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  1. Thanks guys, you at least motivated me to try to create some patches on my own. In the patches I downloaded, the guitar does not make a real difference (playe with Schecter Hellraiser C-1 and PRS SE Santana). Maybe some of you could test the two patches and tell me if they sound like the sample the guy send me (maybe my POD is broken?). Lead: http://www.mediafire.com/download/31nwwbygd8g38i2/SB_Music_-_Angel_Vivaldi_Lead.pxe Rythm: http://www.mediafire.com/download/i27epbjoa6dmy8f/SB_Music_-_Angel_Vivaldi_Rhythm.pxe Sample: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/9u8ea7ob6fch1a9/Angel_Vivaldi_Rhythm_%26_Lead_Sample.mp3 thanks :)
  2. Yes my POD is the interface and the headphones are plugged into the POD. But I dont think a great tone just gets completely destroyed by different gear. It just sounded very thin, harsh, choppy, just a pain in the ears. He was using USB input aswell.
  3. Well, I requestes a patch like Angel Vivaldi on SBSoundlab and he did the patch for me. He does not use any post processing just the guitar and the POD via usb with active EMGs aswell. He sent me the demo and it sounded great. I tried the patch and it sounded like lollipop, not even nearly the tone he got.
  4. http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/faq#tone-input2 This guy says, variax is alright, and not all the patches I use have variax as input 2, The Global EQ didnt change anything unfortunately :(
  5. Hello guys, I just bought the POD HD Pro X and I have a problem. The patches I downloaded from youtube people (Ola Englund, Fluff) and the patches I bought from a guy that sound awesome in their demos sound very harsh, thin and have no punch at all on my device. (They all used the HD Pro, does that matter? but USB aswell and no post processing) I use a Schecter Hellraise C-1 with active EMGs (and have the PAD button pressed), USB connection, headphones (monitors already ordered) and a PC with WIndows 10 and all Line 6 drivers installed. My settings look like this: 1/12 Utilities (Flash FW: V2.62, USB FW V1.04) 1 FS Mode: ABCD 2 AMP Knobs Display: Momentary ON 3 Looper FS Display: All Views 4 Trails: ON 2/12 Utilities 1 LCD Contrast: 45 2 Tap Temp LED: off 3 AC Frequency: 60 Hz 4 FBV Express: off 3/12 Inputs 1 Input 1 source: Guitar 2 Input 2 source: Variay 3 Guitar in-z: 1M 4 Inputs Setup: Preset 4/12 Outputs 1 Mode: Studio/Direct 5/12 Digital Output 1 Digital Output: Match Outputs 2 Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz 3 Digital Level 0 dB 4 Digital Format: S/PDIF 6/12 Midi/Tempo 1 Midi Channel: 1 2 Midi out/thru: out 3 Tempo Sync: Preset 4 Tempo: 120 BPM 7/12 Variax 1 Variax Control: Preset 8/12 Variax 1 Variax Tuning: N/A 9/12 L6 Link: Audio 1 AMP: left/right 2 AMP left/right 3 AMP left 4 AMP right 10/12 L6 Link: Control 1 AMP 1: AMP A (CH 1) 2 AMP 2: AMP B (CH 2) 3 AMP 3: Midi CH 3 4 AMP 4: Midi CH 3 11/12 Global EQ: on 1 Band Select: Low Cut 2 Frequency: 20 HZ 12/12 Model Packs Standard Model Set please help me :( greetings Paul
  6. okay got it nowm the sound was just tooo quiet -.- sorry for spamming im a noob
  7. So i got the Pod HD Pro X today, but I cant get a sound out of it. My headphones are plugged into the Phones input at the front, the guitar in the guitar input of course. As input mode i selected guitar and as output Studio/Direct. The Pod HD is connect to my PC via USB. I have installed all drivers/software and the monkey does not show any new updates available. I can change the effects in Pod HD Pro x Edit and the pod hd is also reacting but i still have no sound (when playing music and stuff) and no guitar sound... I used the Line 6 UX2 before and I just had to plug in the guitar, the headphones and the USB and I had sound when watching youtube videos and stuff and guitar sound when I opened Pod Farm... Help me please! Greetings :) Edit: i dont know what I did, but i hear the sound the PC makes now, but still no guitar sound, although the signal is shown in Reaper and the Tuner is also working
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