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  1. psarkissian, I appreciate you being on here and replying to posts. I get worried if something happens to the 59 I have, what am I going to do. That is why I'm apprehensive about installing a Bigsby. Thanks,
  2. After all of this tweaking and machining . . . have you guys seen one of these Stetsbar tremolo for a wraparound bridge? It looks quirky but it seems like it would give better access to the controls. I'm sure it would need a lot more tweaking to work with these JTV bridges.
  3. I'm interested in doing this. Is there a reason to choose a B7 over a B5 Bigsby? Thanks,
  4. Dang . . all this time I've thought it was a Flashing Metronome. Joking ;)
  5. Yes! Thanks. I'm getting the hang of it now. Peace,
  6. Oh Crud ! I seen the word SONG presets thinking they were songs we could JAM to, not STYLES ha ha Thanks, I sent you an email too... sorry to bug you!
  7. Wow. Thanks for all that work making that spread sheet... I didn't know this Spider Jam amp had all those Song Presets. I'm a new user and a old fart. How do we access the Song Presets? Thanks again
  8. What do I tell the Seller I am wanting to do when I ask to do all of this so they don't think I'm erasing all of their programs or something? Is it like a basic Systems Check? At least it'll give the appearance I may know something! ha ha
  9. Holy Smoke these things are complicate for old farts like me. Makes me appreciate the old stomp boxes. Thank you guys for all of the pointers. The skinny on this is a friend of a friend is selling it for $250. They say its almost new, just too complicated for them. I'm wondering if I really even need it. I recently purchased a JTV 59 and play through a Spider Jam with a FBV Express pedal (that really doesn't anything) Another guy asked if I'd be interesting in playing some small gigs so I thought the HD would help me out. Thanks again
  10. Howdy, I've never used a Line 6 POD HD500X and wondered if anyone could give me pointers on what to look for when buying used to check functionality or common things that may have gone wrong with one. Thanks,
  11. Wow, that was it. I put on some head phones and oddity solved. Ain't physics wonderful. I don't know what DAW stands for but as long as I don't mike it at a gig and go in though the PA I should be fine, correct? Thanks again.
  12. 2015 JTV alt tuning Warble When I switch to the Alt Tunings you can hear a warble of the notes when playing as if it were set on 12 string or something weird. It doesn't matter which guitar model is selected. Do I need to send this back or is there a fix? Thanks I have tried to attach a sound sample recording. But this forum won't accept it.
  13. I got the JTV-59 today and found the factory document stating I need to go online and download Workbench. Holy Smokes.... there are many different downloads and dated versions that I wonder if I have to download them all or if not, which ones?? What do I need to download first and which version? Flash Memory, Line 6 Monkey, Workbench HD I have a Spider Jam amp, with a FBV Express MkII. That's it. no POD. also, The dad gum top of the guitar selector knob keeps falling off. How did you all fix it? Super glue? Thanks!
  14. Cool. Thanks. It is all clear now. I was getting worried. I tried to ask around at the guitar store, they didnt have any, and could not tell me about them. Thanks!
  15. So you can't use the modeling with a typical guitar 1/4" jack? Then, my question still is, what is the least expensive alternative to plug the VDI cable into instead of a HD500, or as you stated, POD, Helix, etc.? I don't know what devices are compadible. I thought the VDI was the same as the Ethernet type plug in front of the Spider Jam amp that I have. What I've read in the pilots guide doesn't mention VDI. I'm getting more confused it seems.
  16. Thanks again. It should would be cool to have a modeling guitar running through a modeling amp. Inorder to play bypassing the battery, what is the least expensive alternative to plug the VDI cable into instead of a HD500? Is that the only use of a VDI cable?
  17. Thank you for the reply. Is there a way to utilize the VDI cable from the guitar plugged into my set up (Line 6 Spider Jam with a FBV Express MkII)? My understanding is when the VDI cable is being used the battery is not drained? Thanks
  18. Howdy All, I have a JTV-59 on the way and was wondering What I need to do when it gets here? I am an old man and new to all of this cool electronics that I wish I had 30 years ago. I have a Line 6 Spider Jam with a FBV Express MkII. Do I need to get a HD500 footboard to use with the USB cable to get all the different sounds from the piezo pickups? If I only plug in with the old standard 1/4 cable does this guitar only function with the regular humbucker pickups? I don't know if I am making any sense, but Thanks,
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