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  1. Your not color blind and yes red on black is rediculous. I asked for this change when they came out with the first IOS 9 update. They should either give us the choice of colors or use higher contrast background foreground colors.
  2. It doesn't matter with mine if its draped across the power cord or not. Are you running firmware version 1.10 on your FBV?
  3. OK, I decided to test during my lunch break. Still not seeing the 2 second delay issue. The only problem I encountered was with a 50'+ Cat5 (Not Cat5e) cable where the diplay would not change nor would the lights on the A/B/C/D buttons. I also found the original cable and still no issue. At most I see a lag in the milliseconds (lets say a half a second worse case) but nothing I wouldn't expect when something that is sending MIDI change data. I was wondering if there where different rev boards but I don't see anything that would indicate any reference to a revision number on the board or the original box. I purchased mine in the middle of February this year along with the amp. I am running flash memory version 1.10 on the FBV which is the latest. Sorry wish I had better news.
  4. I am not sure where I put the original cable but I will try and find it, The good new is I am a senior IT engineer and have a ton of Cat5 and Cat6 cables of various lengths that I can test with. I will test them tonight after work and let you know the results.
  5. Jdavidboyd, In the post above yours I stated it's a 8' Cat6e cable.
  6. Yes, I read the post and I saw what they said. I was just stating that I am not seeing the same behaviour. I am not using the Cat5e cable that came with it though, I am using a 8' Cat6e cable becuase I am not that far from the amp when I practice.
  7. I am not sure why you are seeing a 2 sec lag. I do have the FBV MKII and switching between any of the presets A, B, C, D are instantaneous. Even going between Banks is fast once you select it. It sounds to me like you have another issue.
  8. That is just very strange to me. Not that you can't hand out the beta, that's obvious, but that a beta is not provided for users to test. They even have a beta checkbox on the downloads page. All they need is the obligatory "hey dummy if you download this its at your own risk" statement. My job in IT requires me to beta a lot of product from servers to O/S's and I even beta workstation code at home. I even beta amp modeling software on iPad. We have numerous users in this very forum the do IOS beta testing. Sorry, I just don't get it. On the positive side, it is really good to hear that your testing is going along smoothly and I for one really appreciate your feedback to the forum. Thank you
  9. I don't think you need to change the whole color scheme to gray. What I meant was the bottom icons (edit, tones, music and settinsg) are red against a redish black background with the selected icon being a lighter red. It can actually read the selected icon. What would be nice is to either have the text all a light gray to contrast the background or keep them all the lighter red like the current selected icon and make the actual selected icon a light green. Thanks for listening!!!
  10. 4. Amplifi Remote App looks good in version 2.50, but the bottom tool bar is very dark and not easy to see.​ I agree, I wish they would have used a lighter color like light gray text so you would not have to turn the brightness up. Red on red is way to difficult to see.(and yes I am old and wear reading glasses) 8-) Other than that I really do like the new interface.
  11. I have to re-string my 7 string and will see what happens tonight. Update - Yep, blinks like crazy. You could get a headache real fast. I hat to switch back to Guitar Toolkit. Hopefully its fixed in the upcoming firmware update.
  12. I tuned mine last night with the app and it worked as expected.
  13. I am not sure if you guys have read it yet but it has been reported that they are also working on a firmware update that is supposed to provide performance improvements.
  14. phil_m, Thank you for the notice last night about the Amplifi Remote app update and the notice today about the firmware update. We all appreciate your input!
