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  1. Updated my helix to 1.12 last night. Tried to update the editor last night. In the past, the only way to update anything helix related, I have to completely uninstall anything to do with with helix. Then update the latest updater(?). Running Win7 64. Never had any problem once I get the all the updates in place. So I got editor 1.12 to install this morning. Played with it a little bit. Then noticed the editor disconnected the helix and locked out the footswitches. Restarted the helix. Worked again for a bit then locked out the footswitches again. Any suggestions? Anyone else experience this. Like I said, I'm running Dell Windows 7 64 machine. Helix floorboard is 1.12 (as of last night). Editor is at 1.12(as of this morning). Last editor worked fine for me. Thanks, Danny.
  2. I recall once turning off trials on my reverb and that fixed it. Might try that also.
  3. I notice this sometimes when I have more than 1 effect assigned to 1 FS. Same as you explained. Quick volume boost just as I step to turn off. Curious as to why it happens and if there is a way to stop it. Only way to fix for me is to unassign fx 1x1 until it stops.
  4. I'd say fire woman is probably the cult.
  5. I see now. Too busy the past couple of days to even turn the helix on. I will mess with it tonight. I posted over on TGP about this also. My thing was if it kept me from chasing IR's then I'll give it a try. What my ear tells me, is that I much prefer mic mixes than single mics. If I'm saying that correct. I've spent good money on ownhammer stuff only to find very few that tickle mine. But they are always mixes. The IR thing improved my 11R immensely but it always kept me from doing what I was supposed to be doing after I turned it on. The guy at the tone made pro thing did go into detail about different mics(I didn't have a clue). And had his helix toggle between just the single mics. I'll dig into it tonight and see what I come up with. Thanks for the reply.
  6. I went to a line 6 helix thing at GC last night and they informed me that you CAN run dual mics on 1 cab. Maybe someone can correct me if you I'm wrong.
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