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  1. It would be very difficult to do this with an iPhone unless it was jailbroken. Apple has designed the iPhone with security first, often at the expense of customization, in mind. Apps on the iPhone are self contained units meaning the text file will be included in the executable file. It would take decompiling the app, editing a file or code, recompiling the app and loading it back onto the phone. It would be easier to do with the Android app because Android is more open.
  2. I am still learning to play but when I picked up my first Line 6 product, a POD HD400, up in trade and it opened a whole new world for me as a player. I am currently rocking a POD HD500, Variax JTV69-S and a Spider Valve MKI. When I first bought my Variax I excitedly rushed home to play the opening of Paint it Black with the Sitar...and then it dawned on me. What if I played that same opening with the built in Banjo? Now I feel free to change things up all the time! I have my first Open Mic night scheduled for the first week of May and am looking forward to it, confident that the sounds I get at home will be the sounds I will get on stage because the POD HD500 is rock solid. I think Line 6 has a negative reputation with a certain segment of the music playing population. When I first purchased the Spider Valve MKI off Kijiji, most of my friends laughed at me. I brought it to a Jam and one by one watched their laughing faces turn to drooling open mouth breathers as they couldn't believe the sounds I could get from the 8 built in amps! What other company has a guitar designed in collaboration with James Tyler AND amps designed in collaboration with Reinhold Bogner!
  3. Yep...Bias is the software package I was referring to.
  4. Not necessarily, if the software on the POD is corrupted strange things happen. Line 6 is going to suggest this for that reason. This way the OP will have a jump start on the support.
  5. This is a good idea...what would be even cooler is if we could create our own modded amps. If line 6 gave us software similar to the Variax Workbench where we could take parts and sonic qualities and put them together into an amp and then load that creation to the POD that would be cool. We would even mod existing amps by changing the type of tubes! It would be THE killer product on the market I think. I know its possible because there is a company doing something similar but its software only. Hardware would make this a must buy product. If this were available I currently have two children...lets leave it at that.
  6. I would suggest reflashing the firmware of the device. That can be done from Monkey.
  7. Thats a good point about the foot switches...I forgot to mention them.
  8. The only difference is the 500x is about 20% more powerful than the 500. For the most part, the 500 will be more than enough to handle your needs but if you need a patch with multiple amps or multiple delays you might want to look at the 500x. I have the 500 and I play mostly blues and rock and I have never had a problem.
  9. Nice playing! This is a great demo of the Orange Amp! Looking forward to picking it up soon.
  10. USB ports are often locked down in a corporate environment because they pose a serious security risk.
  11. I just had an experience with Boss "Support" that left me with such a bad taste in my mouth I will likely never give them a cent of my money again. Line 6 forums are filled with friendly and knowledgable users and tech support people. I have never waited for more than a few hours when I had a question or problem. With was a few days. I don't mind giving Line 6 a few extra bucks to keep the updates flowing. Line 6 listens to and cares about their customers.
  12. Amplitube sells amps at $20-30 bucks each and another $5 for the matching cab. I don't think $50 a pack is out of line. I suspect that if Line 6 broke the packs up we would be looking at the Amplitube price level. As one of the posters mentioned, each transaction costs money. I have had a few different Zoom products and they are pretty good but the POD HD series is much better on most fronts, especially Amp and Cab sims.
  13. ppiluk

    More Model Packs?

    I would love if going forward the amp packs we purchase now will be transferrable to any replacement for the HD500/500x models. If this is the case it would pretty much lock me down as a customer.
  14. This is a good idea for the POD HD series as well. Not sure if its possible though.
  15. ppiluk

    More Model Packs?

    I don't think they mind one bit. No one expects Line 6 to put a new pack out next week. Any good company love hearing what their customers think...good or bad.
  16. ppiluk

    More Model Packs?

    This would be a great idea!
  17. ppiluk

    More Model Packs?

    I would love to see some more Bogner, Orange and Dr Z amps!
  18. I bought a cheap windows tablet specifically for editing my POD HD500 in more convenient and it works like a charm. The Surface Pro should work as well as my cheap tablet! This is the one I got:
  19. I have a Spider Valve MKI I picked up off Kijiji for cheap and I love it! Most people see the Line 6 name and think amateur...boy are they wrong! I got a handful of Bogner designed amps for a couple hundred bucks! My friends laughed when I told them I was getting by one those laughs turned to shocked expressions as I demoed one amp after the other. The effects aren't half bad either! I originally bought this as a temporary measure until I could afford the DT25. Now I am in no rush to get one and I can wait till I find a good used one!
  20. For the record, I had a Zoom G3 before I got my HD500 and it also had a DSP limit.I would rather Line 6 didn't artificially limit the unit. The way its done now allows us to get as much out of the unit as we can.
  21. Great video! Love the Orange!
  22. I suspect releasing the 2.6 update for the HD500x first was done for two reasons: Firstly, by dividing the update into 2 batches, the ease the load on both their tech support and download servers. Secondly, by updating the HD500 last, they might cause a few of their customers who were considering getting the 500x to upgrade because they don't want to wait the couple of weeks between update times. As for me, I sold my HD400 and bought a used HD500 as soon as Line 6 announced the update was coming to the HD500. I am happy to wait the couple of weeks and am looking forward to adding some new amps to my device...especially the Orange one!
  23. Its not your fault. You will find this forum, and all Line 6 forums in fact, are very helpful. I have had success getting great tones from my HD500 out but couldn't get many tones I liked from my Digitech RP355. Does this mean anyone who says they can get good tone out of a Digitech is lying. Of course not. It just means the HD500 is better suited to how I think. Whatever unit you get I would suggest downloading as many patches as you can and play. Dissect the ones you like and study them. You will learn a lot by doing this.
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