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  1. Reading this I have the same. The AmpliFi TT/FX100/Amp acts just as a normal Bluetooth speaker (but the FX and TT use a connected speaker or amp). So you can stream from any device, but have to stream from the AmpliFi app to start the tone matching. I like the TT for its Bluetooth streaming capabilities and it is connected via My Onkyo Receiver. I have the same glitches as akeene3. After some time, there is a pause for about a half second, then the sound continues. I heard it with streaming from my Linux PC. With iOs too but less frequent. Is it a software thing? Maybe an update could fix it?
  2. You need a MIDI foot switch board for that. Like this one: http://line6.com/footcontrollers/fbvexpressmkii.html
  3. If you want to use anything from the AmpliFi series, I think you are better stuck with the FX100, with regards to the vast amount of Line 6 stuff you already have :o The FX100 you can put nice in front of an amp(head).
  4. Pod Farm are just amp sims like AmpliTube. You don't need an AmpliFi product for it, only a guitar interface (the simplest being a jack-to-USB cable) a computer (MAC/Windows unfortunately they don't work with Linux :( ), the software and of course your guitar. I see it's downloadable for free. I guess you get a few effects then, when you need more you need to buy the whole software (or maybe you could buy only the effects like in AmpliTube Custom Shop, but I don't have POD Farm so far so good)..
  5. Maybe it's because you have an old Android version. Try to update to Lollipop. How is Bluetooth of your phone working with other Bluetooth devices? Oh and try to lend someone else's Android phone and pair with the AmpliFi. If this still isn't working, maybe your AmpliFi needs some repair... You might get a new one..
  6. So much ado about nothing.. Line6 explains in all their commercials, their website, their ads and in evrey music mag that the AmpliFi has to be controlled with an app. Better said, you bought the wrong device! How clear do you want to have it???? "Control it with an app" is nearly written all over the Line 6 AmpliFi place! If you wanna control stuff with your computer, get one of their other stuff (Spider Amps, POD series etc.).
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