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  1. IMHO, it's a combo or all of: computer/individual OS system literacy, USB port connectivity, home/studio/work network connection, using HX Edit vs. Line 6 updater, being connected (signed-in) to your Line 6 account during update and understanding factory reset, backup options offered in the instructions. Anyone with a varying degree of attention span (myself included) and parsing details might trip up on any of the above, or all of them at the same time. Personally, all updates have been worry-free, thanks to great instructions provided and pacing myself during the process, steadying my hands/brain and all...
  2. What can I add that hasn't been mentioned already. Helix team and their software is the gift that keeps on giving. Superb update and reduced CPU strain achieved in many cases. These updates are silly good. Thank you all for your great work!
  3. Man, I really want to buy these, but $199 for the collection is steeper than I want to admit. They sound great as standalone app through powercab and helix as interface.
  4. I know you said your USB cable is OK, but could it be that when you got the second "reset" message you had to turn off and switch to a different USB port? That's the only thing I can think of right now...You might need to try the installation again, to pick up from the second "reset." Good luck!
  5. Yep! Sleep helped. All good now : ) I was trying to update Native 1.70 to Native 1.80 using an .exe on a Mac. Not happenin'. Dayum, brainz.
  6. Thank you! Yes, I did download the 1.80 Native download separately and tried to run it. I'll try again later. A few hours of sleep work wonders sometimes ; )
  7. I've successfully updated Helix LT and HX Edit to 2.80, but HX Native is still on 1.70 (in Logic/Mac OS Mojave 10.14.5). I thought the updater automatically updates HX Native as well? I've backed up my setlists, and followed the import/export as well as restore factory settings instructions just to see if that would make a difference, but it did not. De-authorized and re-authorized my Mac, still, Native is stuck on 1.70. What am I missing?
  8. I tried a couple of different methods to enable the new Mac audio driver to no avail. Also tried Audio Unit Validation reset in LPX without any success. I'm not gonna mess with terminal, but I'm coming to the same conclusion as @datacommando, in that I can't have LPX recognize any other audio source coming from Helix LT, besides Helix LT and built in audio.
  9. Thank you @datacommando, yes, I was signed in previously. All good now. I restarted my Mac today and the pictogram you mentioned was right there. Don't ask me why it was not there before ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm good now, looks like the updater is...updating. Now, I'll try to see why Logic doesn't see the other download, the new mac driver in the audio preferences drop down. Thanks for the detailed response! I hear ya with the screen shots!
  10. Hi all, I've updated HX Edit to v2.70 HX Edit. I can see the "My Account" link/button on the lower left corner of the HX Edit window. After I exit HX edit and run the updater (v1.15) I see the green ribbon with the v2.60 > Local Folder > update buttons in the updater window, but underneath I see "no updates available." I'm on a MacBook Pro (Mojave OS). USB cable connection is OK, tried different ports just in case, without a difference...I've also tried to turn off Helix, turn back on. I also removed and re-installed Line 6 Updater. Shouldn't the Helix LT show version 2.70 as well? Or is that just the HX Edit firmware updated (I guess not, because I'm not seeing the Tuner updates in the Helix LT). Thanks for the feedback!
  11. Thanks! Was wondering what I was missing...update installer! D-oh! You saved me tons of grief : )
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