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  1. I assure ou if we doubled the processing power... easy to do.. put twice as many sharc processors in or support an intel CPU we would need double the ram. Have you no idea that THE BIGGEST COST of production something like Guitar modeller is teh research and development costs They would cost about USD $500 to produce man but had to be sold for $1500 in teh early days to recover R&D plus manufactured cost plus some profit to move forward. If you don't understand my points why try an act like you have dismissed and debunked them? I don't care who owns TC just license their reverbs and chorus then like Digitech licensed Lexicon reverbs... I dont care if they get a lexicon license but learn to model TC Analg stern chorus like Fractal did... it owns any chorus that the Helix has.... Really if the aim of the game is world domination it's very easy to do some simple updates stay with or blow away the competition at a certain price point
  2. OK good luck with that... while we are waiting how about hassling Yamaha for a + model with double the DSP and double the ram? Since your R&D costs have been recovered years ago by now you should easily be able to deliver that as the same price as Helix standard 5 years ago. Everything else can remain teh same so just faster DSP and added ram easy. Then ask Yamaha to buy a majority share in TC Electronics get them to do new Reverbs, Chorus etc so you can compete with Fractal on the quality of those staple effects..... THEN it's draw dropping without years of waiting....
  3. I would be willing to buy a Helix LT and break the warranty to tap into 12V DC if a Line ^ person could confirm that the internal voltage is 12V DC for busking use. People saying overkill... well why not be pro on the street also? Being able to tweak a great guit sound EQ'd for you busking PA would be great! Could also use a Variax on the street with it! Any Line 6 people or service agents willing to tell us? You will get another sale out of it? :-)
  4. Yo I have a JTV-89F and I rolled it back to 1.71 since it sounded better to me. I am getting a Helix will this not work? The Helix wont be able to change my patches??? OMG Why does V2 suck so hard? They spent $$$$ to make it worse?
  5. I think there should be a name change to... Felix! (Seems TC has the rights to the name Helix on a box)
  6. So I reckon Line 8 should hire 8 people to work on models and they can then release two new models every week and own the competition! :P las I think you are being kinda mean and imbalanced, not a lot of due respect there. Pretty much everyone agrees that the Felix really is a breakthrough UI from what we have seen and it's entirely possible we all mostly just use the comp program for backups and extra bank storage. Also to put it in perspective if I were you I would use Felix the Cat as my foot controller to your beloved Axe ... Just the displays by the switches is insanely good. The only comparable controller is the RJM Mastermind and that costs MORE than Felix and have zero models, effects and amps!. The am getting all warm and fuzzy about this Cat! (^_-)
  7. Mayfield and Eric Blackmon win for showing how to harmonise it correctly whilst using a Helix! Legendary! :P
  8. ^^ That is a 1 11/16 nut so I calculate say if you were putting in a toneful pickup like a DiMarzio 36th Anniversary PAF you should order the wider F spacing for BOTH the neck and bridge positions. For versatility I think this is the go... easy to change eq to a shred tone if you already have definition and with electronics it's easy to boost output if you want to overdrive a tube amp even more ... hot output on a magnetic non active pickup usually means lo fidelity in terms of full tone.
  9. Ok I understand the offer is over but to help me look out for something like this how did they have them at a price of $600 before the 15% labor day discount? Also if I can't get a mega bargain like this in the next few months maybe I should wait for the next gen variax ... they are due for an electronic update soon is this correct?
  10. Yeah when I am checking an electric guitar out for possible purchase I always test it acoustically first because I can always change the electrics. The core guitar sounds of any of these units bar the effects is paramount Raw guitar and great switching capability is a great start ... effects can always be added later! I have seen Drew over at the Kemper forums and I believe he knows what he's talking about. To put the whole thing into perspective however the only Midi pedal with scribble strips is the RJM MasterMind which costs as much as the Helix with No amps and no effects! This thing is insane! The UI is to die for. I doubt the amp models will be as accurate as an actual Kemper profile but they will be close and the ultimate would be a Helix AND a Kemper!
  11. No deals from Sweetwater off the price of USD $1499 which is AuD $2100 plus freight plus 10% GST plus currency conversion costs. If you use Paypal they bury an additional 2% charge in BS currency rates so the Au retail of 2.4k inc 10% GST is looking reasonable Not when you consider the AuD is in the toilet ... read above! No man it's more than reasonable.... they are competing with Axe FX and Kemper now. Models and FX as good or close to the Axe and FAR better Midi controller with scribble strips .. Kemper has more authentically capture real tube tones with it's patented profiling system but is weak on effects and midi implementation and foot control in comparison. The only foot controlled that is comparable with the Helix is the RJM and it cost MORE than the Helix and has ZERO sounds and effects!
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