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  1. I don't think the tone matching works if you do it this way. So you have to "manually" select the tones you want then use them to play along. It means the really cool feature of auto tone matching is essentially disabled.
  2. Thanks! - I would have looked there too, didn't mean to make you look it up for me. - Am I right in thinking that the pilot's guide is the only manual? It said in there go online for the full manual but I couldn't find anything but the pilot's guide.
  3. I'll try and figure out how to save tones using the foot switches but for now, I will just open the tone and save it to the new location. - Thanks again for the input.
  4. LOL! (I don't know the RealZap but I am sure it's just an "in joke") I am going to just load what I want where I want it and not worry about overwriting the original tones. Can you move the tones around from bank to bank? I am not sure how to do that, I thought you could just drag and drop them but it didn't appear to work.
  5. From what I have experienced even though your device is paired with the FX100 it isn't connected until you go into your bluetooth settings on your Android device and touch the listed paired device, it will then go through the connection routine. Make sure the blue tooth button on the FX100 is illuminated or the FX100 won't accept the connection.
  6. Do you have a ceiling fan running in the room? Sometimes that will give a pulsing sound. I agree with Cebreez, it sounds like you have some electrical interference. Take a look and see if you can identify what has changed from the time you didn't have the interference to now. - Hope that helps.
  7. One thing I have noticed with my Nexus 7 is when I turn the FX100 on and press the BT button I have to go into my BT settings on the Nexus and touch the paired device to re-initiate the connection (not re-pairing). It seems that it doesn't auto connect, I don't know if that's a setting somewhere that you can change. It's not a big deal but if you are not aware of it, it looks like it's all turned on but nothing is actually connected.
  8. Thanks, I will go through them and save the ones I like/need. Is it safe to assume that preset tones would be available in the cloud if I was to look for them in the future? Just wanted to add: You are doing a great job answering posts Triryche and I for one, really appreciate you taking the time to answer. Obviously you already know all this stuff and its excellent that you are willing to share with others.
  9. I am very new to the FX100 and still trying to figure out how best to set it up so that I can use it to play my set list. I see how to load the tones into the banks so that each tone is on foot switch A, B, C or D. I also see I have 25 banks to play with and can move up and down the banks by pressing either A & B or C & D. I have a few questions about making it work for me. I noticed that bank 25 had USER1 through USER4 so I have replaced those with "my tones" however, the other 24 banks are prepopulated with what look like good tones but not what I need in any one bank. Can I a) move the tones around in the banks (and if so how?) and b) If I replace a prepopulated tone with one of "my tones" how do I get it back again? Are all the tones in the first 24 banks already saved in "my tones"? Forgive my ignorance but I have searched but can't find any decent documentation and no one seems to have asked this question in these forums.
  10. I am using with my Nexus 7 (first generation) and my Samsung Galaxy S5 both work well.
  11. I think you can also drag and drop those wild cards to change their position if I am not mistaken. - So if you want to two stomps next to each other, that's how you would achieve it.
  12. This seems to be a problem with how Google Play Music works. When you download the songs to your device, they are indeed there and playable offline however, they are obscured so you cannot see them and other apps can't see them. This is why they don't show up in your music library in the AMPLIFI Remote app. - You can go to Google Play music through a browser (on the Nexus be sure to request the desktop site). This will allow you to download the song as an mp3 in the music folder however, Google will let you know that you may only download the songs this way twice for each song. I am considering making a playlist of all my songs in the Google Play Music app and downloading the whole playlist. Then I will scrap Google Play Music and use another music app that stores my music locally in an easily visible form.
  13. I tried this out, I first went into the Google music app and marked an album for download, the app went ahead and downloaded it. I opened the AMPLIFI remote app and it still couldn't see the music. I downloaded another music app to see if it could find the music and sure enough it couldn't either. So I downloaded a file manager and looked around for the music that the Google music app had downloaded, I couldn't find it. It is allegedly saved in /sdcard/Android/data/com.google.android.music/cache/music I looked in there but couldn't see any files. It appears that the Google app actually hides the music as a part of it's protection of the music rights (that's a whole different discussion). However, I found that if I logged into the Google music website and found the song I wanted and clicked download, the website will warn you that you can only download the song twice (really? I bought this song) but it will download the .mp3 to your music folder on the Nexus7 and then you can see it using the AMPLIFI remote app. - Not the easiest process to get what you want but it does mean that the Android app works as designed it's just the Google music app that is causing the difficulty. - I hope this helps for those that like me want to use the app on Android.
  14. I tried manually going into Rocksmith and editing a tone there, that allowed me to see all of the devices and their settings. I did the same thing in AMPLIFI remote editing a tone and changing everything to as close as I could get to simulate the Rocksmith tone. The outcome was pretty close (better than I could have done alone) I created a tone for "Call Me" by Blondie and published it to the line6 cloud if you want to take a look at it. It's only the distortion tone from the song not the cleaner one. I think it was a good start and certainly not a waste of time. It achieved a couple of things. It helped me to better understand the AMPLIFI remote app and how the tones are created there. It helped me to better understand how the tones are constructed and it got me a tone in the AMPLIFI FX100 that I can play the song with. - Not too shabby for a first attempt.
  15. I will test this out on my Nexus, the problem is, and the main reason the songs in the Google app, I don't have that much storage on the tablet. I will have to see if I can add a bigger card to it. I appreciate the feedback.
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