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  1. HD500x and JTV '59 along with a 1983 Fender Flame and a partscaster tele. I have a gig on Friday this week so won't have time to set up all my patches for L6 link with any confidence beforehand. I'll go 4CM for now as the pod is already set up for that. The plan is that the DT25 replaces an ageing Mesa Nomad.
  2. The name Middlesex is derived from the old English 'Middle of the Saxon kingdom'. We also have Essex (East Saxon), Wessex (West Saxon) and Sussex (South Saxon). I live in the middle of the South Saxon kingdom., quite different from the south of the Middle Saxon kingdom. Strangely we don't have a Norsex - no-one knows why...
  3. GAK to the rescue! £329 for a second hand one, being delivered on Saturday. expect lots of head-scratching and banal questions...
  4. I nearly pulled the trigger on that one in St Albans but logistics weren't good for me. Glad it's gone to a good home. My search continues...
  5. Thanks Matt, I'll keep an eye out for a second hand one there, GAK and Guitar Guitar. Can't really justify new £££.
  6. Hi All just in case anyone here is looking to sell, I'm looking to buy... thanks david
  7. Hi Just... I use my HD500x in the FX loop using the four cable method and a JTV Variax guitar. The POD's 1/4" left output goes to the amp and the XLR left out goes to the PA. we use a Soundcraft Ui16 mixer so I can put a cab model on my guitar channel in the mixer and it sounds pretty good. It also means I can turn the amp's output down quite low if we are playing a small venue to keep stage volume down. My singer is quite relieved. I pan all my 'electric' patches hard left and all my acoustic patches hard right. The XLR right goes to a second channel on the PA mixer and a leave a dummy jack in the 1/4" right output. So all electric guitar sounds go to the amp and PA channel 1 and all the acoustic sounds go just to the PA channel 2. This works really well for me. Hope this helps...
  8. Hi All. I set up a new set list and copied everything across and then set up the panning. Works like a dream. Even 5 years back I wouldn't have dreamed I'd ever have a rig that sounded this good and was this flexible. Thanks for all your help.
  9. Thanks, so I guess that means I need to set up all my electric patches to 'hard left' in the POD's mixer, and all acoustic patches to 'hard right'?
  10. Thanks for your thoughts on this. I've been using it a while and it works really well. Now to take it one stage further... The 1/4" left out goes to the amp (4CM) and the XLR left goes to the mixer. Now, I want to make a patch where I send a signal to the right channel only. I use a Variax (amongst other guitars) just on the 1/4" guitar input. There are some songs (think 'pinball wizard' with acoustic parts (right XLR output only to PA mixer channel 2) and electric parts (4CM) to left 1/4" and left XLR to PA mixer channel 1. I'm guessing somehow I set this up as two patches but how do I stop acoustic sounds going through the 4CM signal? Any thoughts? Thanks
  11. Thanks for your response AD. I'm really looking for some user feedback from others who have had the same dilemma. Interesting that no-one yet has replied telling me how great the Amplifi 30 is. I'll ask the same question on a THR forum and see what response I get...
  12. Hi I'm looking for a small combined PC speaker and amp for my office. I play all sorts of styles and would use it to save getting all my gear out when I just need a quick practice to get a tune in my head. They both look like good units. Any reasons why one beats the other? Thanks
  13. Hi I've had mine for about s year and a half and it is definitely my number 1 guitar now. The only issue I had was battery performance failing over time but Line6 sorted me a new battery under warranty so it's all good. I was a bit disappointed that Yamaha London don't stock Variax batteries, but hey ho... The 'ghost note' thing is improved if you dampen the strings behind the nut like this: https://youtu.be/GHPS4JRYbQY. Before I did this I found that I really noticed artefacts creeping in, particularly on acoustic and 12 string models. I'm considering a second one as a back up now as I use the '59 so much at gigs and if I broke a string mid-set I'd be stuffed. I did change the mag pickups out for Iron Gears but that's a personal sound thing. Hope this helps.
