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  1. Hey surfsup, thanks for this, what IR are you using ?

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    2. gerryCol


      Another question. This is something I sent to line 6 support. when I plug my usb into my computer to use HX edit. The ground loop/hum is tremendously loud. 

      I literally have my master output at the end of my blocl maxxed out just to compensate for it. And it's almost even.

      I have used 2 different computers

      Various usb cable

      Various outlets

      Ground lifts,

      Nothing works


      Any ideas?

    3. gerryCol


      Just set up my K&K Trinity. Wow big improvement from the PIEZO no doubt!!! The pure mini pickup is sooooo much better than the Piezo by itself. The mic is just an added bonus. I would be satisfied with the pure mini on its own.

    4. surfsup1955


      Hey Gerry,


      Sorry I did not see these posts, you should probably use the forum to communicate because I am not notified of these direct posts to my profile until I visit the forum.  However I am notified (as is everyone else) when you respond to a forum thread discussion.


      Regarding your USB issue, I am not sure I even understand what is happening per your description.  Have you started a thread on the forum? 


      Glad you're liking the K&K system, the 'mini' is the best acoustic pickup in my opinion.  Piezo pickups aren't even in the same league.

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