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  1. Can anyone help me create this sound on my POD HD 500x. Thanks a lot. youtube link is below.
  2. nah, not at all, i just didnt know it was the same as he printer's
  3. Didn't know it was the same as a printer's tho.. thanks, ill try it out..
  4. What should I do? where can I get one? currently in dubai, uae
  5. janjanives


    Where would i find that sir?
  6. janjanives


    Guys, we hav a concert coming up for our church and id really want this sound.. can anyone pls try to make it :D ik u guys would like it too.. There r 2 parts, intro and lead,Thanks!!
  7. Hey guys :) all of ur support were very helpful.. My question is: How can I make the sound of my guitar last longer when doing the lead.. cause when I try to do a lead and play or press the last/ higer notes.. the sound doesnt last for a long time..
  8. Thaks for replying , turns out it was normal so i didnt return to it, sorry.. however a new problem has aroused. Please check my post about the hissing sound. Thanks a lot line 6 experts.. ur the best
  9. I use my hd500x mainly for church, before everything seemed fine, but one day when we connected to the xlr/to the speakers, there was a hissing sound..I tried turning the volume of the guitar and even the pedal volume , but still, the hissing was there. Hope anyone could help me.. Thanks a lot
  10. Hey guys, I'm having a problem with a buzzing sound too when I connect my earphones, this happens when I place a distortion block or and mp block is switched on , but normal sound, there's no buzz.. Is this normal?
  11. Hey :) I actually bought new set of monitor headphones, the noise only happens when I turn on the amp block or a distortion effect or some other, but without effects or just clean sound, noise goes away..
  12. I actually bought a new set of headphones and tried different headphones but there is a humming sound whenever there is a distortion effect,.. Putting the dynamic patch, noise gate removes it tho.. Or touching the strings, is that suppose to happen?
  13. When I connect earphones on pod HD 500x, I hear a humming sound whenever there's overdrive patch on it or the amp is on . but when I turn on the dynamics(noise gate) sound , it goes away.. Or when I touch a metal it improves a "" little"" not like the noise gate.. Is this normal? :(
  14. i have this problem too for pod hd500x, may i know what u did?
  15. Oh, ok then, but if its meant for mic then id rather not touch it.. :) tnx for the help tho...
  16. I tried this set list and the last part or some effects are not working for my electric guitar. for eg: Acoustic/vocals or lead vocals.. are they for mic? pls tell me cause im worrying
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