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  1. Calling the POD HD500x a high end device is a matter of opinion. Some will say it is and some will say its not. Personally, I consider it to be a Pro level device that is very well built. Does that make it a high end device? To some. For me I can say its the best out of the 5 or 6 Multi-Pedals that I have tried. In many cases, its a far superior product. I have tried Multi-Pedals from Boss, Digitech and Zoom and I have had the greatest level of success from my POD HD500.
  2. I suspect the biggest users of the PODs are session musicians.
  3. I think the models Line 6 used are great but there is always room for more!
  4. Couldn't have said it better. I find it funny when people forget that guitars, pedals, amps and even picks are tools. The better the tools the better tone. We all obviously know spending $100000 on the tools won't make you a pro player but there is a reason why pro players use higher end gear.
  5. I can't figure out how to upload a pic but the app looks the same. On my tablet I can't resize the app. Its a 7" screen so the app is small. Its fine for me but for you you might prefer a larger tablet screen.
  6. The power supply is something I haven't even thought about but now that you mention it its a great point!
  7. You could pick up a cheap Windows 8 Tablet if you need to do this at the gig. I purchased this tablet for the exact problem you have:
  8. As many of you probably know, Mr BB King is resting at home and is under hospice care. I grew up listening to many of the bands that were influenced by the King of Blues but it wasn't until I heard The Thrill is Gone when I was 20 did I really start to understand The Blues. I just want to send a big thank you out to the man who turned me on to the "real" blues! Get well soon!
  9. I run my POD HD500 into the effects loop of my amp. It sounds fantastic! You only need to run one cable from the Firehawk to the the Power Amp section of the effects loop.
  10. I have heard great things about these. Check Kijiji for a used one. In my area they crop up from time to time.
  11. This is an interesting feature. If it was possible to have included it in the POD HD series without sacrificing the realism of the amp and effect sims I am sure it would have been. If it was a choice between Spillover or the realism of the amp and effect sims, Line 6 made the right choice. However, I can see the potential for this feature and would be surprised if it wasn't included in the next iteration of the POD HD series.
  12. Basically, you will be disappointed with the sounds you will get out of the POD with everyone of the Amps you have listed. The POD HD500x works best with an amp that has a serial effects loop, and I don't believe any of the ones you have listed has one. Your best bet is a powered monitor speaker. cclement's suggestion of the JBL is a good one.
  13. Governments around the world have been slowly figuring out how to squeeze the tax dollars out of their citizens. It wasn't that long ago that people would order stuff online to avoid paying sales thats nearly impossible.
  14. For the most part, the online world uses US dollars as standard currency. When the dollar is high like it is now, things cost more...its simple economics. As for taxes, thats a result of your local government. Line 6 is simply the tax collector. For the record, I am Canadian.
  15. I saw this on Kickstarter when the campaign was active. Its not a bad idea and will likely be a great device. I just wasn't willing to spend the money until I saw a few in the hands of the people.
  16. I was wanting to add a second speaker. I have since tested this and it works.
  17. I fully understand a brand snob who will consistently choose one companies products over any other. I even understand someone who snubs a brand because of a bad experience or two...but I will never understand someone who spends his time degrading a particular brand without even trying a few of their products.
  18. Very interesting, the price is pretty high for a single modded amp. As well as my Line 6 products I have a pretty heavy investment in Amplitube products. They also have products endorsed by the manufacturers...and their amps are between $20-$30.
  19. I had a Super Champ head and cab before my Spder Valve and thought it was a pretty good amp...and nice and light.
  20. I have a JTV69-S, a POD HD500 and a Spider Valve MKI. My next purchase will likely be a DT25. I love my Line 6 stuff because it has allowed my creativity to flow seamlessly from one idea to the next. The first real epiphany I had with my Line 6 gear was when I bought my Variax home, I was excited at the prospect of playing the Sitar for the intro of Paint It Black. After playing the intro over and over again, all the while giggling like a giddy 10 year old schoolgirl, I got the crazy idea to play the intro with the Banjo setting. The rest was history as they say. My first Line 6 product was a POD HD400 I picked up in a trade for a guitar I had up on Kijiji. I played around with it for a while and was impressed enough to use it over the BOSS ME-50 I had. As for the Spider Valve MKI, its my last Line 6 acquisition. When I told my friends about this purchase, the started snickering about how oblivious I was to fact that Line 6 only makes toys and a real musician would never use anything they made. Well when I brought the amp to the next jam session and started playing on my favourite amp, the Amber Twang, I watched as one by one their laughing faces turned shocked looks of disbelief! What other company has a guitar designed by James Tyler AND amps designed by Bogner!
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