  15. TheRealZap, I am not sure if you realize this or not but there are a bunch of VERY angry people in this specific forum that have a product they purchased for good money and now it has been rendered practically useless without the main controlling application Amplifi Remote on IOS 9. I am not sure exactly what a Line 6 Expert is supposed to do but you are only fanning the flames and not really helping Line 6 in this case. This specific thread is labeled Amplifi App on iOS 9, not ​Amplifi App on Android. We all realize the Amplifi App runs on Android but we are not Android users. Trust me when I say this, if any of us had an Android device we would have done that long ago. Your comment "ios9 has been out for 2 weeks... sorry but the timer doesn't start when you decide...." is absolutely the worst thing you could possibly say to this group. Do you even understand why Apple "as well as Microsoft, RedHat, etc, etc..) release beta code to developers (in this case Line 6)? Well let me tell you it is for this exact predicament that Line 6 is in and so companies don't end up with a product that no longer functions and thus eliminate "VERY angry people". This specific problem was documented in this forum on July 31st with the thread "IOS 9 (beta): Amplifi app shuts down when Bluetooth connection is made". This alone should have had the alarm bells going off in Line 6. Apple released IOS 9 Beta 1 on June 8th immediately after the keynote at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference and that my friend is when the timer starts. To be clear the release date was Sept 16th for IOS 9 and the Amplifi App should have been ready. While I don't have a clue when they actually started or what the issues are they should at least start using the Apple beta testing app TestFlight that allows users the ability to test controlled betas that Line 6 chooses to release to help report issues from their loyal customers. I for one have an old iPhone 5 and would be happy to beta test to provide valuable user based input for their product.
  16. Why don't you let the community help test. Apple does provide this functionality with the app TestFlight. You can provide betas and I am sure you will get a considerable amount of help and feedback from Line 6 owners.
  17. What do you mean they don't support beta operating systems? Do you understand why Apple releases beta code to developers? The reason they release beta code to developers is so their application works when they release their new operating system to support there customer base. What Line6 should have done is start working on the product while IOS is in beta period. This is a product they sold us and continue to sell to people who have no clue that this will not work with there new iPhone or iPad. What person that spent hundreds of dollars on a product wouldn't EXPECT the company to support them. This product has been out for almost three years and they still have not fixed the Bluetooth connectivity issues!!!
  18. I also use Positve Grid Bias and Bias FX with my studio monitors and they work great through the Aux in on my Amplifi 150I was one of the lucky ones that did not upgrade to IOS 9 as I have seen this issue with other amp sims in the past but I actually prefer to use Bias FX anyway. To be honest I think Bias FX is in a completely different league than Amplifi. The part I don't understand is why everyone thinks the amp has an issue with Bluetooth. The issue is the Amplifi app not the Bluetooth implementation because none of my IOS devices lose Bluetooth connectivity to the amp. Maybe I am just not seeing the same issue. I just wish they would get the app to run in the background. This is extremely sad though, they had months to prepare or at least start working with IOS 9 and especially with a product implementation that requires the controlling app to function in. It is glaringly obvious they do not care about customer satisfaction and while I don't actually have the issue since I stayed at IOS 8 I will probably not buy another line 6 product ever again. Edit: I decided to mess around more with the the Bluetooth and sure enough it does get dropouts even when just playing a MP3 or video from you tube. One four minute song had 11 glitches (small gaps in audio). Now I feel like I have been sold something that doesn't even work as advertised and I am still at IOS 8.4.1.
  19. I recently purchased the Amplifi 150 with the FBV Shortboard MKII and have been using it for about 24 hours so I have limited experience. With that said I am completely blown away with the tones I can get from it. I tried the Tone Match last night to try and find a Rush tone for the song La Villa Strangiato and really couldn't find anything close enough for me, so I took the closest that I could find and started playing with the editor. I can tell you that I got really close within 10 to 15 minutes. I then tried this morning to get an old Peavey 5150 sound and it was very easy to create using some of the tone matches for Van Halen. I have a Schecter Hellraiser C7-FR with Active pickups and a 83 Fender Squire Strat with passive pickups and they both sound amazing on this amp. I have done a little playing with clean tones and was also very impressed, I wanted the clean tone for Metallica One and found it in tone cloud and with very little tweaking got it to what I would prefer. As a side note I decided to crank it up halfway to see what kind of volume I could get and all I can say is this amp really rocks. Let me know if there is anything you want me to try and I would be happy to do it.
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