  14. Hi. I'm running Mac OS Sierra 10.12.3 on a late 2014 Mac mini with POD HD500x edit 2.26.0. My Line 6 monkey version is 1.73 Everything works exactly as it should.
  15. Hi Guru Thanks for that - now working fine. :)
  16. Hi All Just got a second hand HD500x and it's doing something weird. I have followed this video to set up a simple wah/volume: Assigning The Volume and Wah Pedal on POD HDX and POD HD All my settings on the pedal are identical to this. Editor shows the controllers set up as attached. When I hit the EXP toe switch button to change from EXP1 to EXP2 I can hear a change between vol and wah but the actual expression pedal itself has no effect on the sound. When I edit each block on the device, if I turn the knob 'four' I can hear a wah and a volume effect so I know the block is loaded correctly. I have tried using the pre-loaded patches 'son of plexi' and 'spin to win' which both show wah and volume blocks. I can toggle between EXP1 and EXP2 using the EXP toe switch but the expression pedal again has no effect on the sound. Has the unit got a faulty expression pedal or am I being thick? Thanks
  17. Thanks for your help so far guys - one more question... Can I use the HD's XLR out and 1/4" out simultaneously? I'm after sending the left channel 1/4" out to my amp's FX return (4CM) and the left channel XLR out to a Soundcraft Ui16 mixer where I can build a cab sim for it. The idea being that I get my signal in the PA and monitor mixes at the same time as it is going through my amp. Most venues we play at are 50 - 500 people so sometimes it'll be a tiny venue and I'd want to have low stage volume and run my guitar amp really low and other times I'd want the bass player to be able to hear me loud and clear through his monitor over the other side of stage. I'm thinking that the answer is probably 'yes' but just want to check. Thanks
  18. Here's my cherry. I actually prefer tobacco but the dealer didn't have any but was offering £150 off this one as it had been at a trade show.
  19. I admire your passion. I'm still in love with my Mesa so not ready to dump it just yet. I've just missed out on a couple of PODs on the 'bay but will keep on looking. Thanks for your help.
  20. Hi Pianoguy Thanks for the comprehensive response. The HD500X does look like an amazing piece of kit. I have slight concerns in that it is 3-4 years old already and I know how much the technology has moved on in that time. I understand Firehawk is similar but with less routing options and a tablet editor rather than PC. This pushes me back to HD500X. I can see Line6 dropping POD for Firehawk and Helix and worry that I'm buying obsolescence, but then I do have a 20year old amp!). I might ditch the amp one day but I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet. Happy to use modelling for recording but there's something about an amp live. I might get the POD and be so blown away that there is no reason to keep the Mesa, we'll see.
  21. Hi All I currently play a JTV59 amongst other guitars through a Zoom G5 into a Mesa Nomad 45 with a programmable EQ in the FX loop. I'm looking at getting rid of the EQ and the Zoom in favour of running a HD500X using the four cable method so I get the EQ after the pre-amp when I need it. I'm in a covers band and also sing BV and some lead. What I am wondering is if the below is possible. It's not a big deal if not, just curious. With the JTV can I set up some patches that will go from guitar to POD, then to the Mesa pre-amp, back to the POD and then out through the power amp (4 cables) whilst also having some Variax acoustic patches that go from guitar to POD then out to a PA mixer? I don't think I want acoustic patches to go to the Mesa power amp and then out through the Mesa speaker as it would sound odd. If the above is possible, can I add one more level of complexity? Can I pug my mic into the POD and have that running through the POD basically unaffected to the mixer for most songs but be able to put delays and harmonies etc on the vocal signal for some songs? Essentially can I split the Variax signal so that sometimes it goes to amp and sometimes to PA? Whilst also having a mic plugged in that also goes to PA? In case you are wondering why I'd want to do this, we regularly gig pinball wizard which needs the acoustic and electric sounds. It would be great to have the switching running from just a foot tap on one unit instead of hitting an A/B box and the Variax button on the guitar simultaneously like I do at present. We are also putting Queen's 'Don't stop me now' in the set with it's 5 part harmonies. I know there are plenty of vocal processors out there - just wondering if this is all do-able from one box rather than having two? Thanks
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