Luck!
  10. Plugging a POD into a modeling amp will make it extremely frustrating to get a usable tone...and kind of redundant. If you are looking for something portable I have a VOX Soundbox Mini and use it when I can't lug my tube amp around. It works on battery and has a flat keyboard setting that works perfectly with my POD HD500. Info about it is here:
  11. Love the video! Stay strong from a Ukrainian brother in Canada!
  12. i agree with the above posters. I would suggest you don't get too hung up on the tones you create in store. The POD HD500x takes more effort than some of the other multi-effect pedals but your efforts will be rewarded. I have used a handful of other multi-effect pedals from Zoom, Boss and Digitech and my HD500 sounds so much better! If I may suggest one more thing, after you get the unit home, download, dissect and modify as many patches as you can get your hands on. Switch out effect pedals with others of the same type, change amps and cabs. This helped me get a feel for the different effects and amps built in the unit. Good luck with the demo! Let us know how it went.
  13. I believe this is an error connecting to the Line 6 servers. Which means they could be busy or the firewall on your internet connection might be blocking the update for some reason. Try downloading the update directly. Here is the file location:
  14. I appreciate the classy return Gazza! Hope you get the tone you are looking for! I for one would love to hear about your experiences with the Axe-FX especially on how it compares to the POD HD500! Good Luck!
  15. Thank you for a description of the difference between these two products. I can definitely see the benefit of owning a gadget such as a Kemper. I am someone who loves to play around with different effects and amps. My POD HD500 suits that need quite nicely. I would love to play around with a Kemper or Axe FX but I would have to really impressed to spend the amount of money these devices cost. I know I will eventually need to move on from my POD HD500 and I hope to stick with whatever Line 6 has planned for the future. One thing is for sure, because of how happy I have been with all of my Line 6 products, they will be the first but not the only, product I consider.
  16. Welcome to the board! Most people here are friendly and helpful!
  17. With all due respect, if you are unhappy with Line 6, why not just leave. The OP knew full well that he was going to rile some feathers. When I had a string of serious problems with a Boss pedal, I just got rid of it. I didn't feel the need to say goodbye in the Boss forums...I just moved on.
  18. This is great advice! I have made it my goal to be able to learn as many styles of music as I can.
  19. I am finding this too! My POD HD500 is the first multi-pedal that my heart, head and ears love equally!
  20. Damn...I should have read the WHOLE where did I put that thread...
  21. ppiluk

    HD500 sound

    You could setup set lists for each amp you own. It will simplify changing patches when you switch amps.
  22. ppiluk

    HD500 sound

    The VOX AC30 is on my list! Its a great sounding amp to be sure!
  23. ppiluk

    HD500 sound

    When i first brought my JTV69-S home from the music store, no matter what I tried, I couldn't get a good sound out of my VOX VT120+ amp. Its been my experience not all modeling units work well with everything.
  24. Its not much to go on but hopefully we will get it figured out. Have you tried a different USB cable. Have you tried different USB ports on your computer. If possible, try hooking the unit up to another computer. With the information you have provided its impossible to proceed without ruling these things out first.
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