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  1. Hi Iknowathingortwo, You have to have a 1/4" guitar cable plugged into the guitar's output. (It doesn't need to be connected to anything at the other end. All it does is switch on the guitar's electronics. It's just a battery saving feature...the same as some stomp pedals)
  2. Workbench and Firehawk are really nothing to do with each other. What they have in common is the Variax. Workbench is exclusively for setting up the Variax guitar, and lets you get right down to the fine detail of pickup positions etc. for your custom patches. Firehawk is fully compatible with the Variax (if connected with a digital cable), so when you select a patch on the Firehawk, you can have it set up so that a particular Variax guitar model will automatically be recalled from the guitar, without you having to touch the guitar controls...same for altered tunings. So you can go from a les paul in standard tuning to a strat in drop d...just by pressing a footswitch. It's absolutely fantastic... I love my Variax Standard and Firehawk for live work.
  3. This is just a general observation guys, but you have to remember that every new tech product that comes onto the market is the result of a lot (sometimes years) of research and development. I am quite sure that the Line 6 team are working on upgrades all the time, but these have to be designed, built, coded and fully tested prior to release. The looper was probably originally intended as a launch feature, which for whatever reason got delayed...but at least it meant they were able to deliver a killer upgrade early on. It's an amazing upgrade! Other upgrades will follow...we just have to be patient.
  4. My solution is to connect a second expression pedal. Assign Wah (or tweak) to that, so the on-board pedal always remains the volume control, which I believe is better as you don't have to worry about switching it over at all. I use a cheap Bespeco pedal and it's great. They are only about £15 ($20 US)
  5. I'm a little confused here. What would be the advantage of Firehawk connecting to Workbench? Perhaps it depends which model Variax you have? I'm no expert, but here's my take on this... Unless I'm missing something, Workbench is basically a custom model editor for the Variax, while Firehawk is an effects unit which also has the capability to interact with the Variax. Surely, if you are making tweaks to your Variax custom models on Workbench and you want to hear what they will sound like through the Firehawk, you should just plug the Variax into Firehawk via a 1/4" cable and listen on headphones while you make your edits in Workbench. My Variax Standard connects to Workbench via the Cat 5 cable, so it is easy to run both connections at once. Obviously, you won't be able to use the Firehawk to recall guitar models from the Variax at this point, but you wouldn't be wanting to do that until your new custom models are saved to the guitar anyway. That's my understanding, but like I say...I'm no expert!
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