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  1. I know this is a really old post, but I just came across it and you don't need a special tool. The knobs seem really tight, but they do come off. Just use two spoons to push the knob up on both sides and the knob will just pop off. You can then tighten the nut with your favorite wrench and put the knob back on. You can put tape or something on your pick guard to protect it if you want - I didn't and it worked out fine.
  2. Seems like it's a hardware controller (prototype) for Avid's (Protools) Eleven plugin.
  3. Avid Pro Tools likes it too... and Ableton Live.
  4. 1) How do you feel about your new Helix? Wow - amazing job. Such attention to detail. Sounds great. Software and hardware design - quality, functionality and UI - outstanding. I've wanted to love modelling from the POD 1.0 and have been there but always felt a bit meh. This one delivers and I look forward to the future. 2) What would you like to see changed or improved about it if it was at all possible? I'd love to see a Variax block that would let you bind controllers to Variax settings that could be triggered in latch or momentary - e.g. set the guitar tone control to 0% when engaging the Rat from a single footpedal. A Mark series Mesa model would be great. So much in there already and I look forward to future updates. 3) How would it be then? Great too.
  5. Same thing here. Variax JTV69S -> 25' Line6 VDI cable -> hd500x -> l6Link -> L2T. Random effect changes and / or the new patch selection doesn't seem to stick or goes back to the previous one. Never happens when I'm on my own - sometimes happens when rehearsing with keyboard players - almost always happens live. I have no MIDI cable or USB plugged into the unit when this happens. This weekend it messed up in front of 10,000 people - frustrating. Also, sometimes cuts out like I have a bad cable, but I've checked and replaced the cable a few times already. ...and when my volume pot on the Variax is at minimum it will randomly go to full volume after a minute or so. If I move the volume knob it will start tracking at the right level. Argh. P.S. All latest firmware updates Driver:, HD500X Flash: 1.32, Variax Flash: 2.10 .................. Latest Update: I now have a support ticket open. I think it may be a combination of two things - a wrong cable and a bad cable. 1) I used a regular XLR cable for the link from the HD500X -> L2t - my bad - the docs "strongly recommend" an AES (digital) rated cable - changed that but won't know until I play live again. 2) bad connection on the JTV (69S) - works rock solid with a regular ethernet with a proper clip (rj45) - intermittently cuts out with the VDI cable (even a new one). This also explains the unexplained sudden volume on when the volume pot is turned down - the JTV momentarily loses it's connection and the patch resets to the default which has the volume at full. Hopefully this resolves it.
  6. Sweet - to my ears, the 12 strings sound WAY better. Thanks Line6! BTW, everyone may know this already, but it was news to me. You need to plug a 1/4 inch cable into your Variax when using the Variax USB interface via VDI - which Variax Workbench HD requires. Without the 1/4 plugged in, the variax won't power on. First time I needed to do this as I usually access the Variax through the HD500(x now) USB.
  7. I've got the same question. Ideally I'd like to have the ability to: 1. Apply different output settings to the Line6Link and XLR outs so I could go "combo-front" to the L2t and at the same time send "studio direct" to the live board or protools. It's currently a global setting for all outputs. 2. Edit and save the L2t settings the HD500x Edit (I know I can manually save the settings in the patch so this just nice to have). 3. Saving the HD's output settings per patch would be nice too.
  8. More loop time. Ability to edit L2t settings in HD500xEdit - similar to DT settings Ability to have different output types for different output paths. i.e. I'd like to use "combo-front" or one of the others to my L2t and at the same time use "studio direct" via the XLRs or SPDIF to the live board or protools.
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